upon the heart, there will be no true light of life

in us.

Matt. Why is the wick and tallow, and all spent, to maintain the light of the candle ?

Prud. To shew that body and soul, and all, should be at the service of, and should spend themselves to maintain in good condition, that grace of God that

is in us.

Matt. Why doth the pelican pierce her own breast with her bill?

Prud. To nourish her young ones with her blood, and thereby to shew that Christ, the blessed, so loveth his young, his people, as to save them from death by his blood.

Matt. What may one learn by hearing the cock crow?

Prud. To remember Peter's sin and Peter's repentance. The cock's crowing shews also that day is coming on; let then the crowing of the cock put thee in mind of that last and terrible day of judgment.

Now, about this time, their month was out; wherefore they signified to those of the house, that it was convenient for them to depart and be going. Then said Joseph to his mother, It is convenient that you forget not to send to the house of Mr. Interpreter, to pray him to grant that Mr. Great-heart should be sent to us, that he may be our conductor the rest of the way. .Good boy, said she, I had almost forgot. So she drew up a petition, and prayed


Mr. Watchful the porter, to send it by some fit mari to her good friend Mr. Interpreter; who, when it was come, and he had seen the contents of the

petition, said to the messenger, Go tell them that I will fend him.

When the family, where Christiana was, saw that they purposed to go forward, they called the whole. house together, to give thanks to their King for sending them such profitable guests as these. Which done, they said unto Christiana, Shall we not shew thee something, according as our custom is to pilgrims, on which thou mayest meditate when thou art in the way? So they took Christiana, her children, and Mercy, into the closet, and shewed them one of the apples which Eve did eat of, and which she also did give her husband, and for the eating of which they both were turned out of Paradise; and they asked her what she thought it was? Then Christiana said, It is food or poison, I know not which. So they opened the matter to her, and she held


her hands and wondered; Gen. iii. 6; Rom, vii. 24.

Then they had her to a place, and shewed her Jacob's ladder. Now at that time there were some angels ascending upon it. Christiana looked and looked to see the angels go up, and so did the rest

e As we grow in grace we see more and more of the evil of fin: as we grow in the knowledge of Christ, so we shall grow in the knowledge of ourselves; the deceitfulness of our hearts, the depravity of our nature, and the malignity of fin.

of of the company.

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When they were going into another place to shew them something else, James said to his mother, Pray bid them stay a little longer, for this is a curious sight. So they turned again, and stood feeding their eyes with this so pleasant a prospect. After this they had them into a place where did hang up a golden anchor: so they bid Christiana take it down; for, said they, you shall have it with you, Gen. xxviii. 12; it is of absolute necessity that you Mould have it, that you may lay hold of that within the veils, whereby you may stand stedfast, in case you should meet with turbulent weather: so they were glad thereof, John i. 15; Heb. vi. 19; Gen. xxviii. 12. Then they took them, and had them to the mount upon which Abraham our father offered up Isaac his son, and there they shewed them the altar; the wood; the fire ;. and the knife: for they remain to be seen to this very day. When they had seen it, they held up their hands, and blest themselves, saying, Oh! what à man! What love to his Master had Abraham! What self-denial was this! After they had shewed them all these things, Prudence took them into a

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& Hope is compared to an anchor, which is fure, stedfast; because, thereby the foul stays itself upon Christ, longs to be for ever with him, and expects deliverance from him. Hope is the expectation, either of deliverance from some evil, or the poffeffion of some good--the believer hopes to be delivered from the world and the devil, from self and fin; and to be for ever with Jesus, who is entered, as his forerunner, into heaven itself.



dining-room, where stood a pair of excellent virginals ; upon which the played, turning what she had shewed them into this excellent song:

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Now, about this time, one knocked at the door: to whom the porter opened, and behold it was Mr. Great-heart. When he was come in, what joy was there! For it came now afresh into their minds, how, but a while ago, he had sain old Grim Bloody-man, the giant; and had delivered them from the lions,

Then said Mr. Great-heart to Christiana, and to Mercy; My Lord has sent each of you a bottle of wine, and also some parched corn, together with a couple of pomegranates; he has also fent the boys fome figs and raisins; to refresh you all in your way.

Then they addressed themselves to their journey; and Prudence and Piety went along with them. When they came to the gate, Christiana asked the porter,


any of late had gone by. He said, No, only one some time since, who told me, that of late there had been a great robbery committed on the

King's highway: but, said he, the thieves are taken, and will shortly be tried for their lives. Then Christiana and Mercy were afraid; but Matthew said, Mother, fear nothing, as long as Mr. Greatheart is to go with us, and be our conductor.

Then said Christiana to the porter, Sir, I am much obliged to you for all the kindnesses which you have shewed me since I came hither; and also that you have been so loving and kind to my children; I know not how to requite your kindness: only, pray, accept of this small mite, as

of this small mite, as a token of my respect to you: so she put a gold angel in his hand, and he made her a low obeisance, and said, Let thy garments be always white, and let thy head want no ointment. Let Mercy live and not die, and let not her works be few. And to the boys he said, Do you fly youthful lusts, and follow after godliness with them that are grave and wise; so shall you put gladness into your mother's heart, and obtain praise of all who are sober-minded : so they thanked the

porter, and departed.

Now I saw, in my dream, that they went forward until they were come to the brow of the hill : where Piety, bethinking herself, cried out, Alas! I have forgot what I intended to bestow


Christiana and her companions; I will go back and fetch it: so she ran and fetched it. When she was gone, Christiana thought the heard, in a grove a little way off on the right hand, a most curious melodious note, with words much like these :

Y 2


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