Manual of Visual Signaling of U.S. Signal Corps, Utgave 7

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915 - 207 sider

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Side 87 - Disbursing officers, or the head of any Executive Department, or other establishment not under any of the Executive Departments, may apply for and the Comptroller of the Treasury shall render his decision upon any question involving a payment to be made by them or under them, which decision, when rendered, shall govern the Auditor and the Comptroller of the Treasury in passing upon the account containing said disbursement.
Side 56 - Whenever any disbursing officer of the United States shall cease to act In that capacity he will at once Inform the Secretary of the Treasury whether he has any public funds to his credit In any office or bank, and, If so, what checks. If any, he has drawn against the same, which are still outstanding and unpaid. Until satisfactory Information of this character shall have been furnished, the whole amount of such moneys will be held to meet the payment of his checks properly payable therefrom.
Side 56 - Any check previously drawn by him and not presented for payment within four months of its date will not be paid until its correctness shall have been attested by the Secretary or Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Every disbursing officer, when...
Side 71 - Hereafter subscriptions to periodicals, which have been certified in writing by the respective heads of the executive departments or other Government establishments to be required for official use, may be paid in advance from appropriations available therefor.
Side 8 - An officer of a staff corps or department, or an officer serving therein by detail, will make report to the head of the corps or department on the last day of every month, giving his address, a statement of the duties on which he has been employed during the month, the date of his assignment thereto, and the authority by which so assigned. He will report to The Adjutant General of the Army, at the time of change, any change of station during the month, giving dates of departure and joining; also...
Side 63 - Advertisements for supplies should contain the instruction to bidders who are not manufacturers of the goods called for to submit the name of the manufacturer from whom such goods are to be obtained, unless it is manifestly impracticable to furnish this information.
Side 7 - The Chief Signal Officer shall have charge, under the direction of the Secretary of War, of all military signal duties and of books, papers, and devices connected therewith, including telegraph and telephone apparatus and the necessary meteorological instruments for use on target ranges and...
Side 81 - No. 321. Abstract of funds received by transfer from officers. No. 322. Abstract of funds received from authorized sales of public property. No. 323. Abstract of funds received from sales of services. No. 324. Abstract of funds received from sources other than sales of public property or services. No. 325. Account of sales of public property at public auction or on sealed proposals.
Side 97 - ... some other commissioned officer will be present and verify the contents by actual weight, count, or measurement, as circumstances may require, and in case of deficiency or damage will make written report of the facts to the post commander.
Side 33 - ... for travel or other expenses against the United States, with like force and effect as officers having a seal ; for such services when so rendered, or when rendered on demand after said date by notaries public who at the time are also salaried officers or employees of the United States, no charge shall be made ; and on and after July 1, 1912, no fee or money paid for the services herein described shall be paid or reimbursed by the United States.

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