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are in those respects provided for vessels regif> tered by virtue of the aforesaid act ; the record of which enrolment shall be made, and an abstract or copy thereof granted, as nearly as may be, in the form following: \( Enrolment Fofm of eam conformity to an act of the Congress of the roiment. United States of America, intitled "An act for enrolling and licensing ships .or vessels, to be employed in the coasting trade and fisheries, and for regulating the^fame" [inserting here the name of the person with his occupation aad place of abode, by whom the oath or affirmation is to be made i having taken arid subscribed the oath (or affirmation) required by this< act, and having sworn (or affirmed) that he (or (he, and if more .than one owner, adding the words "together with," and the name or names, occupation or occupations^ place or places of abode, of the owner or owners) is, (or are) a citizen (or citizens) of theUnited States, and sole owner (or owners) of the ship or vessel, called the [inserting here her name] of [inserting here the name of the port, to which she may belong] whereof [inserting here the name of the master] is at present master, and is a citizen of the United. States, and that the said ship or vessel was [inserting here when and where built] and [inserting here, the name and office, if any, of the person, by whom she (hall have been surveyed, or admeasured J having certified, that the said, ship or vessel has [inserting here, the number of • decks] and [inserting here, the number of masts] and that her length is^ [inserting here, the number of feet] her breadth [inserting here, the number of feet] her. depth [inserting here, the number, ojf feet] and that she measures [inserting here, her number of

Vol, th •' Y

tons] that she is [describing here, the particular kind of vessel, whether ship, brigantine, snow, schooner, stoop, or whatever else* together with her 'built, and specifying, whether -, - .,. she has any or no gallery or head] and the said 1 [roaming the owner, or the matter, or other person acting hi behalf of the owner or owners, by whom the certificate of admeasurement shall have been countersigned]] having agreed to the description and admeasurement above specified, and sufficient security having been given, according to the said act, the said ship or vessel has been duly enrolled, at the port of {^naming the port where enrolled] Given under my hand and seal, at [naming the said port] this [inserting the particular day] day of [naming the month] in the year, [specifying the number of the year, in words at length.]'*

Oh what ^ec" 3" -And f>E ft farther enafied, That it conditions shall and may be lawful for the collectors of may euroi ^ ^eyera^ districts, to enrol and license any ♦esscis. ship or vessel, that may be registered, upon such registry being given up, or to register any ship or vessel, that may be enrolled, upon such enrolment and license being given up. And when any ship or vessel shall be in any other district, than the one, to which she belongs, the collector of such district, on the application of the master or commander thereof, and upon his taking an oath or affirmation, that, according to his .best knowledge -and belief, the property remains, as expressed: in the register x>t enrolment proposed to be given up, > and upon his giving the bands required for granting registers, shall make the exchanges aforesaid j but in every such case, the collector, to whom the register, or enrolment arid licerice may be given up, shall transmit the same to the regift*r of the treasury; and she register, or enrol1

mentand licence, granted in lieu thereof, shall, within ten days after the arrival of such ship or vessel within the districts to which she belongs, be delivered to the collector of the said district, and be by him cancelled. And if the slid master or commander shall neglect to deliver the said register or enrolment and licence, within the time aforesaid, he shall forfeit one hundred dollars. .' . rr..:.:i." >: '.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacled, That in And those order to the licensin g of any ship-or vessel, for ["g^the carrying on. the coasting trade or fisheries, the coasting husband, or managing owner, together with £4. , the master thereof, with one 01 more niceties to the satisfaction of the collector granting the fame, shall become bound to pay to the United States, if such ship or vessel be of the burthen of five tons, and less than twenty tons, the sum of one hundred dollars; and if twentyitoiis, and not exceeding thirty tons, the sum of two hundred dollars; and if above thirty tons, and not exceeding sixty tons, the sum of five hundred dollars ; and if above sixty tons, the sum of one thousand dollars, in cafe it-sllall. appear, within two years from the date-of the bond, that such ship or vessel has been employi ed in any trade, whereby the revenue of the United States has been defrauded during the twne, the licence granted to such ship or vessel remained in force; and the master of such ship M vessel shall also swear, or affirm* that he is 1 citizen of the United States, and that such license shall not be used for any other vessel, or any other employment, than that, for which !t Is specially granted, or in any trade or business, whereby the revenue of the United States j^y be defrauded; and if such ship or vessel W less than twenty tons burthen, the husband

or managing owner shall swear or affirm, that she is wholly the/propesty of a-ckizeni or citizens of the United States; whereupon it shall be the duty of the collector of the district comprehending the port, whereto such ship or vessel may belong, (the duty of six centfc, per ton being first paid) to grant a licence^ in the form .following": "Licence for carrying on the sjhere insert, coasting trade, whale fisheryy Ot • ... . cod fishery, as the cafe may be]]. . ... ;i.J

rormoftkc "*n pursuance of an act of the Congress licence to of the United Stales of America, intitled ":An iesliisnS a& for enrolling and licensing ships or vessels to be employed in the coasting trade and fisheries, and for regulating the same," (inserting here the name of the husband or managing owner, with his occupation and place of abode, and the , name of the master, with the place of his abode) having given bond, that the (insert herej the description of the vessel, whether ship,brigantine, mow,schooner, sloop, or whatever else she may be,) called the (insert here, the vessel's name) whereof the said (naming the master) is master, burthen (insert here, the number of tons, in words) tons, as appears by her enrolment, dated at (naming the district, day, month and year, in words at length (but if she he less .than, twenty tons, insert, instead thereof) proof being had of her admeasurement shall not be employed in.any trade, while this licence shall continue in force, whereby the revenue of the United States shall be defrauded, and having also sworn (or affirmed) that this licence shall not be used for any other vessel, or for any other employment, than is herein specified, licence is hereby granted for the said (inserting here, the description of the vessel) called the (inserting here the vessel's name)


io be employed in carrying on:.the (inserting ':'
here,! coasting trade, whale fishery, or cod
'fishery, as the cafe may be) for one year front
the date hereof, and no lonner: Given under
my hand' and seal, at (naming the said district)
this (inserting (he particular day) day of (nam-
ing the month) in the year (specifying the
number of the year in words at length)."

Sec. 5; And be it fattier enaded, That no "°^r licence, granted to any 'strips or vessel,' shall be shall be considered in force, any longer than such ship ^TMcd ,n or vessel Is ownedj and of the description set forth in such licence, or for carrying on any other business or employment, than that for which she is specially licenced, and if any ship or . vessel be found with a •forged or altered licence, or making use of a licence granted for any other ship or vessel, such ship or vessel, with her tackle, apparel, andi;the cargo found on board her, shall be forfeited. .< nld -d

Sec. 6. And be it further enacled, That as- Certain ter the last day of May next, every ship or vessel of twenty tons or upwards (other than with tiis such as are registered) found trading between act' district and district, or between different places in the same district, or carrying on the fishery, without" being enrolled and licenced, or if less than' twenty tons, and not less than five tons, without a licence, in manner as is provided by this act, such ship or vessel, if laden with goods, the growth or manusacture of the United States only (distilled spirits excepted) or in ballast, shall pay the same fees and tonnage in every port of the.. United States, at which she may arrive, as ships or vessels not belonging to a citizen or citizens of the United States, and if she have on board any articles • cf foreign growth or manusacture, or distilled

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