distance of twenty miles, or as much farther
as may be necessary to mark distinctly the said
boundary. And in order to extinguish fore-
ver all claims of the Creek nation, or any part
thereof, to any of the land lying to the north-
ward and eastward of the boundary herein
described, it is hereby agreed, in addition to
the considerations heretofore made for the
said land, that the United States will cause
certain valuable Indian goods now in the state
of Georgia, to be delivered to the said Creek
nation; and the said United States will also
cause the sum of one thousand and five hun-
dred dollars to be paid annually to the said
Creek nation. And the undersigned Kings,
Chiefs and Warriors, do hereby for themselves
and the whole Creek nation, their heirs and
descendants, for the considerations above-
mentioned, release, quit claim, relinquish and
cede, all the land to the northward and east-
ward of the boundary herein described,

The United States solemnly guarantee to

Guarantee. thg Cseek Nation? aU their lands w*ithin the

limits of the United States to the westward

and southward of the boundary described in

the preceding article.

ARTICLE VI. If any citizen of the United States, or other t^seuie Ot person not being an Indian, shall attempt to Indian settle on any of the Creeks lands, such person lands, (hall forfeit the protection of the United States,

and the Creeks may punish him or not, as they


ARTICLE VII. nor hunt ^o c^zen or inhabitant of the United States «n the shall attempt to hunt or destroy the game on amc' the Creek lauds: Nor shall any such citizen or inhabitant go into the Creek country, without a passport first obtained from the Governor of some one of the United States, or the officer of the troops of the United States commanding at the nearest military post on the frontiers, or such other person as the President of the United States may, from time to time, authorize to grant the same.

ARTICLE VIII. If any Creek Indian or Indians, or person residing among them, or who shall take re- i»dUn» t* fugein their nation, shall commit a robbery or ^'mfnaUP murder, or other capital crime, on any of the citizens or inhabitants of the United States, the Creek nation, or town, or tribe to which such offender or offenders may belong, shall be bound to deliver him or them up, to be punished according to the laws of the United States.

ARTICLE IX. If any citizen or inhabitant of the United States, or of either of the territorial districts citizens of the United States, shall go into any town, committing settlement or territory belonging to the Creek Indian ternation of Indians, and shall there commit any ritor.V jbc crime upon, or trespass against the person or um property of any peaceable and friendly Indian or Indians, which if committed within the jurisdiction of any state, or within the jurisdiction of either of the said districts, against a citizen or white inhabitant thereof, would be punishable by the laws of such state or district, such offender or offenders shall be subject to the same punishment, and shall be proceeded against in the same manner, as if the offence had been committed within the jurisdiction of the state or district to which he or they may belong, against a citizen or white inhabitant i thereof.


Indians to give notice of designs ajainstU.S.

ARTICLE X. In cafes of violence on the persons or pro* Retaliation perty of the individuals of either party, neither retaliation nor reprisal shall be committed by the other, until satissaction shall have been demanded of the party, of which the aggressor is? and shall have been refused.

ARTICLE XL The Creeks shall give notice to the citizens of the United States of any designs, which they may know or suspect to be formed in any neighbouring tribe, or by any person whatever, against the peace and interests of the United States.

ARTICLE XII. That the Creek nation may be led to a greater degree of civilization, and to become herdsmen and cultivators, instead of remaining in a state of hunters, the United States will from time to time furnish gratuitously the said nation with useful domestic animals and implements of husbandry. And further to assist the said nation in so defirable a pursuit, and at the same time to establish a certain mode of commmunication, the United States will fend such, and so many persons to reside in said nation as they may judge proper, and not exceeding four in number, who mail qualify themselves to act as interpreters. These persons shall have lands assigned them by the Creeks for cultivation, for themselves and their successors in office ; but they shall be precluded exercising any kind of traffic.

ARTICLE XIU. All animosities for past grievances shall henceforth cease ; and the contracting parties will carry the foregoing treaty into full execution, with all good faith and sincerity.

United States to make presents to

Animosities to cease.

ARTICLE XIV. This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the contracting parties, as soon as the R*t;i!<:»same shall have been ratified by the President' of the United States, with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States.

IN WITNESS of all and every thing herein determined, between the United States of America and the whole Creek nation, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, in the city of New-York, within the United States, this seventh day of August, one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

h behalf of the United States,

"% Secretary of War, and sole Coin-
H. KNOX, f miffioner for treating with the
j Creek Nation of Indians.

In behalf of themselves and the whole
Creek Nation of Indians,


Tujkatche Mico, or Birdtail King, M (l. S.)
Neathlock, or Second Man, M (l. S.)

Halletemalthle, or Blue Giver M (l. S.)

Little Tallisee.

Opay Mico, or the Singer, 1 M (l. S.)

Totkeshajou, or Samoniac, M (l. S.)

Big Tallisee.

Hopothe Mico, or Tallisee King, X (l. S.)

Opototache, or Long Side, M (l. S.)


Ssholcfee, or Young Second Man, H (l. S.)

Ocbeehajou, or Aleck Cornel, M (l. S.)

Natches. Chinabie, or the Great Notches

Warrior, M (l. S.)

Natfowacbebee, or the Great

Natches Warrior's Brother, l*J (l. B.)

Thakoteehee, or the Mole, H (l. S.)

Oquakabee, M (l. S.) Cowetas.

Tujkenaab, or Big Lieutenant, {*! (l. S.)

Homatah, or Leader, M (l. S.)

Cbinnabie, or Matthews, X (l. S.)

Juleetaulematha, or Dry Pine, M (l. S.)

Of the Broken Arrow.

Chawockly Mico, M (l. I.)


Coosades Hopoy, or the Measurer, M (l. S.)

Muthtee, the Misser, M (l. S.)

Stimafutchkee, or Good Humour, M (l. S.)

Alabama Chief.

Stilnaleeje, or Disputer, M (l. s.) Oaksoys.

Mumagecbee, David Francis, M (l. g.)

Done in Presence of Richard Morris, Chief Justice of the state of New-York. Richard Varick, Mayor of the city of New-York. Marinus Willet. Thomas Lee Shippen, of Pennsylvania. John Rutledge, j un. Joseph Allen Smith. Henry Izard.


Joseph M Cornell, Interpreter*


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