The FLYING DUTCHMAN'S HANDICAP of 100 sov., added to a Sweepstakes of 20 sov, each,

10 ft., and only 5 if declared, &c.; the winner of any Handicap value 100 sov., after the declaration of the weights, to carry 5lb.; of two, or any handicap value 500 sov., 91b. extra; no horse to carry more than 9lb. extra; the winner to pay 15 sov. towards expenses. Two miles over the Old Course.-64 subs. ; 35 of whom declared, &c.

Age. st. lb. Ld Zetland's br. h. Voltigeur. by Voltaire

5 8 13 Ld Eglinton's b. h. Elthiron, by Pantaloon .

6 8 5 Mr H.J. Thomson na. br. g. by Morgan Rattler, out of Countess

5 7 12 Mr Meiklam's b. b. Raby, by The Doctor . .

5 7 8 Mr R. E. Oliver's bl. c. Sir Rowland Trenchard, by Ithuriel . Mr B. Lawley na. br. c. Storyteller, by Ascot . Mr S. Bateson na. ch. c. Lough Bawn, by Magpie Mr R. Harrison's br. c. Tom Holtby, by Lauercost Mr H. S. Thompson na. b. c. Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules Mr Wilkinson na. br. m. Haricot, by Mango or Lanercost Mr J. Osborne's b. m. Kathleen, by Lanercost. Ld Exmouth na. br. in. Achyranthes, by Thirsk . Mr Pedley na. b. h. The Prior of Lanercost, by Lanercost Mr Roper na. b. f. Harp, by Kremlin Mr Stirling Davidson's br. c. Jack Lceming, by Voltaire Ld G. Manners na. b. g. Hard Labour (late The Ebor), by Jeremy Diddler Mr Lumley na. b. f. Little Fawn, by Venison Mr Morris's ch. c. Haresfoot, by Thistlewhipper Mr C. Robson's ch. c. Bardolph, by Orlando . Mr Worthington's bl. c. Goliah, by Touchstone. Mr J. Smith na. br. c. by Melbourne, out of Sally Warfoot Ld Strathmore na. b. f. Coryphée, by Venison Mr H. Fenwick na, bl. c. Lucio, by Faugh-a-Ballagh Mr J. Moore na. br. g. Cyclops, by Venison Mr E. R. Clark's b. f. Poetess, by Touchstone . Mr J. Cookson na. b. f. Euphony, by Voltaire . Ld Chesterfield's b. f. by Lanercost, out of Jemima

3 4 10 Mr F. Villiers na. b. f. 1 Royalty, by Bay Middleton

3 4 8 Mr Rudston Read's b. c. Surprise (h. b.) by St. Lawrence .

1 3 4 4 The CHAMPION HANDICAP of 10 sov. each, with 50 added; the winner of the Newmarket, Metropolitan, or Northampton Handicaps to carry 71b., of any other handicap value 300 sov., 41b. extra; the extra weight not to exceed 101b. One mile.-12 subs.

Age. st. Ib. Mr J. M. Stanley's b, h. Clincher, by Turcoman

5 94 Ld Derby's ch. f. Iris, by Ithuriel .

4 8 2 Mr Dawson's br. h. The Italian, by Touchstone Mr R. Reed's bl. g. Penang, by Ratan Ld Derby's br. c. Croupier, by Touchstone MrJ. Osborne's gr. h. Oxford Blue, by Robin Gray Mr Morris's ch.c. Hungerfurd, by John-o'Gaunt.

4 6 ) Mr G. White's b, c. The Cutler, by Sheffield

4 6 5 Mr Harrison's bl. c. by Prince Caradoc, out of Miss Julia Bennett Ld Eglinton's bl. c. Lucio, by Faugh-a-Ballagh. Mr H, Stebbing's bl. c. Sir Charles Napier, by Picaroon Mr Wrather's bl. f. by Trueboy, out of Miss Lydia .

3 4 4 WEDNESDAY.-The ECLINTON STAKES of 10 sov. each, h. ft., with 50 added, for two

year olds 7st., and three 9st.; m. and g. allowed 31b.; maiden two year olds having started once allowed 31b., twice 5lb., maiden three year olds allowed 5lb. Three quarters of a mile.-14 subs. 1. Age.

Age. Mr Beesley's b. c. by Freeman d. by Mr W. D. Holtby's br. f. Ulrica. The Saddler.

Mr Meiklam's ch. c. Paddy Bird Mr Brown's br. c. b 'bourne

br. f. Evadne . Sally Warfoot

Mr Merry's b. c. Dick Turpin . Mr J. Conrov's b. c. St. Andrew .

Mr A. Nichol's ch.c. Phantom Ld Derby's b. c. Longbow

Mr J. Osborne's br, f. Lady Agnes, La Eglinton's bl. c. Lucio b. c. Strait Jacket

2 | Mr C. Spence's b. f. Poetess

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Mr C. Snb. c. Lambton, ady Agnes.

The DERBY TRIAL STAKES of 10 sov, each, with 100 added, for three year olds, colts

8st. 71b., and fillies st. 21b. ; the winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. . One mile and a half.-12 subs. Mr Brown's br. c. by Melbourne - Sally | Mr J. Osborne's br. f. Lady Agnes Warfoot

Mr Pedley's b. c. Conrad Mr Harrison's ch, c. King of Trumps

Mr C. Robson's ch, c. Bardolph Mr Hicks's ch. f. Maid of Lincoln

Mr J. Singleton's br. c. Dalton Mr Meiklam's b. c. Stilton

Mr Wentworth's br. c. Hafed Mr Merry's b. c. Masham

Mr Worthington's ch. f. Rachetée Sir O. Monck's br. f. Gossamer

Hon. Capt, ROUS, the Earl of ZETLAND, and the Earl of GLASGOW, STEWARDS.

Mr. NORTH, Clerk of the Course, Mr. CLARK, Judge,
WEDNESDAY, Aug. 18.-The EBOR Sr. LEGER STAKES of 25 sov.each, with 100 added for

the second horse ; for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., tillies 8st. 3lb., the winner of the Derby to carry 6lb., of the Oaks, Alb. extra, and of any three year old stake, value 500 sov., 3lb. extra; of any two of the above, 2lb, in addition to the highest penalty attached to either of such two; the winner to pav 10 sovs. towards expenses. Two

miles over the old course.-23 subs. Gen. Anson's ch. c. Greyleg

| Mr T. Lister's b. f. Lizzy - b. c. Bull's-eye

Mr Merry's b. c. Garibaldi Mr G. Barton's ch. c. Scipio

Mr Meiklam's ch, c, Consultation Mr Bowes's ch. c, by Verulam-Wiasma Mr Milner's ch. c. The Golden Age -- ch. c. Daniel O'Rourke

Mr Osbaldeston's b. c. by Hetman Platoft, Ld Clifden's b.c. Sachbut

d. (1841) by Camel Ld Derby's b. c, Longbow

Baron M. Rothschild's ch. c. by PhlegonMr T. Dawson's b. g. Tom Pinch La Eglinton's br. c. Anchises

Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. Alberta (dead)

Mr H. Stebbing's ch. c. Alfred the Great La Glasgow's br. c. Caracara

- b. c. Young Hawthorn Mr Greville's, b. c, Frantic

Mr Williamson's b. c. by Melbourne Mr Halford's br. c. Prosperous

La Femme Sage

Barularineb pherd's chl. jawthorn

La Eglin bl.c. Luca Caraca

The YORKSHIRE OAKs of 15 sov. each, 5 ft., with 100 added, for three year old fillies

8st. 71b. each ; the winner of the Oaks at Epsom to carry 71b., the second 3lb. extra ; the winner of any other three year old stake, value 500 sovs., 4lb. extra; the extra weights not to exceed 10lb.; maiden fillies, having been beaten in 1852, · allowed 4lb.; ditto in 1851 and 1852, 7lb.; fillies having received 50 sovs. for run

ning second (handicaps excepted not to be considered maidens; the second to receive 40 sovs, out of the stakes, and the third to save her stake. The winner to pay 10 sovs.

towards expenses. One mile and a quarter.-66 subs. Mr Allen's b. f. Eleanor

Mr Greville's b. f. Adine Gen Anson's b. f. Bay Rosalind

b. f. Greengage b. f. by Lanercost-Jemima

- b. f. Chaffinch Mr G. Barton's b. f. Lady Hesketh

Mr Gratwicke's b. f. Flirt b. or ro. f. Helen Faucit

Mr C. Harrison's f. by Velocipedle--Fleur de Mr Bowes's ch. f. by Irish Birdcatcher - 1 Lis Mickleton Maid

Mr Harker's b. f. Patience b. f. by H. Platoff-Maid of Lune Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Caloric Mr Buckley's b. f. Tame

- br. f. Misericorde (dead) Mr Burton's b. or br. f. Rosalie

b. f. Water Lily Mr Carew's br. f. Florence

Mr Hebblethwaite's br. f. Madame Wharton Ld Clifden's b. f. Rosary

Mr II. Hill's ch. f. Caninıt Mr F. Clarke's b. f. Sabra

b. f. Medusa Mr Copeland's ch. f. The Lady Amyott Mr Howard's b. f. Alhambra Mr J. Daley's br. f. Columbine

Mr Hutton's b, or ro. f. by Cataract--Sister Mr D. Dawson's bl. f. Bird-on-the wing

to The Chancellor Mr Dawson's br. f. Galvanism

Mr Jaques's ch. f. Partlet bl. f. The Bitch

Mr Keegan's ch. f. Matilda Ld Eglinton's b, f. Urania

Mr Meiklam's br, f. Evadne MrJ. Gill's b. f. Merlin

Mr Merry's br. f. b. Sally

burne-Em- Mcatcher-L'Hiron.t. Fairthornene of a Boy

Sir C. Monck's br, f. Gossamer

Mr Thompson's b. f. Gutpurba Mr J. Osborne's br. f. Equa!

Mr R. Walker's br f. hy Gameboy-Wasp b. f. Merry Bird

Mr H. Walter's br. f. Flora Macdonald Mr Payne's b. f. Glenluce

Mr Way's b. f. Kate ch. f. Hirsuta

- br. f. Miss Conyngham ------ b. f. Freedom

Mr Wesley's br. f. Recommendation Capt Pettat's ch. f. Lunette

| Mr G. White's b. or br, f. Snowdrop Mr Reed's b. f. Sarah Ann

Mr Wiley's b. f. Miss Lavinia D of Richmond's b. f. Red Hind

Mr T. A. Wilkinson's b, f. The Shadow Baron Rothschild's b. f. by Verulam-Quad - Mr F. Wilson ns. b. or br. f. Marianna roon

Mr Worthington's b. f. Jessica Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. Alberta

- ch. f. Rachetée Mr W. Sharpe's ch. f. Seclusion

Major Yarburgh's b. f. by Ithuriel--Merry Mr T. Stevens's b. f. Poetess

Lass Mr Stephenson's b. f. Euphony

Ld Zetland's ro. f. Golconda Mr Thirlby's b. f. Mary Ann The ConvIVIAL STAKES of 10 sovs, each, h.ft., with 50 added, for two year olds, colts

8st. 61b., fillies 8st. 21b.; 3lb. allowed, &c.' Winners before starting to carry 21v.

extra ; the second to save his stake. T.Y.C.-117 subs. Capt Archdall's b, f. Phoebe (31b.) Mr Harker's b. f. Abbess of St. Mary's br, f. Dudu

(3lb.) ch. c. Haynau (31b.)

Mr Hornby's_f. (dead) by Gameboy-ch. Mr J. Boulton ns. b.c.(dead) bro. to Westow m. by The Provost Mr C. Boynton's b. f. by Melbourne-Em- Mr Humphries's c. (dead) by Irish Bird

press Mr Barton's ch. f. The Belle

Capt Harcourt's br. f, Fairthorn b. f. Latona

Mr Hebblethwaite's b. c. Broth of a Boy Sir R. W. Bulkeley's b. f. Violante (31

(3lb.) Mr Bowes's ch. f. Auld Acquaintance

b.f. Lady Vernon (3lb.) -- b. c. West Australian

br. f. Askham Lass (3lb.) Mr Bateman's f. by Magpie--Surprise Mr Hesseltine's bl. f. by Irish Birdcatcher- b, or br. c. Tweedside

Aspen - ch. f. by Polish-Old Stock

- ch. f. by Irish Birdcatcher-Blue Mr Brooks's b. f. Incense (31b.)

Light (31b.) Mr W. Burton's b. f. by Mahomet--Semi- Sir J. Hawley's ch. c. by Cotherstone-Diramis (31b.)

version br. f. ty Lanercost--ch. m.(1840) - b. c. Mocassin (3lb.) by Muley Moloch-Columbine

- c. (dead) by Cotherstone-MariMr Carr's b. c. The Steward

etta (31b.) Ld Clifden's c. Feramorz (3lb.)

b. c. Friar Tuck (3lb.) b. f. Nicotine (3lb.)

- b. f. Huff (3lb.) br. f. by Bay Middleton--Slander - -- br. f. by Slane-Venus (31b.) (3lb.)

b. c. by Old England-Vexation Capt Cookson's b. or br. f. by Launcelot (3lb.) Fair Star (31b.)

Mr A. Johnstone's b. f, by AnnandaleMr Copeland's b. f. Little Blossom

Lydia Languish (31b.) Mr John Danby's b. c. by Venison-Phæbe

b. f. Nerva (3lb.) Mr Darley's b, c, by Iago--Jamie Falshaw's - b. f. by Verulam-Extravaganza dam (31b.)

(31b.) Ld Derby's ch. c. Hobby-horse (31b.) Mr Jolly's b. f. by Picaroon--Lass of Lon

b.c. (dead) by Melbourne--Mee ton anee (3lb.)

Mr Jaques's bl. c. Cat spaw (31b.) - b. f, by Melbourne, d. by Veloci- Mr Knapton's b. c. St. Andrew pede

Mr Kirby's b. c. Spread Eagle (31b.) Mr Dodd's b. f. by Assault-Newton Lass | Mr Lumley's b. f. by Hëtman Platoff(3lb.)

Peggy (31b.) Mì J. Gill's ch. c. by Irish Birdcatcher-

ch. c. by Hetman Platoff - IntiFlower of the Tees (3lb.)

delity (31b.) br. f. by Sweetmeat-Miss Mar- | Mr F. Lawley ns. br. f. Malice (31) tin (31b.)

Ld H. Lennox ns. b. f. by Chatham--Wil. Mr Gratwicke's ch. c. Sittingbourne (31b.) derness (3lb.) - b. f. Oronia

Mr Meiklam's br. f. Ada Mr Green's b. f. Mrs. John (316

b. f. Double-shot Mr Greville's b. c. Speed the Plough (31b.) Mr J. Morley's br. f, by Melbourne--Lady b. f. Peach (3lb.)

Superior's dam b. f. Cuba


Mr J. Morley's b, f. by Melbourne, out of Mr Smallwood's b. c. Friday ch. f. by Young Langar (3lb.)

Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. Augusta Mr Morton's b, c, Nestor

- br. f. Blanche (31b.) Mr Milner ns. b. f. Battery

Mr J. Singleton's b. c. (dead) by Lanercost Mr C. Marson's br. f. by War Eagle--Re -Sally Snobs becca (31b.)

Mr Sand's b. f. by Venison --Sally Warfoot Mr Osborne's br. c. Early Bird (dead) | (31b.) (3lb.)

Mr W. Stebbing's f. (dead), by AssaultMr Oliver's ch. f. by Don John--Jemima Princess Alice

- ch. f. by Irish Birdcatcher--Grace - br. c. by Assault - Miss Norton Darling, by Sheet Anchor (31b.)

(3lb.) Mr G. Ongley's br. f. by Gilbert Gurney-- Mr H. Stebbing's c. (dead) by Lanercost-Queen of the Gipsies (3lb.)

--Chaff Mr Pedley ns. ch. f. by Velocipede-- Mr Templeman's f. Lady Free (31b.) Cracker (31b.)

- b. c. Wild Deer ns. ch. f. by Velocipede-Lena Mr Thompson's b. c. Guicowar (31b.) (3lb.)

- b. c. by British Yeoman-Nur ?ns. ch. c. by Velocipede--Luxury ling (3lb.) (3lb.)

Mr Wentworthi's b. f. Mabella - ns. Þ. ç. by Lanercost--Alexina Mr F. Walker's bl. c. Roger Thornton (31b

Mr Woffinden's b, f. Charity (31b.) ns. b. f. by Velocipede-Ellen - b. or br. c. Pickatree (31b.) Percy

Col Wyndham's br. f. by Picaroon--Coim- ns. b. c. by son of Whisker and bra Neva-Zebetta (3]b.)

Mr Wilkinson's b. f. Carema (dead) (31b.) Mr Payne's ch. f. Glenavon

- b. c. Middlethorpe - b. c. War-whoop

Mr Whitworth's b. c. Mustang (3]b.) -------с. (dead) by Epirus–Layla (31b.) - b. f. Bloomer (3lb.) Mr C. Peck's br. c. The Buccaneer

Mr W. Wright's b. c. Master Norton (316.) - b. f. Zeta (31b.)

Mr Williamson's br. f. by Irish Birdcatcher - b. c. Fortunatus

--Extempore (3lb.) Mr Reed's b. c. The Flying Buck

Mr Williams's c. by Red Deer--Venus, by D of Richmond's br. f. by Touchstone-- Amadis (31b.) Cuckoo (3lb.)

ch. c. The Curfew, (31b.) Mr Ryder's br. f, by Sweetmeat, out of a

c. by Red Deer-Hygeia (3lb.) br. m. (1844) by Lanercost (31b.)". Ld Zetland's br. f. Comfit (316.)

Mr G. J. Smyth did not name. THURSDAY.—The CoLT SAPLING STAKES of 50 sovs. each, 30 ft., for two year olds,

8st. 7b.-T.Y.C. Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. Mr Sykes (

| Mr Jaques's ch. c. Pitfall La Eglinton's ch. c. Sir Walter

Sir C. Monck's b. c. by Touchstone-Garland Mr Gratwicke's br. c. Feversham

Mr J. Morris's br. c. Youthful Days Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Mustang

Mr Payne's c. (dead) by Epirus-Layla --- b. c. Mocassin

Mr Stephenson's ch. c. Eulogist Mr H. Hill's b. c. Ireland's Eye The BRAMHAM PARK STAKES of 100 sovs. each, 30 ft., for three year olds, the produce of mares which never produced a winner, colts est. 71b., tillies 8st. 3lb.; winners in 1851 to carry 3lb. extra, the winner of the Derby or Oaks 7lb. extra, not accumulative.

One mile and a half. Ld Airlie's br. f. Kestrel

| Ld Glasgow's b.c. (dead) hy Slane--Alarm's Capt Archdall's bl.f, Black Audrey

dam disqualified) Ld Derby's br. c. Merry-go-round

Mr Greville's b, f. Protection

Mr Payne's b. c. by Freestone The PRINCE OF Wales's STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added by the Race Committee,

for two year olds, colts 8st. 71b., and fillies &st. 21b.; a winner before starting to carry

2lb. extra. The winner to pay 10 soy. towards expenses. T.Y.C.--31 subs. Gen Anson's b. f. Nerna

Mr Drinkald's br. f. Knavery Mr R. Bell's ch. f. Ann Eliza

b. c. by Mathematician-- Alibassa Mr Bowes's b. c. West Australian

Mr Farrance's ch. f. by Epirus-Margellina - ch. f. Auld Acquaintance

La Glasgow's b.c. by Assault-Miss Norton Sir H. Boynton's bl.or br.f. Wings of a Dove Capt Harcourt's b. f. Fairthorn Ld Chesterfield's b. c. by Theon-Louisa Mr Halford's ch. f. Eliza

Mr. Jaques's bl. c. Cat's-puw Mr J. Conroy's b. c. St. Andrew

Mr Mare's ch. f. by Epirus-Horton Yates's Mr D. Dawson's ch. f England's Beauty I dam

Mr Sliden's b. f. Altitud Theon-Louisave Capt Harcourt's

Mr Merry's b. f. Desdemona

| Mr Surtees's br. c. Honeywood b. f. Charming Woman

Mr Thomas's b. c. Young Beverlac Mr Meiklam's br. c. The Hatchet

Ld Wilton's c. by Assault, d. by Lanercost Mr A. Nichol's bl. f, Honey-dew

-The Nun Mr A. Powlett's b. c. Saquenay

Mr J. Wilkinson's b, c. Lord Lieutenant D of Richmond's b. c. William Rufus

Mr T. Wilkinson's ch. c. Hurworth
Mr J. M. Stanley's br. c. Veteran

Mr I, F. Woffinden's b. f. The Queen
Mr W. Stebbing's b. f. Lady Vernon
The ECLINTON STAKES of 15 sov., 5 ft., with 100 added by the

year olds 7st., and three 9st.; m. and g. allowed 4lb.; the winner of the Derby to carry 10lb., of the Oaks 71b., of any other three year old stakes value 300 sov. 5lb. extra; penalties not to be accumulative; maiden three year olds allowed 10lb., maiden two year olds, having started once, allowed 31b., twice 5lb., thrice 71b. The winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. One mile.-31 subs.

Age. D of Bedford's ch. c. Maidstone

Mr J. Osborne's b. c. Lambton Ld Caledon's b. c. by Simoom

-- b, c. Lumley Fortress . . . .

ch. f. Exact Mr R. Chilton's b. or br. c. Audubon

Mr Pilling's br. c. The High Sheriff. Mr T. Dawson's b. f. Anteverta.

D of Richmond's bl.c. by TouchstoneLd Derby's b. c. Longbow

Refraction . Ld Eglinton's ch. g. Pelopidas . b. c. Strait Jacket

Mr C. Robson's ch. c. Bardolph - ch. c. Sir Walter

Mr J. M. Stanley's ch, c. Massena Mr T. Fryer's b. c. Nestor.

--- ch.c, Heliogabalus . Mr Hicks's ch. f. Maid of Lincoln

| MrJ. Shepherd's ch. f. Augusta Mr W. D. Holtby's br. 1. Ulrica

Mr J. Singleton's br. c. Dalton Mr Jaques's b. c. Ainchinleck

| Mr Thompson's br. c. by British Mr Meiklam's b. f. Ada .

1 Yeoman-Nursling - - b. f, Evadne

La Westminster's b. f. Captious . Mr Merry's b. f. Valour

Mr Worthington's b.f. Jaquenetta b. f. Charming Woman.

Ld Zetland's b. c. Grapeshot


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FRIDAY.-The Filly SAPLING STAKES of 50 sovs. each, 20 st. for two year olds,

est 5lb each. T.Y.C.-13 subs. Gen Anson's b. f. Athol Brose

Mr J. Morris's b. f. Charity Ld Chesterfield's ch. f. by Don John-Je. | Mr Payne's ch. f. Glenavon mima

Mr Stephenson's ch. f. Vaultress La Eglinton's ch. f. Elspeth

Mr Sturt's b. f. Nicotine Ld Glasgow's b. f. by Don John-Con- - - b. f. Cinaminta spiracy

Mr Wentworth's b. f. Mabella Capt. Harcourt's b. f. Fairthorn

Ld Zetland's ch. or br. f. Comfit Sir J. Hawley's br. f. by Slane-Venus The Tenth Year of the GREAT YORKSHIRE STARES of 10 sov. each, with 100 sov, added,

for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 2lb.; the winner of the Derby at Epsom to carry 71b., and of the Oaks, 4lb. extra; if 150 subscribers, the second horse to receive 140 sov, out of the stakes, and the third 50 sov. ; the winner to pay 52 sovs.

towards the expenses of the Course. One mile and three quarters.-168 subs.
Mr Allen's b. c. Peniston, by Melbourne, out of Speedwell
Gen Anson's b. c. Rolando, by Orlando, out of Gossamer

ch. c. Grey-leg, by Pantaloon, out of Black Bess
b, c. Bull's-eye, by Don John, out of Lollypop

b. f. Bay Rosalind, by Orlando, out of Elopement
-_- b. c. by Orlando, out of The Princess
Capt Archdall's b. c. by Lanercost, out of Oh Don't!
Mr G. Barton's br. c. Bethgelert, by Lanercost, out of Mystery

-_ br. c. Peeping Tom, by Lanercost, out of Lady Stafford
Mr J. Barker's br. or ro. f. by Trueboy, out of Miss Lydia
Mr Bateman's ch. c. Dismay, by Magpie, out of Surprise

_ b.c. Killarney, by Polish, out of Old Stock
Mr Baxter's br, f, Glimmer, by Pompey, out of Rushlight
Ld Bolton's br, f. Iresine, by Priam, out of Amaranth
Sir G. Houstoun Boswell's c. by Lanercost, out of Venus, sister to Vulcan
Mr T. Booth's br. c. Treasurer, by Verulam, out of Makeless, by St. Martin
Mr Burton's br. c. Ebor, by Lanercost, dam by Muley Moloch, out of Columbine

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