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thy saints.

New Translation

Old Translation. Psalm XXXIX. 2. I was dumb I held my tongue and spake with filence.

XLIX. 8. And it ceaseth. He mult ler thar alone.
Psalm LII. 9. It is good before Thy faints like it well.
LV. 19. They have do 20. They will not turns

changes. LXXIV. 15. Thou didft 16. Thou broughtest out foun

cleave the fountain cins, and waters out of and the flood.

the hard rocks. LXXVI. 10. The wrath of the fierceness of men shall curn

Man fhall praise thec. to thy praise. LXXVII. 17. The skics sent The air thundred.

out a sound. LXXXIX. 21. With whom My hand shall hold him falt.

my hand Thall be e.

stablish'd. XCVI. 9. 'Fear before him. Stand in awe of him. CXIX. 123. Mine eyes fail Ain 3. Mine eyes are wasted for thy salvation,

away with looking for

thy healthi CXXX. 3. If thou, Lord, If thou, Lord, shouldst be ex.

shouldft mark' iniqui- treme to mark what is ties, O Lord, who done amifs, O Lord, who should stand?

may abide it. CXLII. 4. Refuge failed me. had no place to flee unto...

F I N I S.

Books Printed for Robert Knaplock at the Angel

and Crown in St. Paul's Church-rard.


R. Somner's Antiquities of Canterbury ; with

large Additions, and above 20 new Sculpt. N.B. To this Edition there is added a Second Part by Mr. Nicolas Batteley. Price 20 s.

Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, in Eight Books, newly corrected and amended in above a thousand places. Price 20 s.

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Mr. Lowtborp's Abridgmeniť of the Philosophical Transactions, in three Volumes. Price 21. 1os.

" * Sermons on several Occasions, by Geo. Stanhopes D.D. and Dean of Canterbury, Prices so

Pardie's Elements of Geometry, translated into English ; with many Additions and Improvements. By John Harris, F. R. S. Price 2 s.

A brief Disquisition of the Law of Nature, according to the Principles and Method of Bishop Cumberland. By James Tyrrel, Esq; The Second Edition. Price fis.

Medicina Gymnastica: or, À Treatise concerning the Power; Exercise, with respect to the Animal Oeconomy, and the great neceffity of it in the Cure of Distempers. By Free Fuller. Price 4.5.

Jo. Clerici Physica Cantab. Typis Accadem. Editio fexta Auctior & Accuratior. Price 4s,

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