Id. s. 5.

1860, c. 386, s. 6. Power to re

ceive and retain inebriates.

To employ inebriates.

Proceeds of labor.

Id. s. 7.

1860, c. 396, s. 8.

port to governor.

18. The said board of trustees shall have power to receive and retain all inebriates who enter said asylum either voluntarily or are there placed by the order of any court, or by the order of the committee of any habitual drunkard; or if such drunkard should be a minor, by the order of his or her parent or guardian; and the said board of trustees are authorized and empowered to employ all inebriates who are received into said asylum in some useful occupation in or about the said asylum; said inebriates shall have all moneys accruing from their labor after the expenses of their support in said. asylum shall have been paid, which shall be sent to their families monthly; in case said inebriates have no families, it shall be paid to him or her at their discharge from said asylum.

19. The board of trustees of said asylum shall make an annual Trustees to re- report to the governor of the State on the third Wednesday of January in each year, in detail, of their proceedings, income, expenditures, the number of patients admitted, discharged, and remaining in said asylum, verified by the affidavit of the president and treasurer; which report shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state.

1865, c. 1, 160;
1867, c. 123.
System of free
26 Md. 505.

1865, res. 11.

When system to expire.

School fund inviolate.






1. System of free schools; taxation.

2. When system to expire.

3. School fund inviolate.

SECTION 1. The General Assembly, at its first session after the adoption of this Constitution, shall by law establish throughout the State a thorough and efficient system of free public schools; and shall provide by taxation, or otherwise, for their maintenance.

SEC. 2. The system of public schools, as now constituted, shall remain in force until the end of the said first session of the General Assembly, and shall then expire; except so far as adopted, or continued, by the General Assembly.

SEC. 3. The school fund of the State shall be kept inviolate, and appropriated only to the purposes of education.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

1872, c. 377, s. 1. Free public school system established. 45 Md. 311.

107. Schools on or near dividing line of counties.

1. There shall be throughout the State of Maryland a general system of free public schools, according to the provisions of this article.


State board of

2. Educational matters affecting the State and the general care Id. c. 1, s. 1. and supervision of public education shall be intrusted to a State education. board of education.

Id. s. 2.

3. Educational matters affecting a county shall be under the con- Board of county trol of a board of county school commissioners.

school commissioners.

4. Educational matters affecting a school district shall be under Id s. 3. the supervision of a board of district school trustees.


District school trustees.

8. 1.

appoint State


5. The governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Sen- 1874, c. 463, c. 2, ate, shall appoint at every regular session of the General Assembly, Governor to from among the presidents and examiners of the several county board of educaboards, four persons (one of whom shall be a resident of the Eastern Shore), who, together with the governor and the principal of the State normal school, shall constitute the State board of education. 6. The board of county school commissioners shall be composed 1872, c. 377, c. 2, of three persons, appointed by the judges of the Circuit Courts, to Judges to apserve for two years from the first day of January next succeeding county school said appointment and until their successors shall qualify; provided, that in counties having over one hundred schools five persons shall

be appointed.

8. 2.

point board of


8. 3.

trustees ap

county school

7. The board of district school trustees shall be composed of 1874, c. 463, c. 2. three persons, who shall be appointed by the county school commis- District school sioners, on the first day of May, or at their first meeting thereafter, pointed by in each year, and who shall meet within thirty days after their ap- commissioners. pointment, and enter upon the duties assigned them in chapter five of this act; at their first meeting they shall appoint a chairman, to hold office for one year, and shall give notice of the appointment to the secretary of the board of county school commissioners.


1872, c. 377, c. 3,

State board.


Id. s. 2.
Office of board.

8. The State board of education shall hold regular meetings on 1. the last Wednesday in May, August, November, and February of Time of meetevery year, and special meetings as occasions may require. 9. The office of the board shall be in the State normal school. 10. The members of the board shall receive no salary, but actual Id. s. 3. expenses incurred in attending meetings of the board, and they are authorized to employ clerical assistance when necessary; the treasurer, upon the warrant of the comptroller, is hereby authorized to pay the president of the board such amount, not exceeding one thousand dollars per annum, as he shall show to be due for these necessary expenses.

Expenses of board.

s. 4.

11. The State board of education shall, to the best of their ability, 1874, c. 463, c. 3. cause the provisions of this law to be carried into effect, and may if Duties. necessary, institute legal proceedings for that purpose, with the direction and advice of the attorney-general; they shall enact by-laws for the administration of the public school system, not at variance

1872, c. 377, c. 3, 8. 5.

Supervision of public school interests.

Id. s. 6.

To issue blanks.

Id. s. 7.

To examine candidates.

Id. s. 8.

with this act, and shall have the power to suspend or remove any examiner or teacher who may be found inefficient in or incompetent for the discharge of the duties assigned him, or guilty of such moral delinquency as may have unfitted him for the office he holds; they shall explain the true intent and meaning of the law, and they shall decide, without expense to the parties concerned, all controversies and disputes that may arise under it.

12. They shall have the general care and supervision of the public school interests of the State; shall act as assistants and advisers of the various county boards; and shall from time to time issue circular letters to teachers and commissioners on topics connected with the administration of public schools.

13. In order to insure uniformity in the statistical reports of the public schools, they shall issue a uniform series of blanks for the use of teachers and of county boards, and shall require all accounts to be kept and returns to be made according to these forms.

14. They shall, when requested by the board of county school commissioners, examine candidates for the office of county examiner, and give a certificate of qualification.

15. They may grant to teachers of long experience and estabTo issue certifi- lished reputation professional certificates, which shall be valid until

cates to


Id. s. 9.

Trustees of State norimal school, etc.

Id. s. 10. Schools or colleges receiving State donation to report.

1872, c. 377; c. 4, s. 1. Organization.




revoked for cause.

16. The State board of education shall be, ex-officio, trustees of the State normal school; and the principal of the State normal school shall be, ex-officio, a trustee of the State agricultural college.

17. All schools and colleges receiving any State donation shall make a report, on or before the fifteenth day of November in each year, of such matters and in such form as the State board of education shall require; and said reports, or an abstract therefrom, shall be published by the president of the board in his annual school report.


18. The board of county school commissioners shall meet for organization on the first Tuesday in January next succeeding their appointment, or as soon thereafter as may be, and elect a person, not a member of the board, who shall serve as secretary, treasurer, and examiner; and notice of such election, signed by the president of the board, shall be transmitted to the comptroller; provided, that, in counties having more than eighty-five schools, the board may, at their discretion, appoint one assistant examiner, and fix his salary. The board shall meet once in every school term, and at other times, if necessary, for the transaction of business. Each commissioner shall receive per day, for each day of his attendance at the board, or on committees appointed by the board, such pay as is allowed the county commissioners in the several counties of the State; provided, that the aggregate amount paid in one year to commissioners as per diem, or any other compensation, shall not exceed an average of one hundred dollars for each commissioner.

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