Id. s. 4.

1852, c. 169, s. 3;

County commissioners to levy for use of

4. The county commissioners of the county from whence such 1854, c. 269, s. 4. cases are removed, shall, at the first annual levy after the said returns made by the clerks, levy in gross for the use of the county county to which where said cases are removed for trial, so much of the said costs and expenses as are required by the preceding section to be first paid by that county, and the residue for the several parties entitled thereto by said return.

cases removed.

Id. s. 5.

1854, c. 269, s. 5. Returns of

when to be

5. The returns of the clerks of the courts required by this article shall be made annually in the month of June, between the first and clerks of courts, tenth of said month, and for each neglect by any clerk of the duties imposed by this article in relation thereto, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars, recoverable by indictment, one-half to the informer, and the other half to the county of which he is clerk.


Penalty for neglect.

Id. s. 6.

1854, c. 269, s. 6. Preceding sec tions applicable


6. The preceding sections of this article shall be applicable to all cases removed to or from the city of Baltimore, and in cases removed to city of Balti- from said city, the returns herein before required to be made to the county commissioners shall be made to the mayor and city council of Baltimore, who shall levy and pay the costs in the same manner as the county commissioners are hereinbefore directed to levy and pay the same.

19 Md. 554.

Returns to be made to mayor and city council.

Art. 27, s. 7. 1781, c. 11.

to pay on acquittal.

33 Md. 44.


7. No person who may be prosecuted for any misdemeanor or of When county fence, and discharged by the court on submission, or fined not exceeding fifteen cents, or prosecuted for any crime and acquitted on trial by jury, shall be burdened with the payment of any costs or fees accruing on such prosecution, but all such costs and fees, with the legal costs of the party accused, shall be paid by the county; and no person taken upon any warrant or capias, on presentment, where no bill of indictment is found, shall be liable to pay or give security for costs, but such costs shall be paid by the county.

Art. 27, s. 8.

1794, c. 54, s. 10; 1796, c. 43, s. 13.

When cestui que use liable for costs.

39 Md. 178; 46


8. Whenever any suit or action, whether in the name of the State or of an individual, shall be marked for the use of any person, the Md. 192; 7 Gill. person for whose use such suit or action is marked, shall be liable for costs as if he were the legal plaintiff.

242; 3 G. & J.

75, 188; 4 G. & J. 407.

Art. 27, s. 10.

1796, c. 43, s. 12.

1801, c. 74, s. 9.

When security

at law.


9. The defendant in any action may, at or before the trial-court, have a rule on the plaintiff to give security for the payment of the may be required costs and charges, which may be recovered against him in such action, if the plaintiff is not a resident of this State at the time the motion is made for such rule. On such rule being laid, the plaintiff shall have until the second day of the next term of the court to comply therewith, and on his failure to do so he shall be nonsuited.

9 Md. 194: 42 Md. 1; 46 Md.

192; 47 Md. 330.

1844, c. 219.
In equity.
12 G. & J. 84;
Bl. 564.

10. In all cases in chancery, a rule-security for costs may be laid Art. 16, s. 105. at any time before a final decree is passed, by any defendant, against a complainant, non-resident at the time of filing the bill, or becoming so after the filing thereof.


11. All accounts for officers' fees shall be made out in a fair and clear manner and in words at length; and whenever any person interested in them or to whom the same shall be charged, shall require a copy of such account, the several officers herein named shall, in as short a time as may be convenient, give him an account of such charges in words at length.

Art. 38, s. 1. 1779, c. 25, s. 9. made out.

How accounts

1876, c. 216. services to counties to be

Accounts for

approved by judges of court.

12. And no account for officers' fees by any of the several officers herein named rendered for services to or in behalf of the counties of this State in this section named, shall be allowed by the county commissioners thereof until said account has been submitted to and approved by the judges of the court of said county, or a majority thereof, as in accordance with the provisions of this article. This section shall apply only to the counties of Caroline, Kent, To what counties applicable. Talbot, Prince George's, Queen Anne, Charles, Harford, and Dorchester.

13. No officer, under the penalty of five hundred dollars, shall send out his fees on execution more than once in every year, between the first day of January and the first day of May. This section shall not apply to the city of Baltimore.

14. If any oflicer shall by himself, his deputies, agents, or clerks, charge, receive, ask, or demand any larger or greater fees than are allowed by this article, he shall for each offence forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars and not less than twenty dollars, to be recovered by indictment in the Circuit Court for the county where such officer resides; or if the offence be committed in the city of Baltimore, by indictment in the Criminal Court of Baltimore, one-half to the informer, the other half to the State, and the informer to be a competent witness.

15. If any officer shall by himself or his deputies, agents, or clerks, ask, receive, or demand any fees herein allowed, after the same have been paid, he shall for each offence forfeit and pay ten dollars, to be recovered before a justice of the peace as small debts, one-half to the use of the informer, who shall be a competent witness, and the other half for the State, and shall in addition, return to the party the fees so improperly received.

16. For any service not mentioned in this article which any officer may render, he shall be allowed the same fees herein allowed for similar services.

Art. 38, s. 2.

1779, c. 25, s. 11;

1822, c. 219, s. 2;
1861, c. 55.
When sent out.
39 Md. 191;
8 G. & J. 470.

Id. s. 3.

1852, c. 308, s. 3.

Penalty for illegal fees.

Id. s. 4.
Penalty for col-
lecting twice.

1852, c. 308, s. 4.

Id. s. 5. 1799, c. 25.

What officer may charge, where fees not provided for.

1822, c. 219, s. 3.

17. Any officer entitled to any fees for rendering services to Id. s. 6. any person who is not a resident of this State, or not assessed on Non-residents to pay or give taxable property therein, may require such fees to be paid at the security.

Id. s. 7.
1844, c. 111, ss.

Time allowed to

clerks and regiscompleting un

ters of wills for

finished business, after retiring from office.

1878, c. 229.

Incoming clerk,

decessor untin

ished within six
27 Md. 706.

time of rendering such service, or security for the payment of the


18. Each clerk and register of wills shall have six months, from the time he retires from office, to complete the unfinished business of his office, and shall have during that period a right on receipting therefor to his successor, to all needful papers in order to enable him to complete and finish his business.

19. Each clerk and register of wills on coming into office, shall etc., to complete complete all the unfinished business which shall be in his office unbusiness of prefinished by his predecessor, within the six months given in the preceding section; and such clerk or register shall be allowed the usual fees for so doing, the same to be paid by said predecessor, and the last official bond of said predecessor shall be responsible for same in cases where said predecessor has received the fees therefor; and in cases where the fees have not been received by his said predecessor, such clerk or register completing said business shall be entitled to said fees therefor, and shall collect the same from the parties owing the same in the like manner that he collects other fees for similar services.


1865, c. 131.

Attorney's fees. 27 Md. 570.


20. Attorneys at law shall be entitled to demand and receive the following fees, to wit: For bringing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or action at law in any of the courts of this State of original jurisdiction, five dollars; for prosecuting or defending any cause, plaint, or action in any of the courts of equity in this State, ten dollars; for prosecuting or defending any cause in any of the Orphans' Courts in this State, ten dollars; for prosecuting or defending any cause in the Court of Appeals, ten dollars; for prosecuting or defending in any criminal cases in any of the courts of this State having criminal jurisdiction where the punishment for the offence charged is death or confinement in the penitentiary, ten dollars; in all other criminal cases, three dollars and thirty-three cents.

Art. 38, s. 10. 1846, c. 292;


21. The clerk of the Court of Appeals, the clerks of the Circuit 1852, c. 308, s. 1; Courts, and the clerks of the Courts of the city of Baltimore, may charge the fees herein allowed for the performances of their respective duties, to wit:

1856, c. 341, s. 6. Fees of clerks

of court.

For filing any paper or thing required to be filed, and enter-
ing the same on the docket or minutes of the court, to be
charged but once,

$ 5

For docket entry of any judgment or decree,.


For entering the naturalization of an alien with certificate
under seal, including all oaths taken thereon,

3 00

[ocr errors]

For granting any license of any kind, .



For taxing the costs in any suit or proceeding, to be charged

but once,


For a transcript thereof, with the items thereof at large when demanded, to be charged to the person requiring the same, $ 10 For every search for matter above a year's standing, however remote the period may be, if found,

For affixing the seal to every paper or thing when required, except writs and process,

[ocr errors]

For issuing writs or process of any kind under seal, for every ten words, and so pro rata,.



[ocr errors]
[ocr errors][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

For issuing summons for witnesses, including the names of all witnesses applied for at the time,

[ocr errors]

For issuing summons for witnesses duces tecum,
For short copy of judgment not under seal, .
For transcribing the docket entries in each suit and of each
execution as required by law, for each transcript,
For certificate of the attendance of a witness or juror,
For certificate under seal of the qualification of any judge,
or one or more justices of the peace, to any instrument of
writing, including all searches made for the purpose of
said certificate,

[ocr errors]

For certificate under seal of an admission of an attorney, For recording anything required by law to be recorded, and for copies of any papers, for each ten words or figures and pro rata,

For arraigning a criminal,

For drawing, impanelling, and swearing a petit jury, and entering the same on the docket,

[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

For drawing, impanelling, and swearing a grand jury, and
entering the same on the minutes of the court,
For each oath taken in court and entering the same,
For each entry necessary to be made on the docket or min-
utes of the court, except those above mentioned,

[ocr errors]

For granting and registering a certificate of freedom, under seal,

[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

For making alphabets and lists of transfers of property, for each ten words, and so pro rata, except alphabets to docket,

For copying surveyors' plots, or recording the same, the same per diem allowed to surveyors for making them.

All original papers, to which a party is entitled, to be deliv-
ered without charge for a search.

No search to be charged for looking for any judgment or
other record or thing of which a copy is required, or which
may be necessary to be recited in any suit or process.
No charge to be made for any docket entry not actually made.
For receiving and paying into the treasury all public money.
received for licenses, fines, or otherwise, five per centum,
except the clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of the City

[ocr errors]


[ocr errors][merged small]
[ocr errors]

1 00




1 25



1 00


1876, c. 363.

1878, c. 364.

Fees of commissioner of the Land Office.

of Baltimore, who shall receive one per centum commissions for receiving and paying over such public money. For entering satisfaction of judgment on justice's docket, For granting hawker's and peddler's license, to be paid by the hawker or peddler,


$ 15


22. The commissioner of the Land Office shall be entitled to demand and receive the following fees, to wit:

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

For a special warrant of resurvey, .

For making out patent for any number of acres less than one

For making out patent for every one hundred acres above
one hundred, one dollar additional.

For recording patent for every one hundred words,

[merged small][ocr errors]

For examining every certificate of survey of one hundred
acres or under,

[ocr errors]

For examining every certificate of survey of from one hun-
dred to two hundred acres,

[ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

5 00

[ocr errors]
[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]


For examining every certificate of survey of from two hun-
dred to three hundred acres,

[merged small][ocr errors]

For examining every certificate of survey for every one hun-
dred acres over three hundred acres,

[blocks in formation]

For examining every certificate of resurvey up to one hundred


For examining every certificate of resurvey of from one hun-
dred to two hundred acres, .

3 50

For examining every certificate of resurvey from two hundred
to three hundred acres,

[blocks in formation]

For examining every certificate of resurvey for every one
hundred acres over three hundred,

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Art. 38, s. 14.

1779, c. 25, s. 5. Coroners fees.

For every certificate of award of soldiers' lots,
For making all copies, per one hundred words,
For every seal,


23. Every coroner shall be entitled to demand and receive the following fees, to wit:

For reviewing the body of any person or persons murdered




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