An Ac7 for the Relief of David Cook and Thomas Campbell.

Section i. T> E // enacled by the Senate and X3 House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, X Cook That David Cook, a captain of artillery in the

'cni^n * Iate war'and who' beino sll0t through the bo'dy at the battle of Monmouth, Is rendered incapable to obtain his livelihood by labor, shall be placed on the pension-list of iW> United States, and shall be entitled to one-third ot Fuji monthly pay, as a captain of artillery: Promi vided, That he return into the treasury-office, a sum equivalent to. two-thirds of his commutation of half-pay, being the proportion of his pension to the amount of his commutation.

Sec. 2. And be it further enaclvd, That Thomas Campbell be placed on the pension-list, and that the half-pay of a captain of insantry "r. Camo- be allowed to the said Thomas Campbell, who W1,' has been so injured by repeated wounds in the service of his country, that he is unable to support himself by labor: Provided, That he return into the treasury-office a sum equivalent to the whole of his commutation of half-pay.

JONATHAN TRUMBULL, Speaker of'the House of Representatives. JOHN ADAMS, Vice-President of the United

States, and President of the Senate.
Approved, December sixteenth, 1791:

President of the United States.


An Acl making Appropriations for the Support of Government for the Tear one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two.

Section i. T)E it enacled by the Senate and X3 House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled. That for the service of the year one thousand Specific ap. seven hundred and ninety-two, and the sup- \^\% port of the civil list of the United States, in- ^including the incidental and contingent expenses of the several departments and offices thereof, there shall be appropriated a sum of money not exceeding three hundred and twenty-nine thousand, six hundred and fifty-three dollars, and Citll list, fifty-six cents; that is to lay,

Fot the compensations granted by law to the ^or^othe President of the United States, the Vice-Presi- president dent, Chief Justice, Associate Judges, and At- president", torney General, fifty-three thousand dollars. j»da,lJ

For the like compensations to the District general Judges, nineteen thousand eight hundred dol- district lars. . judS"'

For the like compensations to the members members of the Senate and House of Representatives, °ndS House and the officers and attendants of the two ofRepreHouses, estimated on a sessions of six months offi«r7»nd continuance, and including the travelling ex- attendants-,penses of the members, one hundred and twenty-nine thousand, seven hundred and thirty

dollars. Secretary

For the like compensations to the Secretary 5nh°W and officers of the several departments of the sinj.derfa Treasury of the United States, including clerks SL^and fcnd attendants, and the salaries of the respec- Ioan offi

1 eers.

ti've loan-officers, sixty thousand three hundred dollars.

Stompeusa- For the like compensations to the Secretary CTet'ry\>T *nd officers of the department of State, six i ate aud thousand three hundred dollars.


secretary For the like compensations to the Secretary rf war and and officers of the department of War, nine

lC''r!', thousand six hundred dollars, ibsu-a com* For the like compensations to the members qei-fci, &i. of tne Board of Commissioners, for the settlement of the accounts between the United States and the individual states, including clerks and attendants, thirteen thousand one hundred dol^ brs.

Governors, For the like compensations to the Gover«hcrS olii- nors, Judges and other officers of the Western, ctre of w. Territory of the United States, including conthsuory. tingencies, eleven thousand dollars.

For the payment of the annual grant to j.stcuben. Baron Steuben, pursuant to an act of Congress, two thousand five hundred dollars.

pensions. For tne payment of sundry pensions granted by the late government, two thousand seven hundred and sixty4even dollars, and seventythree cents.

Incidental For defraying all other incidental and con°f tmSertt expenses of the civil list establishment, &c.and'th« including firewood, stationary, together with ofOcm^resi tne Prmtmg work, and all other contingent &c. * expenses of the two Houses of Congress, rent, and office-expenses of the three several departments, namely, Treasury, State, War, and of the General Board of Commissioners, twenty-" one thousand five hundred and fifty-five dollars, and eighty-three cents.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacled, That the;

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