Sec. 23. And be it further cnacled, That if tie master or commander of any ship or vessel, on masters mployed in the transportation of goods from ^^cl'ost liftrict to district, having on board goods, their maajvares, or merchandize of foreign growth or fcstS" nanusacture, or distilled spirits, shall, on his irrival at the port to which he was destined, lave lost or mislaid the certified manifest of the ame, or the permit which was given therefor, oy the collector or surveyor of the district from whence he sailed, the collector of the district where he shall so arrive, shall take bond for the payment of the duties on such goods, wares and merchandize of foreign growth or manusacture, or distilled spirits, v.ithin six months, in the same manner, as though they were imported from a foreign country: Provided however, such bond shall be cancelled, if the said master shall deliver, or cause to be delivered to the collector taking such bond, and within the term therein limited for payment, a certificate from the collector or surveyor of the district, from whence he sailed, lat such goods were legally exported in such ip or vessel, from such district. Sec. 24. And be it further enacled, That the Master* of laster or commander of every foreign (hip or "sseljfrOTS Mei, bound from a district in the United districts lates, to any other district within the same, distnsla pre" lall, in all cafes, previous to her departure deliver ?ul°m such district, deliver to the collector of p!££e£a" fch district, duplicate manifests of the lading collector, inboard such ship or vessel, if there be any, or &c' P AeTe be none, he shall declare that such is p cafe, and to the truth of such manifests F declaration, he shall swear or affirm, and Fo obtain a permit, from the said collector, pWiaiDg him to proceed to the place of his

destination. And the master or commander of every such ship or vessel, on his arrival within any district, from any other district, shall, in all cases, within forty-eight hours after his arrival, and previous to the \rnh-. ding any goods from on board such (hip or vessel, deliver to the collector of the district where he may have arrived, a manifest of the goods laden on board such ship or vessel, is any there be, or if in ballast only, he shall so declare, and to* the truth of which manifest or declaration, he mall swear or affirm ; and also, that such manifest contains an account of all the goods, wares, and merchandize which Were on board such ship or vessel, at the time, or have been, since her departure from the place, from whence me mall be reported last to have sailed ; and he mail also deliver to such collector the permit which was given him from the collector of the district from whence he sailed. And if the master or commander of Forfeiture any such ship or vessel, mall neglect or refuse thereof?1* complying with any of the requirements herein made, he shall forfeit one hundred dollars; Provided always, That nothing herein contained shall be construed as affecting the payment of tonnage, or any other requirements which such ships or vessels are now subject to by the present existing laws of the United States.'

Sec. 25. And be it further enacled, That in Enrolment every case, where the collector is, by this act, *5- by. _ directed to grant any enrolment, licence, cered. uncate, permit, or other document, the navalofficer residing at the port (if there -be one) flaall sign the same, and every surveyor who shall certify a manifest, or grant a permit, or who shall receive any certified manifest, or a permit as is provided for in this act, shall make monthly returns thereof, or sooner, if it cart conveniently be made, to the collector of the district where such- surveyor may reside.

Sec. 26. And be it further enacled. That be- £°£rv£eb fore any ship or vessel, of the burthen of five tons (hall tons, and less than twenty tons, mall be, li- fuerCaddm^" cenced, the same admeasurement mail be made of such ship or vessel, and the same provisions observed relative thereto, as are to be observed in case of admeasuring ships or vessels to be registered or enrolled; but in all cafes, where such ship or vessel, or any other licenced ship or veffd, mail have been once admeasured, it sliall not be necessary to measure such ship or vessel anew, for the purpose of obtaining another enrolment or licence, except such ship or Vessel shall have undergone some alteration as to her burthen, subsequent to the time of her former licence.

Sec. 27. And be it further enafted, That it ^^ue shall be lawful for any officer of the revenue, may go cm! to go on board of any ship or'vessel, whether ^^J^ file shall be within or without his district, and their dis, the same to inspect, search and examine, and tlict3' if it shall appear, that any breach of the laws of the United States has been committed, whereby such ship or vessel, or the goods, wares and merchandize on board, or any part thereof, is, or are liable to forfeiture, to make seizure of the same.

Sec. 28. And be it further enacled, That In colleger's every cafe, where a forfeiture of any ship or f.^of'f"' vessel, or of any goods, wares or merchan- feimre. dize, mall accrue, it shall be the duty of the collector, or other proper officer, who shall give notice of the seizure of such (hip o<r ves

[ i

sel, ©r os such goods, wares or merchandizeto insert in the same advertisement, the name or names, and the place or places of residence,; of the person or persons, to whom any such ship or vessel, goods, wares and merchandize belonged, or were consigned, at the time of such seizure, if the same shall be known to him. Forfeiture Sec. 29. And be it further enacled; That iagairol- every collector, who shall knowingly make any mem, &c. record of enrolment or licence of any ship or this actsto vessel, and every other officer, or person, appointed by, or under them, who shall make any record, or grant any certificate, or other document whatever, contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act, or shall take any other, or greater fees, than are, by this act,allowed, or shall receive, for any service per^ formed, pursuant to this act, any reward or gratuity, and every surveyor, or other person appointed to measure ships or vessels, who shall wilfully deliver to any collector, or naval-officer, a salse description of any ship or vessel, to be enrolled or licenced, in pursuance of this act, shall, upon conviction of any such neglect or offence, forfeit to the United States five hundred dollars, and be rendered incapable of serving in any office of trust or profit, under the United States. And if any person, authorized and required by this act, in respect to his office, to perform any act or thing required by this act, shall wilfully neglect or refuse to do and perform the same, according to the true intent and meaning of this act, such person, on being duly convicted thereof, if not hereby subject to the penalty and disqualifications aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars for the first offence, and a like sum for the second offence, and shall

from thence forward, be rendered incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under the United States.

Sec. 30. And be it further enacled, That if oa any person or persons, shall swear or affirm to ilm^* any of the matters, herein required to be ve-' rified, knowing the same to be salse, such per- . . * son or persons shall suffer the like pains and penalties as shall be incurred by persons committing wilful and corrupt perjury. And if any person or persons shall forge, counterfeit, on c«unerase, alter or salsify any enrolment, licence, „ faifif^ certisicate, permit, or other document, men- ing em-oitioned or required in this act, to be granted men * by any officer of the revenue, such person or persons, so offending, shall forfeit five hundred dollars.

Sec. 3i. And be it further enabled, That if cm obttrucany person or persons shall assault, resist, ob- ting the «struct, or hinder any officer in the execution thTs of this act, or of any other act or law of the United States, herein mentioned, or of any of the powers 05 authorities vested in him by' this act, or any other act or law, as. aforesaid, all and every person and persons so offending, shall, for every such offence, for which no other penalty is particularly provided, forfeit five hundred dollars.

Sec. 32. And be it further enacled, That if on. trans any licenced ship or vessel shall be transferred seiTtffo-" in whole, or in part, to any person, who is not, reigned, at the time of such transfer, a citizen of, and resident within the United States, or if any such ship or vessel, shall be employed in any other trade than that for which she is licenced, or shall be found with a forged or altered licence, or one granted for any other ship or vessel, every such ship or vessel, with her tac

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