to be for- spirits, cither than sea-stores, the ship or vessel, iened. together .with her tackle, apparel and furniture, and the lading found on .board* (ball be forfeited : Provided, however, if such ship or vessel be at sea, at the expiration of the time, for which the licence was given, and the master of such ship or vessel shall swear, or affirm that such was the case,, and shall also within 'forty-eight hours after his arrival deliver to . the collector of the district in which he shall first arrive the licence which shall have expired, the forfeiture aforesaid shall not be incurred^ nor shall the ship or vessel be liable to pay the fees and tonnage aforesaid. 4';:;.. , Collectors '; Sec. 7. And be iffurther 1- racled, That the £t"cu<!"ber collector of each district shall progressively number the licences by him granted, beginning anew at the commencement of each year, and /hall make a record thereof in a book, to be by him kept for that purpose, and shall, once in three months, transmit to the Register of the treasury, copies of the licences, which shall have been so granted by him; and also of such licences, as fliall have been given up or returned to him, respectively, in pursuance of this act. And where any ship or vessel shall be licenced, or enrolled anew, or being licenced or enrolled, shall afterwards be registered, or being registered, shall afterwards be enrolled, or licenced, she sliall, in every such case, be enrolled, licenced or registered by her former name.

vessels be- Sec. 8. And be it further enacled, That if so/e pro- any ship or vessel, enrolled or licenced, as aforeTfo"agnB ^a'^, proceed on a foreign voyage, withvoyage to out first giving up her enrollment and licence, foImente& t0 tne collector of the district comprehending obtain re- the port, from which she is about to proceed £1 r' on such foreign voyage, arid being duly re. I

gistered by such collector, every such /hip or vessel, together with her tackle, apparel and furniture, and the goods, wares and merchandize, so imported therein, shall be liable to seizure and forfeiture: Provided always, if the port, from which such ship or vessel is about to proceed on such foreign voyage, be not within the district, where such ship or vessel is enrolled, the collector of such district shall give to the master of such (hip or vessel a certificate, specifying that the enrolment and licence of such ship or vessel is received by him, and the time when it was so received; which certificate shall afterwards be delivered by the said master to the collector, who may have granted such enrolment and licence.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacled, That the licence, granted to any ship or vessel, shall be cn'nœieSrgiven up to the collector of the district, who »>g to gi»« may have granted the same, within three days "bou""^ after the expiration of the time, for which it expire, was granted, in cafe such ship or vessel be then within the district, or if she be absent, at that time, within three days from her first arrival within the district afterwards, or if she be sold out of the district, within three days after the arrival of the master within any district, to the collector of such district taking his certificate therefor; and if the master thereof shall neglect, or rftfuse to deliver up the licence, as aforesaid, he shall forfeit fifty dollars; but if such Hcence shall have been previously given up to the collector of any other district, aS authorized by this act, and a certificate thereof under the hand of such collector, be produced by such master, or if such licence be lost, oi; destroyed, Dr unintentionally mislaid, ,fo,tha<i!

it cannot'be<found, and the master offuch ship* or vessel shall make and subscribe an oath or affirmation, that such licence is lost, destroyed, or unintentionally mislaid, as he verily believes, and that the same, if found, shall be delivered up, as is i herein required, then the aforesaid penalty shall not be incurred, i And if such licence shall .be lost, destroyed, «er un^ihtentionally mislaid, as aforesaid, before the expiration ofthe time, for which it was granted, upon the, like oath or affirmation being made and subscribed by the master of such ship or vessel, the said collector is hereby authorized and required, upon application being made therefor, to licence such ship or vessel • anew. < •/» •. .. • •

whenowr.- Sec. io. And be it further enacled, That it cancel K- shall and may be lawful for the owner or own^"'and ers of any licensed ship or vessel, to return Bne»! such licence to the collector who granted the same, at any time within the year, for which it was granted, who shall thereupon, cancel the same, and shall licencesuch vessel anew, upon the application of the owner or owners, and upon the conditions herein before required, being complied with; and in cafe the term, for which the former licence was granted, shall not be expired, an abatement of the tonnage of six cents per ton shall be made, in, the proportion of the time so unexpired.' Licenced Sec. ii. And be it further enafled, .That hive name everY licenced ship or vessel shalt have her and port name, and the port to which she belongs, the'stern.11 painted on her stern, in the manner as is provided for registered ships or vessels, and if any licenced ship or vessel be found, without such painting, the owner or owners thereof shall pay twenty dclkrs. 'r . ►

Sec. 12. And be it further enabled, That Proceedwhen the master of any licenced strip or vessel, ^^"of ferry boats excepted, shall be changed, the masters of new master, or, in cafe of his absence, the vesselsowner or one of the owners thereof, shall re* port such change to the collector residing at the port where the same may happen, if there be one, otherwise, to the collector residing at any port, where such strip or vessel may next arrive, who, upon the oath or affirmation of such new master, or in case of his absence, of the owner or one of the owners, that he is a citizen of the United States, and that such ship or vessel shall not, while such licence continues in force, be employed in any manner, whereby the revenue of the United States may be defrauded, shall endorse such change on the licence, with the name of the new master; and when any change shall happen, as aforesaid, and such change mall not be reported, and the endorsement made of such change, as is herein required, such ship or vessel, found carrying on the coasting trade or fisheries, shall be subject to pay the same fees and tonnage, as a vessel of the United States, having a register, and the said new master shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars.

Sec. 13. And be it further enacled, That it ay ^tom shall be lawful, at all times, for any officer enrolments concerned in the collection of the revenue, to inspect the enrolment or licence of any ship or vessel; andifthemasterofanysuch ship or vessel shall not exhibit the same, when thereunto required by such officer, he shall pay one hun*

dred dollars.

—« .- ,• "- —»-*

Sec. 14. -And be it further enacled, That the master or commander of every ship or vessel licenced for carrying on the coasting trade,

Vol. II. Z

Dirty of destined from a district in one state, to a dlsKcenTcd0f m tne same, or an adjoining state on the coasting sea coast, or on a navigable river, having on vfnTg'onha" board, either distilled spirits in casks exceedboard dis- ing five hundred gallons, wine in casks exceed" rite, &c.' inE two hundred and fifty gallons, or in bottles exceeding one hundred dozens, sugar in casks or boxes exceeding three thousand pounds, tea in chests or boxes exceeding five hundred pounds, coffee in casks or bags exceeding one thousand pounds, or foreign merchandize in packages, as imported, exceeding in value four hundred dollars, or goods, wares exceeding or merchandize, consisting of such enumeraSoodoifars. te^'OT other articles of foreign growth or manusacture, or of both, whole aggregate value exceeds eight hundred dollars, shall, previous to the departure of such ship or vessel,, from the port where she may then be, make out and to mate subscribe duplicate manifests of the whole of out dupii- such cargo on board such ship or vessel, spefesta.mam cifying in such manifests, the marks and numbers of every cask, bag, box, chest or package containing the same, with the name and place of residence of every shipper and consignee, and the quantity shipped by and to each, and if there be a collector or surveyor, residing at . - .. such port, or within five miles thereof, he shall deliver such manifests to the collector, if there be one, otherwise to the surveyor> before whom he. shall swear or affirm^ to the best of his knowledge and belief, that the goods therein contained were legally imported, and the duties thereupon paid or secured, or if spirits distilled within the United States, that'the duties thereupon have been paid or secured, whereupon the said collector or surveyor shall certify the same on the said manifests, one of

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