comptroller, to the State board of education, and to be applied to the payment of teachers' salaries, and the purchase of educational apparatus, for the salary of the principal of the normal school, his travelling expenses in attending meetings of teachers' institutes, and superintending the schools throughout the State, and for such assistance as may be required in the normal school during his absence on duty, and for textbooks, stationery, fuel, light, and other incidental expenses of the school.

s. 9.

76. All donations or bequests of money or personal property, and 1872, c. 377, c. 12, all grants or devises of lands for the benefit of the State normal Donations and school, shall be held in trust by the State board of education.


77. The State board of education shall, on or before the fifteenth ra. s. 10. day of January in each and every year, make a report to the gov- Report Reports by State ernor of the condition of the schools of the State, a statement of the apportionment of money to the counties and the city of Baltimore for the support of schools, an abstract of the reports received from the board of county school commissioners, together with such suggestions for the improvement of schools and the advancement of public education as the State board of education shall deem expedient.

78. And the governor shall cause three thousand copies of said Id. s. 11. Printing of report to be printed and distributed to the members of the legisla- reports. ture in those years in which there is no session of the legislature.


s. 1.

79. A teachers' institute, to continue five days, shall be held in 1874, c. 463, c. 13, each county once a year, and the county examiner shall be present, Institute. and shall give normal instruction to the teachers each day.

8. 2.

80. The principal of the State normal school shall fix the time of 1872, c. 377, c. 13, the meeting of the institute, and it shall be the duty of the county Time of examiner to notify each teacher of the time and place of meeting. meeting. 81. These institutes being designed as temporary normal schools, Id. s. 3. shall be presided over by the principal or one of the professors of normal schools. the State normal school, if he can be present, assisted by the county examiner, and any member of the board of county school commissioners who may choose to attend.


82. The president of the board of county school commissioners Id. s. 4. shall select the place of meeting.


Place of

83. District, county, and State teachers' associations are recom- Id. c. 14, s. 1. mended as important means of elevating the standard of public ed- Recommended. ucation by mutual conference, interchange of views, and suggestions

as to systems of teaching and discipline.

84. It shall be the care of the county examiner to aid in the Id. s. 2. organization of these associations, to encourage attendance, to se- Organization. cure competent lecturers, and to impart such information as will

Id. s. 3.
May occupy

encourage teachers in their work, and fit them for the performance of their duties.

85. These associations may occupy any of the schoolhouses.

Id. c. 15, s. 1.


86. For the further encouragement of education, district libraries ought to be established in each schoolhouse district, under the care of the teacher, as librarian. For this purpose the sum of ten dollars per annum is ordered to be paid by the board of county school commissioners out of the State school fund, to any schoolhouse district as library money, as long as the people of the district raise the same amount annually. The books must be selected by

the board of district school trustees.

Id. c. 16, s. 1.
Power of mayor

of Baltimore to
establish and
regulate public
26 Md. 505.


87. The mayor and city council of the city of Baltimore shall and city council have full power and authority to establish in said city a system of free public schools, under such ordinances, rules, and regulations ast they may deem fit and proper to enact and prescribe; they may delegate supervisory powers and control to a board of school commissioners; may prescribe rules for building schoolhouses, and locating, establishing, and closing schools, and may in general do every act that may be necessary or proper in the premises.

Id. 8. 2.
Powers of board

ers of public


88. The board of commissioners of public schools of Baltimore of commission- city, or by whatever name the body may be known that has supervisory powers and control over the public schools of Baltimore city, shall have power to examine, appoint, and remove teachers, prescribe the qualifications, fix the salaries, subject to the approval of the mayor and city council, and select textbooks for the schools of said. city, provided, such textbooks shall contain nothing of a sectarian or partisan character. The board of commissioners of public schools of said city shall annually make a report to the State board of education of the condition of the schools under their charge, to include a statement of expenditures, the number of children taught, and such other statistical information as may be necessary to exhibit the operation of the schools.

Id. s. 3.

Id. s. 4.

89. The mayor and city council of Baltimore shall have power and authority to make all ordinances for the protection of the schoolhouses and property, and to punish any person who may disturb the sessions of said public schools.

90. And the said mayor and city council are hereby authorized and empowered to levy and collect upon the assessable property in said city, as other taxes are levied and collected, such amount of taxes as may be necessary to defray all the expenses incurred for educational purposes by said mayor and city council.


In counties.

91. It shall be the duty of the board of county school commis- Id. c. 17, s. 1. sioners, when any election district or any contiguous election districts shall present a building for a high school, in said district or districts, to the board of county school commissioners, to accept the same (if in the judgment of the board there is any necessity therefor), and thereafter provide for maintenance of a high school in said district or districts, and the salaries of teachers out of the general school fund.

92.. If the high school be established by a district or districts, the board of county school commissioners shall appoint three persons, who shall constitute a board of high school commissioners, and exercise like authority over said school as hereinbefore provided for boards of district school trustees; but high schools established by the county shall be under the direct control of the board of county school commissioners.

Id. s. 2.

Board of high

school commis


Visitation of

principal of


93. Each high school shall be visited and examined annually by Id. s. 3. the principal of the State normal school, or a professor thereof; high school by such high school shall also be visited at least once in each school State normal term by the county examiner, who shall report quarterly to the board of county school commissioners the result of his observations. 94. If practicable, military tactics may form a department in Id. s. 4. Military tactics. every high school.


Schools for



95. It shall be the duty of the board of county school commis- Id. c. 18, s. 1. sioners to establish one or more public schools in each election district for all colored youth between six and twenty years of age, to which admission shall be free, and which shall be kept open as long as the other public schools of the particular county; provided the average attendance be not less than fifteen scholars.

18, s. 2.

96. Each colored school shall be under the direction of a special 1874, c. 463, c. board of school trustees, to be appointed by the board of county Special board. school commissioners, and shall be subject to the same laws for its government, and furnish instruction in the same branches as the schools for white children.

18, s. 3.
for support of.

97. The comptroller shall apportion the sum appropriated for 1872, c. 377, c. the support of the colored schools of the several counties and the Appropriation city of Baltimore, in proportion to their respective colored population between the ages of five and twenty years; said apportionment to be made at the time he apportions the levy for the white schools. 98. The total amount of taxes paid for school purposes by the colored people of any county, or in the city of Baltimore, together with donations that may be made for the purpose, shall also be devoted to the maintenance of the schools for colored children.


Id. s. 4.
colored people,
appropriated to

Taxes paid by

and donations,

school fund.

Id. c. 19, s. 1. State tax imposed.

Id. s. 2.
Payment by

State treasurer
to counties and
city of Balti-


35 Md. 201.

Id. s. 3.

Real and per

sonal estate


99. A State tax of ten cents on each one hundred dollars of taxable property throughout the State shall be levied annually for the support of free public schools and the Maryland State norimal school, which tax shall be collected at the same time and by the same agents as the general State levy, and shall be paid into the treasury of the State, to be distributed by the treasurer to the boards of school commissioners of the city of Baltimore and the several counties.

100. The treasurer, on the warrant of the comptroller, shall pay as heretofore, to each of the counties and the city of Baltimore, the proportion of the free school fund to which such city or county is entitled under the provisions of the laws and resolutions existing at the time this act is adopted; and he shall pay the same to the treasurer of the board of school commissioners of Baltimore city and the several counties; and the several colleges and academies shall respectively receive the donations granted to them by any laws or resolutions of the General Assembly, subject to the conditions annexed thereto.

101. Real and personal estate granted, conveyed, devised, or bequeathed for the use of any particular county or school district, conveyed, etc., shall be held in trust by the board of county school commissioners for the benefit of such county or school district, and such grants and bequests shall be exempt from all State and county taxes.

to be held in


Exempt from taxation.

Id. s. 4.


102. Moneys invested prior to the passage of this act, in trust moneys exempt. for the benefit of the public schools for any county or city, shall be exempt from State, county, or local tax.

Id. s. 5. Apportionment of levy.

Id. s. 6. Apportionment of school tax.


103. As soon as the comptroller shall have received from the city of Baltimore and the several counties returns of the amount of the State school tax levied in each county and the city of Baltimore, he shall immediately thereafter apportion the amount of the whole levy to the several counties and the city of Baltimore, in proportion to their respective population between the ages of five and twenty years.

104. On the fifteenth day of June, the first day of October, the first day of January, and the fifteenth day of March, in each year, the comptroller shall apportion the amount of school tax received by the treasurer among the several counties and the city of Baltimore, in proportion to the whole amount apportioned to each by the comptroller, and he shall notify the State board of education and the treasurer of the several boards of the county school commissioners of the counties and city of Baltimore, of the amount of tax due to each county and the city of Baltimore, on the several days aforesaid, and the treasurer shall pay the several amounts within ten days after said notification, upon the draft of the president and secretary of the several boards of county school commissioners aforesaid; provided, also, that if in any county the schools shall be kept open

less than seven and a half months of the year, ending December thirty-first, the comptroller shall withhold from such county the April instalment of the State school tax.

105. In making the apportionments required by the preceding 1878, c. 91. Equalization. section, it shall be the duty of the comptroller to equalize, as far as may be possible, the sums to be apportioned, so as to apportion and distribute the same amount, as far as may be practicable, on each of said days; and, until otherwise expressly directed by law, the comptroller shall charge to said fund and pay therefrom the annual Charges and appropriations that have been, or may hereafter continue, or be payments. made for the education of colored children, and also with like appropriations for the support of the State normal school; for the colored normal school; and the expenses of the State board of education.

19, s. 7.

of collected tax.

106. When the levy of any year shall have been collected, the 1872, c. 377, c. comptroller shall apportion among the several counties and the city Apportionment of Baltimore the amount allowed on the levy for insolvencies and abatements, and shall transmit a statement of the same to the State board of education.


107. Schools on or near the dividing line of two counties shall be free to the children of each county; and the board of county school commissioners of the respective counties shall have power to provide jointly for the maintenance of said schools.

[blocks in formation]



1. What deaf and dumb persons to be educated by public.

2. Duty of governor; appropriations; provisos; applications.

3. Annual appropriation for indigent blind; by whom recommended.

4. What recommendation to state.

5. Yearly amount; term of instruction.
6. Governor to report to General Assembly.

1860, c. 129, s. 1.

be educated by public.

1. It shall be and is hereby made the duty of the county commis- Art. 33, s. 1. sioners of the several counties of this State, and of the mayor and what deaf and city council of Baltimore, on the application of any parent, guardian dumb persons to or next friend (provided such parent, guardian or next friend has been a bona fide citizen of this State for at least two years previous to such application) of any deaf and dumb person of teachable age and capacity, not exceeding the age of twenty-one years, to inquire into the age and capacity of said deaf and dumb person, and also

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