abfurd Blue: by 1.11.-Cam

FRIDAY.-The SALFORD BOROUGH Cup of 100 sov, in specie, added to a Handicap of

10 sov.each, 5 ft., and 3 only if declared; the winner of any race, subsequent to the publication of the weights, of the clear value of 200 sov, to carry 5lb., of two or more 71b. extra ; and if of the clear value of 500 sov. to carry 10lb., and the second horse 5lb. extra; no horse to carry more than 10lb. extra ; the owner of the second horse tu receive 25 sov, out of the stakes, and the winner to pay 10 soy, towards expenses. One mile and a half. Weights to be published on Tuesday after Chester Races.-62 subs. Age st. lb.

Age st. lb. Aaron Smith, by Simoom.

Le Juif (h. b.), by Faugh-a. Alonzo, by Alpheus.

Ballagh . Bethgelert, by Lanercost.

Little Fawn, The, by Venisün. 4 Black Doctor, by The Doctor.

Lough Bawn, by Magpie . 4 Boltun, by Launcelot . . . 3

May Blossum, by Mickey Free 3 Candlewick, by The Prime War

Merry Peal, by Slane . den . . . .

Miss Julia, by Don John. Cardinal Wiseman, by C. Puff.

My Fancy, by Sweetmeat. Chatterbox, by Magpie .

old English Oak, by Faugh-aChristiana, by Galipoli . .

Ballagh . Clincher, by Turcoman

Oxford Blue, by Robin Grey. Conrad, by Lanercost

Paddy Bird, by I. Birdcatcher. Dalton, by Ithuriel .

By PANTALOON, ch, f.---CampDeceitful, by Pantaloon

follower . . . . . 4 Dismay, by Magpie.

Puquetta, by The Provost . . Elthiron, by Pantaloon

Queen of Sweden, The, by Ethelwolf, by Faugh-a-Ballagh 3

Charles XII. . . Euphony, by Voltaire


Rachetée, by Irish Birdcatcher. Evadne, by Fancy Boy . 3

Richard Primmer, by Venison.
Farmer's Boy, by Trueboy .

Surprise (h. b.).
First Fruits, by Faugh-a-Ballagh 4 By TEARAWAY, ch. n. bro. io
Florence, by The Cure

Dough : :.· . · 5
Goliah, by Touchstone . . 4

Terpsichore, by Epirus . • 4 Governor, The, by The Squire. 3

Tested, by Touchstone Grosvenor, by Touchstone. .

Thunder, by Magpie. . Haresfoot, by Thistlewhipper.

Tonic, by Theon. i His Grace, by Oakley . . .

Trickstress, by Sleight-of-Hand 4 Ianthe, by Ion . . .

Unity, by Anti-Repealer . . Italian, The, by Touchstone.

Urbanitij, by The Ugly Buck 3 Jessica, by Launcelot . .

Uriel, by Touchstone · · 6 Joe Miller, by Venison

Vatican, by Venison . i . 6 King of Oude, by Smallhopes, 5

Whitstone, by Touchstone Lady Amyott, The, by Faugh

Woolwich, by Chatham a-Ballagh . . . 3

Worcester, by Colwick Lady Evelyn, by Don John : 6 The WILTON STAKES of 10 sov, each, h. ft, with 50 added; two years, 6st. 9lb., three

years, 8st. 121b.; fillies and geldings allowed 3lb.; a winner before starting, 31b.; twice 5lb extra. The second to save his stake. T.Y.C.' Age.

Age. Mr Austin's b. f. by Faugh-a-Ballagh— Mr J. Osborne's ch. f. Exact . The Dove

| Mr E. Parr's b. f. sis, to Mountain Deer 2 Mr Flintoff's br. c. Whalebone. . 2 Mr T. Shepherdson's ch. f. by Orlando Mr J. Gill's b. c. by Irish Birdcatcher

-Maid of Arenel . . . -Flower of the Tees.

Mr R. Walker's b. c. Game Tommy Mr Fryer's b. c. Nestor.

Mr Wilkins's b. f. by Charles XII. Mr Meiklam's b. f. Ada .

Emotion. . . - b. f. Evadne .

Mr W. Wise's br. c. Broughton. Mr J. Osborne's br. f. Lady Agnes

Ld Wilton's b. c. by Assault, dam b. c. Lambton.

Lanercost-The Nun.

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TUESDAY, July 20.-The STAMFORD ST. LEGER of 25 sovs. each, 10 ft. with 50 added, the winner of any stake previous to starting, of 200 sov. value, including the winner's own stake, to carry 3lb. extra ; maiden horses at the time of starting to be allowed 3lb.

for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., and fillies 8st. 41b.; the winner of the Derby to carry 9lb., the second 5lb. extra; the winner of the Oaks 5lb., the second 3lb. extra ;

To start at the Stamford corner of the Course and run in, about one mile and a quarter.
Mr E. Batson's b. f. Khadidya (late Abdela) | Mr Merry's b. f. Mary Ann
Ld Burghley na, ch. c. Ilex

Mr J. Osborne na. b. f. Merry Bird
Mr W. S. Crawfurd's b. c. The Fledgling Mr Payne's br. f. Win genund
Ld Exeter's ch. f. Mountain Flower

Mr Pilling's br. c. Thë High Sherif
Capt Lowther's ch. g. Tumbler
WEDNESDAY.-A SWEEPSTAKES of 15 sov. each, 5 ft., with 25 added for two year olds,

colts 8st. 7lb., fillies Sst. 3lb. : the winner of any two yr olds stakes previous to start. iny, value 200 sovs. to carry 31b., of 300 soys. 5lb. extra, both including the winner's

own stake.-T.Y.C. La Burghley na, b. f. Vest

| Mr Martinson's ch. f. Annie Mr Talbot Clifton's b. c. Rackapelt

Mr Merry's b. c. bro to Happy Joe Ld Exeter's b. c. Nuthook

Mr J. Osborne's b, f. Miss Agnes Mr Martinson's b, c, Newland Buck



Mr. MARSUALL, Clerk of the Cousse. Mr. CLARK, Judge. Mr. HIPBURD, Starter. WEDNESDAY, March 24.-SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft., for three year olds,

colts 8st. 7 lb., fillies 8st. 41b. 3lb, allowed, &c. Five furlongs.
D of Bedford's br. f. (dead) by Cotherstone, out of Reminiscence
Ld Exeter's b. f. by St. Martin, out of Amima
Mr Greville's b. f. Adine, by Slane, out of Brington's dam
Ld Spencer's f. (dead) by Cotherstone, out of Gitana

Lá Exeter and Mr Greville divided the forfeits.
The Second Year of the NORTHAMPTON TRIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sovs, each, with 50 added,

for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 4lb. The second to save his stake, and the

winner to pay 5 sovs. towards expenses. One Mile.-22 subs. Ld Bateman's b. f. by St. Francis-Prioress *Mr Greville's b. c. Frantic Ld Clifden's b. c. Magnes

Sir J. Hawley's b. c. by Alarm-Haitoe b, c, Sackbut

*Major Martyn's b. c. Convulsion Mr Cooke's b. f. Freedom

Mr Payne's ch.f. Hirsuta Ld Eglinton's ch. g. Pelopidas

Mr Potterton's ch, c, Horton Yates b. c. Bold Boy

Mr P. P. Rolt's b. c. George III. Ld Exeter's b. f. by St. Martin-Toga D of Richmond's b. f. Red Hind ch. c. by St. Martin-Mecca

b. f. Plumstead Mr Ford's ro.f. by Lanercost -- Baleine Mr Shelly's b. c. The Stag (dead) (wrong nom.)

Ld Spencer's b. c, Croat MrG, W. Fitzwilliam's ch. c. by Ballin *Mr Watson's br. f. France keele-Petrel

bl, c. Ambrose Won in 1831 by Frantic by half a length, France second, Ambrose third, Convulsion fourth;

only four ran. The GREAT NORTHAMPTONSHIRE STAKES of 100 sov., added to a Handicap Sweepstakes

of 25 sov, each, 15 ft. and only 5, &c. The second horse to receive 25 sov. out of the stakes : the winner of the Liverpool Spring Cup, the Doncaster Handicap, or the Great Warwickshire Handicap, to carry 5lb, extra; the winner to subscribe to the stakes in 1853, and to pay 40 sov. towards expenses; two miles. 100 subs., 64 of whom declared.

Age st. lb. Sir J. Hawley na. ch. c. Teddington, by Orlando

4 8 13 Capt Rous na, bl. g. Landgrave, by Sir Hercules

6 8 4 Sir T. Munro na. b. h. King of Oude, by Smallhopes

5 8 3 Mr Greville's br. h. Caribio, by Venison. Ld Derby's br. h. Uriel, by Touchstone. Mr Palmer's b. m. Doubt, by Gladiator . Col Lawrenson na. ch. g. Clothworker, by The Prime Warde Mr Dawson na. b. h. Mark Tapley, by The Hydra . Mr R. E. Oliver's bl. c. Sir Rowland Trenchard, by Ithuriel Ld Waterford's ch. c. Cockcrow, by Irish Birdcatcher.

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Mr W. Williams's ch. h. Chief Justice, by The Hydra.
Mr Stirling Crawford's br. h. Darkie, by Sir Hercules .
Ld Ribblesdale na. b. f. Hesse Homburg, by Robert de Gorham
Ld Wilton's br. g. Herbert, by Venison .
Ld J. Scott na, b. g. Combatant, by Combat .

6 7 01 Mr J. M. Stanley's br. c. Storyteller, by Ascot . Mr Parkinson's b, c, Grand Duke, by Sir Hercules

4 700 Count Batthyany's br. g. Jack-in-the-Corner, by The Conjuror

aged 6 12 Mr H. Stebbing's b). c. Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules

4 6 10V. Mr Stevenson na. br. c. Tom Holtby, by Lanercost Mr Morris's ch.c. Haresfoot, by Thistlewhipper

4 6 6 Mr H. Drew's br. m. Ballet Girl, by Earl of Richmond Capt Scott na. ch. m. May Day, by Brother to Riddlesworth Ld Clifden's b. c. Harpsichord, by Touchstone. Mr Magenis's br. f. Ingratitude, by Jerry. Mr S, Merry na, br. g. Cyclops by Venison Mr Thompson's b, c. Blood Royal, by British Yeoman . Mr Fiennes' b. c. Old Rowley, by The Merry Monarch Mr G. W. White's b. f. Pluck, by Venison . Mr Mare's ch. c. by Faugh-a-Ballagh,'out of Delia Mr A. Isted na, b. c. Farmer's Boy, by Trueboy Id Chesterfield's b. f. by Lanercost, out of Jemima

3 4 9 Mr. J. King na. b. c. Surprise (h. b.) by St. Lawrence.

3 4 9 Mr Francis Villiers na. b. f. Royalty, by Bay Middleton

3 4.85 Mr F. Villiers na. br. c. Poodle, by Ion .'

3 4 5 Ld Southampton na. br. f. Termagant, by Cotherstone .

3 4.0 The WHITTLEBURY STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 100 added, for two and three year olds ;

two year olds 6st. 41b., and three years 8st. 8lb., fillies and geldings allowed 3lb. The winner of the New Stakes at Ascot, July Stakes, Ham, Champagne, or the Two Year Old Stakes at Doncaster, Clearwell, Prendergast, or Criterion, to carry 71b. ; of any other stakes with 20 subscribers, or of the value of 300 sovs., 5lb. extra ; all other winners before starting (matches excepted) 3lb. for each winning-weights to he accumu.

lative, but no horse to carry more than 9lb. extra. About three-quarters of a mile. Count Batthyany's b. c. Stone Plover, 2 yrs Ld Exeter's bl. c. Ambrose, 3 yrs b. f. The Pearl, 2 yrs

Mr Gratwicke's b. f. O.zonia, 2 yrs D of Bedford's bl. c. Nathan, 2 yrs

Mr Greville's f. Frenzy, 2 yrs Sir W. Booth's b. c. Azael, 3 yrs

b. f. Flutter, 2 yrs Mr Bouverie's b. f. Loophole, 3 yrs Mr Halford's br. c. Peppermint, 3 yrs Mr J. Brown's br c. Dangerous, 3 yrs Mr W. Harris ns. ch. c. by Cranebrook, Mr Carew's b, c, Pantomime, 2 yrs

mare unknown, 2 yrs -_ b. c. The Sutler, 3 yrs

Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Mocassin, 2 yrs Ld Chesterfield's ch. f. by Don John-Je- L Jersey's b. c. Cheddar, 2 yrs mima, 2 yrs

Capt Lowther's ch. g. The Tumblor, Mr Clark's br. c. Early Bird (dead), 2 Mr Morris's b. c. King David, 2 yrs Mr T. Dawson ns. b. c. Stilton, 3 yrs Mr J. Osborne's b. c. "Prince Patrick (dead). - ns. b. f. Double-shot, 2 yrs

3 yrs Ld Derby's b. c. Longbow, 3 yrs

Mr Payne's ch. f. Glenavon, 2 yrs b. c. The Fledgling, 3 yrs

b. c. War-whoop, 2 yrs Mr Drage's br. f. Postulant, 2 vrs

Capt Rous ns. bl. c. Dabchick, 2 yrs Mr Drinkald's b. c. by Mathematician Mr Stevenson's ch.c. St. Crispin (h. b.) 2 yrs Kitten, 2 yrs

Ld Strathmore's b. f. Wee-thing, 2 yrs - gr. c. by Sleight-of-hand, d.(1835) Mr G. Sturt's br. f. Cinaminta, 2 yrs by Comus, 2 yrs

Mr F. Villiers ns. c. Feramorz, 2 yrs La Églinton's ch. c. The Fowler, 2 yrs Mr Watson's br. c Lorraine, 2 yrs ch. g. Pelopidas, 3 yrs

Ld Westminster's b. f. Captious, 3 yrs Ld Exeter's b. f. Vest, 2 yrs The Trial STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 40 added ; 3 yrs, 6st.; 4 yrs, 8st.; 5 yrs, &st. SIb ;

6 yrs and aged, 8st. 13lb. One mile.-12 subs. Mr Armstrong's b. f. Equal, 3 yrs

| Mr Meiklam's ch. c. Paddy Bird, 3 yrs Mr T. Barne's b. f. Trinket, 4 yrs

Mr J. Pilling's br. c. The High Sherit , 3 yrs Count Batthyany's br. c. The Monk, 3 y Mr Kobinson's c. by Venison-Glee, 3 yrs Mr Fiennes b. c. Old Rowley, 3 yrs

Mr Sason's bl. c. The Black Doctor, 4 yrs 14 Mr Halford's br. c. The Prime Minister, 4 yrs

b r. c. Richard Primmer, 3 yrs ! Mr Martinson's b. f. Nancy, 4 yrs

Mr J. M. Stanley's b. h. Clincher, 5 yrs

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THURSDAY.-The ALTHORP PARK STAKES of 10 sov, eachi, with 50 added for two yr olds, colts 9st 7lb. and fillies Sst. 3lb.; any winner before starting to carry 5lb. extra.

T.Y.C. in, about half a mile.-29 subs. Gen Anson's ch. f. Rumor

| Mr Mare's ch. f. by Epirus-Horton Yates's My Armstrong's ch. f. Sister to Iracundus dam Count Batthyany's b. f. Stone Plover Mr Merry's b. c. Dick Turpin D of Bedford's b. c. Gossip

b. c. Rob Roy - - bl. c. Nathan

Mr Morris's 6.c. King David Mi Jas. Clark's b. f. Lady Emily (h. b.) Mr C. A. Parker's ch, c. Ace of Trumps Ld Clifden's b, c. Molasses

Mr Payne's b. f. Gloomy b. f. Altitude

b. f. Glenavon Mr Flintoft's b. c. Whalebone

Mr Spencer na. col. b. f. Prevention Mr Ford's bl. or br. f. Madame Landeau Mr J. M. Stanley's b. c. Mustang Mr W. Gulliver's b. c. Chilton

ch. c. Heliogabalus Mr Hayter's br. f. Postulant

Mr Stephenson's b. f. Promise Mr C. Liley's br. f. Bracelet

Ld Warwick's br. c. Balloon Mr Little's b. c. Chesterton

2ģē22?Â?Â2Òâūtiņòò???2?Â2Ò2§Â?Â2Ò2ÂòÂâ Ld Lurgan's b. c. Middlethorpe

Ld Wilton's b.c. by Assault, d. by Lanercost

-The Nun EARL SPENCER'S PLATE of 100 sov., added to a Handicap of 15 sov. each, and only 5 il

declared by the 15th of March. A winner of any Handicap after the pnblication of the weights, 7lb. extra. 5 furlongs.-47 subs. Age. st. Ib.

Age. st. lb. Truth, by The Libel

4 9 0 Serus, by Bay Middleton , 4 70 The Prime Minister, by Melbourne 4 Å 10 Sagacity, by Theon : aged 7 0 Bordeaux, by Cotherstone . 5 8 7 Iracundus, by Thistlewhipper . 4 6 12 Heart-breaker, by Don John

Haresfout, by Thistlewhipper. 4 6 12 Thornhill, by Emilius

Curl, by Epirus.

6 10 Merry Peal, by Slane . 4 8 0 Follow-me-Lad, by Epirus

6 10 Tonic, by Theon.

4 8 By PRINCE CARA DOC bl. c.Guy Mannering, by Bay Middleton 4 8 0

'Julia Bennett :. . Loadstone, by Touchstone

. aged 7 13 Masham, by Nutwith

3 6 8 Sir Robert (h. b.), by Tariff . 5 13 Fledgling, The, by I. Birdcatcher 3 6 6 Mark Tapley, by The Hydra . 5 y 13 Scavenger (h. b.). . . 6 6 6 Catalpa, by Epirus . . 4712 Lady Agnes, by 1. Birdcatcher 3 6 4 Faux Pas, by Taurus . . 47 12 Timid Fawn, by Red Deer . 4 0 4 Forester (h. b.), by Alpheus

Freedom, by Cotherstone . 3 6 3 Hunger ford, by John o'Gaunt. 4 7 11 Ventre a Terre, by Pantaloon. 46 0 Tightwaist, by Y. Longwaist 79 Flounce, by Slane.

511 Breba, by Touchstone. . 4 7 9 | Pluch, by Venison :

3 5 11 Louis Napoleon, by Lanercost

Stamford, by Plenipotentiary 4 5 10 Leybourne, by Epirus

4 7 9 Lady in Waiting, by The Emperor 3 5 10 The Heriot, by Velocipede 4 y al Water Lily, by Touchstone . 3 5 10 Warwick, by Slane

. 5 Butterfly, by The Knight of the Forlorn Hope, by Charles XII. . 4 7 7 Thistle . . . . 3 5 7 Woodlark, by Venison . . 6 5 By BALLINKEELE, b. f.- Dart. 3 5 7 Arlette, by Archy. . . 5 7 5 By Don John, gr. g., d. by Priam Edward of York, by Picaroon. 4 7 4 | --Mrs Taft's dam : . 3 5 4 The INNKEEPERS' PLATE of 50 sovs. added to a Handicap of 10 sov. each, h. ft. The win

ner of the Northamptonshire, Great Warwickshire, or Doncaster Handicap (if run after this race is made), 7lb. extra. Once round.-12 subs. Age, st. lb.

Age. st. 1b. Clothworker, by The Prime Warden 6 90 Milk Boy, by Melbourne .°4 6 9 Chief Justice, by The Hydra . 5 8 12 Fochabers, by The Emperor 4 6 7 Mark Tapley, by The Hydra 5 8 12 Hirsuta, by Cotherstone . . 3 6 0 Woodlark, by Venison . . 6 7 12 By VENISON, b. C.-Passion , 3 5 10 Ballet Girl, by E. of Richmond 5 7 6 Queen of Spaini, The, (h. b.), by Clown, The, by Pantaloon . 5 7 6 Spanish Jack'. ".' 3 5 5 Avia, by Faugh a-ballagh . 4 6 11 THE DELAPRE STAKES of 5 sov, each, with 25 added ; three yr olds 7st., and four 8st.

Tolb. ; m, and g, allowed 3 lb. One mile. Mr T. Barnes's b. f. Trinket, 4 yrs

| Mr R. G. Collier's b. c. Hambletonian, 3 yrs Count Batthyany's b.f. The Incurable, 4 s Capt Lowther's ch.g. The Tumbler, 3 yrs Mr Bouverie's b. f. Loophole, 3 yrs

Mr Meiklam's ch. c. Paddy Bird, 3 yrs Mr J. Brown's br. c. Dangerous, 3 yrs

Mr Saxon's bl. c. The Black Doctor, 4 yrs Mr E. R. Clark's br. g. Edward of York, 4 yrs

br. c. Richard Primmer, 3 yrs

Forlornich by Slabelocipede

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The NORTHAMPTONSHIRE CUP STAKES, by Subscription of 10 sov. each, for horses of all

ages. 3 yrs, 6st. 9lb. ; 4 yrs, 8st. 71b.; 5 yrs, 9st. llb.; 6 yrs and aged, 9st. 4lb. The winner to be sold for 500 sovs, if demanded, and to subscribe to the stakes in 1853.

Two miles one furlong. D. of Buccleuch Chief Justice, 5 yrs Ld Spencer na. ch. g. Clothworker, 6 yrs Sir C. Knightley na. b. c. The Pructor, 4 yrs Mr A. Stafford na, br. c. Milkboy, 4 yrs Capt Lowther's b. f. Pancake, 3 yrs

Mr J. M. Stanley's br. h, Abdallah, 5 yrs Mr Maunsell na. b. f. The Queen of Spain Capt. Villiers na. b. c. Bro. to Willingham, (h. b.), 3 yrs

3 yrs Mr Meiklam's ch. c. Paddy Bird, 3 yrs Capt. Vyse na. b. h. Mark Tapley, 5 yrs Ld Southampton na. br. m. Ballet Girl, 5yrs !


Mr. RADPORD, Secretary. Mr. R. JOHNSON, Judge. Mr. J. GRAY, Clerk of the Course. TUESDAY, June 22.-The NORTH DERBY of 10 sov, each, with 100 added, for three year

olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st 2lb.; the winner of any stake before starting, value 500 sov., to carry 5lb, extra ; the second to receive 50 sov. out of the stakes; and the

winner to pay 10 gs, to the Judge. Once round.-24 subs. Mr H. Baker's b. or br. c. Tomato

Mr Merry's b. c. Garibaldi Mr G. Barton's bl. c. The Surveyor

Sir C. Monk's br. f. Gossamer
b. or ro. f. Helen Faucit

Mr J. Osborne's b. c. The King of Troy
Mr Bowes's ch.c. by Verulam-Wiasma Mr E. Phillips's ch. c. Koh-i-noor
Mr Dawson's b. c. Stilton

Baron M. Rothschild's ch. c. by PhlegonLd Eglinton's br. c. Shagram

Marinella -- bl. c. Lucio

Mr Rothwell's br. c. Emerystone Mr J. Eyke's br. f, My Fancy

Mr Scott's ch. c. Phantom Mr Harrison's br. c. The Major

- br. g. Don Carlos Mr R. Harrison's br. c. by Melbourne-Sally Mr Shepherd's ch.c. King of Trumps Warfoot

| Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. Alberta (dead) Mr T. Lister's b, f. Lizzy

| Mr W. Stebbing's b.c. Young Hawthorn Mr Meiklam's ch.c. Consultation

Mr H. Wadlow's b, f. Miss Lavinia The Third year of the SECOND TRIENNIAL PRODUCE STAKES of 10 sovs. each, h. ft, for four

year olds, colts 8st, 7lb., fillies 8st. 4lb. ; the second to receive 10 per cent., and the

third 5 per cent out of the stakes. Two miles.--17 subs. Mr W. Baxter's br. c. The Roman

Mr A. Johnstone's ch. f. Marion Mr Bowes's ch. c. Ipsus

Sir C. Monck's br. f. by Galanthus-Cast_ ch. f. Epira

away ch. f. Kalonga

MrJ. M. Peart's b. c. by Velocipede, out of L Eglinton's b. c. Bonnie Dundee

Albatross b. f. Emeute

-- b.f. (dead) by Bay Middleton, out Ld Glasgow's b. c. by Don John, out of of Margaret Miss Whip

Mr J. Scott's b. f. Frolicsome 1o. f. by Lanercost, or Retriever, *_ b. c. Presto out of Physalis

*+Mr G. Wentworth's ch. c, Azeth Mr A. Johnstone's br. f. by Charles XII.- Mr Bowes's Mowerina, covered by Prize. Executrix

fighter-wrong nomination. Won in 1850 by Azeth, beating Presto by a head; only two ran.

"In 1851 walked over for by Azeth. The TYRO STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added, for two year olds, colts 8st. 71b.,

fillies 8st. 41b.; a winner of 100 sovs, before starting, 21b. extra. The second to save his stake and the winner to pay 5 guineas to the Judge. T.Y.C.-14 subs.

Mr Martinson's b. c. Bell Tinker Mr J. Bumby's b. C. Ace of Trumps

Mr Merry's br. f. Charming Woman Mr J. Collingwood's b. c. Tweedside

Mr Neill's b. f. Miss Ilderton, Mr D. Dawson's ch. f. England's Beauty Mr J. Osborne's b. c. Lambton LI Eglinton's b. c. Strait Jacket

Mr A. C. Powlett's b, or br. c. Saquenay Mr T. Fryer's b. c. Nestor

Mr C. Spencer's b. or br. f. Poetess Mr Gray ns. br. c. Goorkah

Mr J. F. Wotfenden's b. f. The Queen . WEDNESDAY.-Second year of the THIRD TRIENNIAL PRODUCE STAKES of 10 sov. eac

h. ft., for three year olds, colts 8st. 7b., fillies 8st. 4lb.; the second to receive 10 per

cent., and the third 5 per cent. out of the stakes. Two miles.--11 subs. Mr Dawson's b. f. The Bitch

Ld Eglinton's b, c, Claverhouse La Eglinton's b. f. Veracity

ch. g. Pelopidas

Mr. Bell's ch. f. Ann to pay 5 guineas to th starting, 21b. extrayear olds, colts 8st.

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