The School of Mines Quarterly, Volume 15

Columbia University, 1894

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Pagina 205 - That any canal or ditch company desiring to secure the benefits of this Act shall, within twelve months after the location of ten miles of its canal, if the same be upon surveyed lands, and if upon unsurveyed lands, within twelve months after the survey thereof...
Pagina 77 - THE MINER'S HANDBOOK. A. Handy Book of Reference on the subjects of Mineral Deposits, Mining Operations, Ore Dressing, &c. For the Use of Students and others interested in Mining Matters. Compiled by JOHN MILNE, FRS, Professor of Mining in the Imperial University of Japan.
Pagina 111 - There be three things which make a nation great and prosperous : a fertile soil, busy workshops, and easy conveyance for men and goods from place to place.
Pagina 208 - directs that the articles of association or other papers connected with the organization be filed w,ith any State or Territorial officer...
Pagina 201 - Whereas it is provided by section 24 of the act of Congress approved March 3, 1891, entitled "An act to repeal timber-culture laws, and for other purposes...
Pagina 107 - The acid indispensable to the coagulation of milk is not added to the milk in the preparation of cheese, but it is formed in the milk at the expense of the milk-sugar present. A small quantity of water is left in contact with a small quantity of...
Pagina 207 - I, , do hereby certify that I am president of the company; that , who subscribed the accompanying affidavit, is the chief engineer of (or was employed to make the survey by) the said company; that the survey of the...
Pagina 208 - I am the president of the Company, and that the following is a true list of the officers of the said company, with the full name and official designation of each, to wit: (Here insert the full name and official designation of each officer.) [SEAL OF COMPANY.] , President of Company.
Pagina 207 - ... and that the map has been prepared to be filed for the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, in order that the company may obtain the benefits of the act of Congress approved March 3, 1875, entitled "An act granting to railroads the right of way through the public lands of the United States.
Pagina 207 - I, , secretary (or president) of the company, do hereby certify that the organization of said company has been completed; that the company is...

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