The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review, Volum 23


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Side 413 - findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise thereof is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold." Because excessive speculation of every kind, and the smallest amount of speculation of a certain class
Side 415 - The love of money is the root of all evil, which while some coveted after they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." An examination of this language, and reference to the context,
Side 409 - where were the body? But now are they many members, yet but one body. And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of theo ; nor again the head to the feet,
Side 408 - is rich or poor according to the degree in which he can afford to enjoy the necessaries, conveniences and amusements of human life .... the far greater part of these he must derive from the labor of other people, and he must be rich or poor according to the quantity of that labor which
Side 121 - Nicaragua, and either or both of the Lakes of Nicaragua or Managua, to any port or place on the Pacific ocean, the President of the United States has conferred full powers on John M. Clayton, Secretary of State of the United States, and Her Britanic Majesty on the Right Honorable Sir Henry
Side 122 - The contracting parties in this convention engage to invite any State with which both or either have friendly intercourse to enter into stipulations with them similar to those which they have entered into with each other, to the end that all other States may share in the honor and
Side 82 - session, after the adoption of this constitution, shall provide for the appointment of three commissioners, whose duty it shall be to revise, reform, simplify, and abridge, the rules and practice, pleadings, forms and proceedings, of the Courts of Record of this State, and to report thereon to the Legislature, subject to their adoption and modification from time to time.
Side 410 - Next to that Book stand the maxims of the author already quoted. Poor Richard says, " He that hath a calling hath an office of profit." " The rolling stone gathers no moss." "Little strokes fell great oaks." "It is foolish to lay out money in a purchase of repentance." " Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than
Side 427 - respect of commerce and navigation, which shall not immediately become common to the other party, who shall enjoy the same favor freely, if the concession was freely made ; or on allowing the same compensation, if the concession was conditional.
Side 478 - Provided, That the lien by bottomry on any vessel, created during her voyage, by a loan of money or materials necessary to repair or enable such vessel to prosecute a voyage, shall not lose its priority or be in any way affected by the provisions of this act. SEC. 2. And be it further enacted.

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