Mr Meiklam's b. f. Ada

Mr C, A, Parker's b. f. Mrs John Mr Morris's b. c. Youthful Days

Mr Powlett's b. c. Saguenay TUESDAY.- The CLARET STAKES of 10 sov, each, colts 8st. 71b., and fillies Est. 31). Two

miles. Mr Jaques na. b. c. Dalton

Mr Thompson's b. c. Gujerat Mr Meiklam's ch. c. Paddy Bird

Mr Williamson's b. c. by Melbourne-La Mr Osborne's b. f. Merry Bird

Femme Sage The CHAMPAGNE STAKES of 20 sov. each, h. ft, for two year olds, colts 8st. 6lb., and fillies

8st. 21b. The winner to pay 5 gs. to the fund. About six furlongs. La Glasgow's b. f. by Don John-Conspiracy Mr Jaques's ch. c. Pitfall Mr Harcourt's b. f. Fairthorn

Mr Meiklam's b. f. Ada
Mr Hessel:ine's ch. f. by Irish Birdcatcher | Mr Osborne's b. c. Bold Davie

-Blue Light
The FILLY STAKES of 15 sov. each, 10 ft., 8st. 3lb. each. One mile and a half.
La Glasgow's b. f. by Alarm --Physalis Mr Meik lam's b. f. Evadne
Mr Hesseltine na. b. f. Euphony

Mr Wright's b. f. Bird-on-the Wing
Mr Jaques na. br. f. Lady Agnes

Match.-Mr Jaques's bl. c. Catspaw, 8st. 7lb., ayst Mr Morris's b. c. Youthful Days, 8st. Three quarters of a mile. 50 sor.

No day mentioned.-Mr Rayner's b. c. Presto, agst Mr Bell's b. c. by Red Deer, out of sis. to Porto Bello, both 4 years old ; 8st. 7lb. each. Two miles. 100 sov., h. ft.




3 3

2 3




EGLINTON RACING CLUB. The MARCA MONT STAKES of 15 sov. each, 5 ft., with 100 added ; two year olds, colts

7st., fillies 6st. Illb., three year old colts Est. 101b., fillies &st. 71b.; jockies up; winners of any two year old stake in 1852 of the value of 400 sov., including their own stake, to carry 71b., of any stake of the value of 100 sov., including their own stake, 3lb. extra, of the Visitors' Plate at Eglinton, 1832, 71h. extra ; winners of the Derby, Oaks, St. Leger, or Le Glasgow's Stake at Eglinton, 1932, to carry 101b., of any other stake of the value of 400 sov., including their own stake, 5lb. extra ; maiden two year olds, having started twice or upwards, to be allowed 51b., maiden three year olds 71b. ; penalties and allowances not to be accumulative, and to be reckoned up to the time of starting. T.Y.C.-23 subs. Age:

Age. Mr Batson na. ro, f. Trousseau

Mr John Osborne's b. c. Lumley
Col Campbell na. b. c. Strait Jacket 2 Mr C. A. Parker's br. f. Madam Fanny 2
Mr P. Cockerell na, bl. c. Lucio

Mr Redfern's br. c. Goorkah
M. S. Crawford's b. c. The Fledgling Mr C. Robson's ch. c. Bardolph .
Mr D. Dawson's ch. f. England's Beauty 2 Mr Ryan na. br. f. by Annandale-
Ld Eglinton's ch. g. Pelopidus

Deuce Ace
Mr Gilmour na. b. c. The Earl Marshal 2

Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. by Irish BirdLd Glasgow's br.c.(dead) by Lanercost catcher-Memento -d, by Actæon

2 Sir

M. S. Stewart na. b. f. Desdemona : 2 Capt Hamilton c. Alfred the Great 3

Col Taylor na. b. f. Miss Ilderton. Mr Merry's b. f. Valour

Ld Waterford's ch. c. Lancaster Mr Milner's ch. c. The Golden Age

b. c. Redmond O'Hanlon Mr John Osborne's b. c. Lambton.

2 Mr Wauchope na, b. c. Dick Turpin 2 The Visitors' PLATE of 1301., added to a Sweepstake of 10 sov. each, for two year olds, colts

8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 3lb. ; the winner of the July or Chesterfield Stakes at Newmarket, the New Stakes at Ascot, the Ham, Lavant, or Molecomb Stakes at Goodwood, the Prince of Wales's or Gimcrack Stakes at York, the Champagne or Two Years Old Stakes at Doncaster, to carry 7lb., of any other two year old stakes value 200 sov., including the winner's own stake, 3lb. extra; maiden two year olds, having started

once, allowed 31b., twice, 5lb., thrice, 71b.; jockies up. T.Y.C.-13 subs. Mr D. Dawson's ch. f, England's Beauty Mr Peck's gr. f. Miss Western Ld Eglinton's b. c. Strait Jacket

Mr Redfern's br. c. Goorkah Mr Merry's b. f. Valour

Sir W, Scott na. b. c. The Earl Marshal b. f. Desdemona

Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. by Irish Birdcatcher Mr Milner's b. c. Grapeshot

-Memento Mr John Osborne's b. c, Lambton

Ld Waterford s ch. c. by Crescent Kick- b. c. Lumley

up-the Dust's dam Mr C. A. Parker's br. f. Madam Fanny


2 3 3



EGHAM. The King JOHN STAKES of 25 sov. each, 10 ft., with 50 added, for two year olds, colts

8st. 71h., and fillies 8st. 31b. ; winners previous to starting (matches excepted) to carry 31b., twice 6lb. extra ; those by untried stallions or out of untried mares allowed 3lb., if

both, 5lb. The winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. T.Y.C. D of Bedford's bl. c. Nathan (51b.)

Mr Payne's b. f. Gloomy b. c. Gossip (31b.)

Mr J. Powney's b. c. Cineas (31b.) Mr Bickham's b. f. Bountiful (31b.)

D of Richmond's bl. e. by Touchstone Mr C. Liley's br. f. Bracelet (31b.)

Refraction (31b.) Mr Mare's ch. f. by Epirus--Horton Yates's


ROYAL CALEDONIAN HUNT. The CALEDONIAN Tyro of 10 sov. each, with 50 added by the Hunt, for two year olds,

colts est 71b., and fillies &st. 4lb. ; Scotch-bred horses allowed 5lb.; maidens up to the day of running allowed 31b,; winners once to carry 31b., twice and upwards 71b.extra ;

three quarters of a mile. Ld Eglinton's b. c. Strait Jacket

Mr Merry's b. c. Dick Turpin Mr J. Gifford na. b. or br. f Miss Isabel(h. b.)

b, f. Valour Mr Gray na. br c. Goorkah (515.)

Mr R. Smart's bl. or br. f. Friar's Hall

GREAT YARMOUTH. The TRADESMEN's Two YEAR OLD STAKES of 10 sov. each, h. ft., and only 2 ft. if

declared on or before the Saturday in the Newmarket Craven Meeting, with 50 sov. added; colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 21b. ; winners to carry 5lb. extra. Three horses to start or only half the public money will be given. T.Y.C. Mr Armstrong's ch. f. sis. to Iracundus Ld W. Powlett's ch. f. by The Libel -bl. f. The Creole

Arethusa Mr E. Banks's b. c. The President

Mr Rayner's b. c. Rumour Ld Clifden's b. c. Molasses

bl.c. Dorian b. f. Altitude

Mr T. Sare's bl.c. by Paragone -- Gipsy, by Mr Fox's b. c. Iunic

Discord Mr E. Francis's b. c. Inder

Mr T. Stephenson's b. f. Promise Mr Hornsby's br. c. Blondel

Mr C. Thellusson's ch. f. by Hetman l'laMr H. King's br. f. by Slane--Venus

toff, dam by Jereed-Lyndhurst's dam

NOTTINGHAM. The Robin HooD STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added, for two year olds; colts 8st. 71b.,

and fillies 8st. 31b.; a winner of any two year old stakes value 100 sov., including the winner's own stake, to carry 4lb., of 200 sov. 711, extra. The winner to pay 5 sov. to

the Race Fund, and subscribe to this race the following year. T.Y.C. Mr Copeland's br. f. Little Blossom

Mr J. Osborne's b. c. Lambton Mr Flintoff's b. c. IVha'eboxe

b. f. Exact Mr C. Liley's b. c. Massaroni

Ld Strathmore na. ch. f. sis. to Iracundus Mr Morris's br. f, The Gip

Mr Carew did not name.

CHESTER SPRING. Hon. Major PITT, Hon. Gen. ANSON, and Marquis of WATERFORD, STEWARDS. Mr. E. W. Topham, Clerk of the Course, Mr. T. White, Judge. Mr. HIBBURD, Starter. TUESDAY, May 4.- The PALATINE STAKES of 15 sov. each, 5 ft., with 100 added, for

three year old fillies 8st. 71b. each, maidens at the time of naming allowed 31b., having started twice at that time, 5lb., and thrice or more, 7lb.; the winner of the

1,000 gs. stakes at Newmarket, Ålb., or of any other sweepstakes (handicaps excepted) or plate in 1852 of 100 sov. clear, 21b. extra. The winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. From the Castle Pole once round and in, rather more than a mile and a quarter. -14 subs. Mr Eyke's br. f. My Fancy

Mr Meiklam's b. f. Evadne Mr Flintoft's b. f. Íbis (71b.)

Mr Merry's b. f. Sally Mr Fowler's br. f. Calot (31b.)

b. f. Mary Ann Mr Greville's b. f. Adine

Mr J. Osborne's b. f. Lady Agnes Mr Inman's ch. f. Maid of Lincoln

Ld Westminster's b. f. Captious Mr E. Jones's b. f. Diumond (71b.)

Mr Worthington's b. f. Jessica Mr Magenis's's b. f, Caloric (71b.)

ch. f. Rachetée The Mostyn STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 100 added, for two year olds ; colts est CIV.,

fillies and geldings 8st. 21b. ; the owner of the second horse to receive 20 sov. out of the stakes. The winner to pay 15 sov. towards expenses; a winner in the present year of 100 sov. clear, 31b. extra. Three quarters of a mile.-22 subs. Mr G. Barton's ch. f. The Belle

! Mr Merry's b. c. Dick Turpin La Caledon's bl. c. bro. to Shylock

br. f. Charming Woman Ld Chesterfield's b. c. by Theon--Louisa Mr J. Osborne's b. c. Lambton Ld Clifden's b. c. Molasses

Mr Palmer's br. c. Admiral Tschitichekoff b. f. Altitude

Mr C. A. Parker's ch. c. The Ace of Trumps Ld Eglinton's ch. c. Sir Walter

Mr Payne's b. f. Hybla b. c. Strait Jacket

MrJ. Scott na. br. c. Cassio Mr Flintoff's br. c. Whalebone

Mr T. Taylor's ch. f. by Orlando --Maid of Mr Jaques's bl. c. Catspaw

Avon Mr Little's b. f. Huff

La Wilton's c. by Assault, dam by Lanercost Mr Mare's b. c. Pharold

- The Nun ch. f. by Epirus-- Horton Yates's Mr Worthington's b. f. Jaquénetta dam The CHESTERFIELD HANDICAP of 10 sov. each, with 100 added, for three year olds; a winner of a handicap subsequent to the publication of the weights, of the value of 100 sov. clear, to carry 5lb. extra. The second horse to receive 25 sov. out of the stakes The winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. Once round and a distance.-24 subs. st. Ib.

st. lb. Bess of Hardwick, by Ithuriel

Mary Ann, by Ithuriel Captain Flash, by Fancy Boy

By MELBOURNE, br. c. Sally By Fal'GH-A-BALLAGH, ch. c.

Warfoot - Delia.

Paddy Bird, by Irish Birdcatcher Helen Faucit, by Telemachus :

Poorile, by lon. His Grace, by Oakley

Prince Patrick (dead) by Magpie Hirsuta, by Cotherstone

Redmond O'Hanlon, by Freney Ibis, by Heron.

Richard Primmer, by Venison Joe Miller, by Venison

Royalty, by Bay Middleton Lancaster, by Corranna

Snarry, by Sleight-of-hand By LANERCOST, b. f.--Jemima

Stilton, by Cotherstone Lucio, by Faugh-a-Ballagh

Tested, by Touchstone By MALCOLM, ch. C.--Stranger's

Tom Moody, by Harkaway. Daughter WEDNESDAY.-The TRADESMEN'S PLATE of 200 sov. in specie, added to a Handicap

Sweepstakes of 25 sov. each, 15 ft. and 5 only if declared on or before 1st of February the second to receive 50 sov. out of the stakes, the third to save his stake, and the winner to pay 25 sov. towards expenses; the winner of either the Northampionshire Stakes, Metropolitan Stakes at Epsom, Newmarket Handicap, or the Somersetshire Stakes in 1852, to carry 101b., or of any other handicap race of the value of 200 sov. including the winner's own stake, 5lb. extra. Cup Course, about two miles and a quarter. 210 subs , of whom 81 declared.

Age. st. Ib. Mr J. M. Stanley's h. h. Clincher, by Turcoman

5 9 3 Mr T. Martinson's br. f. Nancy, by Pompey

4 91 Mr Mangan's ch. h. Russborough, by Teara way

5 87 Mr Osbaldeston's b. c. Mountain Deer, by Touchstone

4 8 6 Mr F. Lawley na. b. c. The Confessor, by Cowl.

4 8 3 Mr J. Sherwood na. ch. h. Pitsford, by Epirus

5 8 2 Mt Hooton na. b. f. Truth, by The Libel.

4 8 2 Mr Moseley's ch. h. Alonzo, by Alpheus

5 8 0 Mr Magenis's b. f. Aphrodité, by Bay Middleton

4 8 0

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Gen Anson's br. h, Backbiter, by Don Gladiator or Don John
Mr Pedley's ch. h. Cussack, by Hetman Platoff.
Mr T. Dawson na. b. h. Mark Tapley, by The Hydra.
Mr Greville's ch. c. Ariosto, by Orlando
Mr Delamere's ch. f. Payment, by Slane
LA Wilton's br. m. Lady Evelyn, by Don John
Ld Eglinton's b. c. Hippolytus, by Emilius
Mr W. Cookson na. b. c. Neasham, by Hetman Platoft
Mr Phillips's b. c. Le Juif (h. b.), by Faugh-a-Ballagh
Mr Palmer's ch. c. Goldfinder, by Faugh-a-Ballagh
Mr Meiklam's b. h. Raby, by The Doctor .
Mr Palmer's ch. f. Trickstress, by Sleight-of-Hand
Mr Forster's b. h. Musician, by Lanercost
Sir W. W. Wynn na. b. c. oid Dan Tucker, by Picaroon
Mr Saxon's bl. c. The Black Doctor, by The Doctor
Ld Waterford's b. h. Duc an Dhurras, by Molyneaux.
Mr J. Robinson na. b. h. Retail, by Lancastrian
Mr Mangan's b. h. Earl of Warwick, by Launcelot
Mr Atkins na. b. f. Hesse Homburg, by Robert de Gorham
Mr Barton's b. c. Calculator, by Camel
Mr J. Merry's ch. c. Ringleader, by Faugh-a-Ballagh .
Mr Nott's b. . Birmingham, by, Tom Brown
La Waterford's ch. f. Kick-up-ihe-dust, by Star of Erin
Major Pitt's b. h. Vumpyre, by Mus.
M:'H. Drew's br. m. Ballet Girl, by Earl of Richmond
Mr J. Osborne's br. m. Achyranthes, by Thirsk .
Mr Harrison's br. c. Tom Holtby, by Lanercost.
Mr J. M. Stanley's br. c. Storyteller, by Ascot
Mr Hesseltine's ch. c. Lough Bawn, by Magpie
Lord Lurgan's b. c. Cnæus, by Pompey
Mr Megson na. ch. c. Hungerford, by John o'Gaunt
Mr Waller's ch. c. Ephesus, by Epirus
Mr J. Gully na. b. c. Hothorpe,

by Cotherstone .
Mr Langshaw na. b. c. Gholab Singh, by Defence or Galaor
Mr J. Morris's ch. c. Haresfoot, by Thistlewhipper
Mr Ward na. b. m. Kathleen, by Lanercost
Mr Lynn na. ch. c. Cockcrow, by Irish Birdcatcher
Mr Martinson's b. g. Vieu: Halloo (h. b.) by Tally-ho
Ld Chesterfield's b. m. Gladiole, by Gladiator
Mr E. Parr's br. h. John of Berwick, by Bretby :
Mr Parkinson's b. c. Grand Duke, by Sir Hercules
Mr Dashwood na. ch. c. by Harkaway, out of Duc an Dhurras's dam
Mr Farrance's br. c. Grosvenor, by Touchstone
Mr Copeland's ch, m. Candlewick, by The Prime Warden
Mr Martinson's br, m. Eliza Middleton, by Bay Middleton
Mr Stehbing's b. c. Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules
Mr W. Hind na. ch. f. Unity, by Anti-Repealer
Mr F. Fisher na. bl. f. Brebu, by Touchstone
Mr Farrance's bl. c. Cardinal Wiseman, by Cardinal Puff
La Exeter's br. m. Tophana, by Giovanni
Mr P. Moore na. ch. g. Dulcet, by Dulcimer
Mr S. Pearson na. b. m. Abbess of Jerveaux, by Gladiator .
Mr Buchanan na. b. c. The Castle, by Gladiator
Mr Minor na. br. f. Vivandière, by Voltaire
Mr J. Hill na. b. f. Harp, by Kremlin
Mr Mare's br. c. Recruit, by Auckland
Mr Pedley's b. m. La Fiancée, by Ithuriel
Mr Giles na. ch. c. England's Glory, by Emilius or Clarion
Mr Disney's ch.c, The Indian Warrior, by Napier
Mr Harrison's ch. c. King of Trumps, by Velocipede.
Mr Drinkald's gr. c. Grey i'ummy, by Sleight-of-Hand
Mr J. Henderson na. ch. g. Wilmont, by The Hydra
Mr Thomas na. b. m. sister to Fencer, by Gladiator
Mr W. Howell na. br. g. Consolation, by Lan ost
Mr S. Merry na. br. g; Cyclops, by Venison
Mr Magenis's br. c. The Heriot, by Velocipede
Mr F. Villiers na. b. f. Vermuth, by Cotherstone

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4 6 4 aged 6 3 aged 6 0

5 60 5 6 0 4 60 4 6 0 4 6 0 5 5 12 4 5 12 3 511 3 5 11 3 5 11 5 5 lu 5 $10 4 5 10 4 5 10 4 5 10 4 5 8

Age. st. Ib. Capt Hay's ch. c. Young Troublesome, by Dr. Woods

4 5 8 Mr Osbaldeston's ch. f. by Pantaloon, out of Camp-follower

4 5 8 Mr Needham na. ch. g. Stamford, by Plenipotentiary

4 5 8 Mr Magenis's b. f. Ingratitude, by Jerry.

4 5 6 Mr E. Brown na. b. 1. Truegirl, by Trueboy

4 5 6 Mr Eyke's br. f. My Fancy, by Sweatmeat

3 5 6 Mr J. 0:borne's b. 1. Merry Bird, by Irish Birdcatcher

3 5 6 Capt Scott na. bl. f. Bird on the Wing, by Irish Birdcatcher

3 5 6 Mr Pilling's br. c. The High Sheriff, by Red Deer

3 5 6 Mr C. Robson's ch. c. Bardolph, by Orlando

3 5 6 Mr Scott na. br. C. Allegro, by Magpie

3 5 6 Mr T. G. Cholmondeley's gr. c. Knavesmire, by Sleight-of-Hand

3 5 3 Mr Caple na. ch. f. Maid of Lincoln, by Orlando

3 5 3 Ld Waterford's b. c. Redmond O'Hanlon, by Freney

3 5 3 Mr Copeland's ch. f. The Lady Amyott, by Faugh-a-Ballagh

3 5 MrJ. Merry's b. f. Sally, by Ithuriel

3 5 Mr Barton's b. c. Bethgelert, by Lanercost.

3 5 0 Mr Phillip's ch. c. Kohinoor, by The Libel

3 5 0 Sir T. Burke's ch. c. brother to Russborough, by Tearaway

3 4 12 Mr E. R. Clark's b. f. Poetess, by Touchstone

3 4 12 Mr W. D. Holtby's br. f. Ulrica, by Lanercost.

3 4 12 Mr G. H. Johnstone na. br. f. Galvanism, by The Doctor

3 4 12 Mr Browne's br. c. by Melbourne, out of Sally Warfoot

3 4 12 Mr Meiklam na. b. c. Stilton, by Cotherstone

3 4 12 Mr M. Swindell na. bl. c. Lucio, by Faugh-a-Ballaghi

3 4 10 Mr W.E. Hughes's br. f. Sophistry, by Theon

3 4 10 Mr Parkinson's ch. c. Constantine, by Sir Hercules

3 4 10 Major Pitt's b. f. by Ra'an, dam by Melbourne

3 4 10 Capit Harcourt's b. c. Burndale, by Lanercost

3 4 10 Mr Street na. b. f. Kate, by Auckland

3 4 10 Mr J. Merry's b. f. Mary Ann, by Ithuriel.

3 4 Jo Mr Farrance's b. c. Joe Miller, by Venison

3 4 10 Mr Whitelegg na. br. c. Richard Primmer, by Venison

3 4 10 Mr Hamerton's b. c. Diamond, by Tearaway

3 4 10 Mr Thorp na. bl. c. Old English Oak, by Faugh a-Ballagh

3 4 7 Mr J. Morris's b. c. The Sutler, by Touchstone .

3 4 7 Id Seaham na. b. f. Bess of Hardwick, by Ithuriel

3 4 7 Mr B. Morris na. b. c. Happy Joe, by Lanercost

3 4 7 Mr Mare's ch. c. by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Delia

Mr Singleton's br. c. Dalton, by Ithuriel
Ld Clifden's b. f. Royalty, by Bay Middleton
br. c. Poodle, by lon

Mr C. Yates na. b. c. Scarecrow, by Alarm
Ld Chesterfield's ch. c. Ellar, by Harlequin
Mr Bird's b. f. Lizzy, by Lanercost
Mr Gooche's b. c. Surprise (h. b.) by St. Lawrence

3 4 4 Mr G. Hill na. br. f. Barley-sugar, by Sweetmeat

4 Mr Gregory. na. bl. f. Benita, by 'The Baron Mr G. Smith's br. f. The Shadow, by Lanercost

3 4 0 Mr Drinkald's b. c. Snarry, by Sleight-of-hand

3 4 0 Mr Stebbing's b. c. Young Hawthorn, by Lanercost

3 4 Ld Chesterfield's b. f. by Lanercost, out of Jemima

3 4 Mr J. M. Stanley's b. f. Water Lily, by Touchstone

3 4 0 THURSDAY.-The MARQUIS OF WESTMINSTER PLATE, value 100 sov. added to a Handicap Stakes of 10 sov. each, Grosvenor Course.-26 subs.

The weights to be published in April.
Age. st. lb.

Age. st. lb. Alonzo, by Alpheus

High Sheriff, The, by Red Deer 3 Cardinal Wiseman, by Car. Puff 4 His Grace, by Oakley

3 Clincher, by Turcoman

Hurricane, by Simoom Countess, The, by I. Birdcatcher 4

Ianthe, by lon Ephesus, by Epirus.

Italian, The, by Touchstone Faux-pas, by Taurus

Joe Miller, by Venison Grosvenor, by Touchstone

Lancaster, by Corranna




3 3

4 0

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