Strickland, William,

1841. Stonyhurst College. Strother, Francis Thomas, 1850. Private tuition. Stroyan, Abraham,

1849. Lancashire Indept Coll. Sturman, Mark Cephas Tutet, 1850. University College. Sturrock, Charles Smith, 1850. Spring Hill College. Suckling, Cornelius,

1851. Private tuition. Sugrue, John Henry,

1845. St. Patrick's, Carlow. Suter, Thomas Herbert, 1850. Islington Prop. Gr. Sch. Swarbrick, James,

1841. St. Cuthbert's, Ushaw. Taafe, Henry Edmond, 1849. St. Gregory's, Downside. Taaffe, Rickard Patrick Burke, 1850. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Talbot, George Tertius, 1842. Bristol College. Tapin, John Douglas, 1849. University College. Taylor, Isaac,

1847. King's College. Teevan, William Frederic, 1850. St. Paul's, Prior Park. Temple, Joseph Abbott, 1851. King's College. Thelwall, Henry Martyn, 1851. King's College. Thomas, Frederic John, 1848. University College. Thomas, John,

1851. Cheshunt College. Thompson, George,

1841. Stonyhurst College. Thompson, Richard,

1848. Highbury College. Thomson, Andrew,

1849. University College. Thomson, Henry William, 1840. University College. Thomson, John Radford, 1851. Private tuition. Thomson, William,

1851. Stonyhurst College. Thornton, James Howard, 1851. King's College. Thorowgood, John Charles, 1851. University College. Tidman, Arthur,

1842. University College. Tidman, Robert Vaughan, 1850. Private tuition. Tierney, John Francis, 1849. King's College. Tilly, Alfred,

1842. Stepney College. Tippetts, John Checker, 1847. Mill Hill Grammar Sch. Topham, Charles,

1850. University College. Trend, Henry Gristock,

1850. University College. Trevor, George Raymond, 1851. Queen's College, Birm. Trigg, Henry,

1842. Cheshunt College. Truman, Joseph,

1845. University College. Tunmer, James Edwin, 1844. Homerton College. Turner, Charles John, 1849. Queen's College, Birm". Turner, Henry,

1851. Manchester NewCollege. Turner, Robert,

1851. Queen's College, Birm.



Turner, William Dutton, 1847. University College.
Turquand, Paul James, 1848. Homerton College.
Tuxford, James Edward, 1848. University College.
Tyrrell, Walter,

1851. St. Thomas's Hospital. Ullathorne, Thomas,

1841. Stonyhurst College. Umphelby, Arthur,

1848. Eton College. Upton, William Carey, 1846. Stepney College. Vallance, Thomas James, 1848. London Hospital. Vaudin, Charles,

1850. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Vavasseur, Frederick,

1850. Mill Hill Grammar Sch. Veale, Thomas Stick,

1850. University College. Verrall, Robert Thomas, 1850. Highbury College. Vincent, John Allder,

1849. Queen's College, Birm". Waddy, Edward,

1839. Queen's College, Birm". Wailes, Robert,

1845. Private tuition. Wainwright, Thomas,

1849. Private tuition. Walker, Josiah William, 1850. Private tuition. Walker, William,

1840. St. Cuthbert's, Ushaw. Wall, Alfred,

1847. Queen's College, Birm". Wallace, Richard Unthank, 1851. King's College. Waller, Edmund,

1849. Queen's College, Birm“. Wallis, John Edward,

1842. University College. Walmsley, Edward,

1840. St.Cuthbert's, Ushaw. Walshe, Nicholas,

1850. St. Patrick's, Carlow. Ward, William Johnson, 1850. Private tuition. Warmington, Francis Albert, 1850. Private tuition. Warren, Edward,

1851. Edgbaston Prop. Gr. Sch. Waterman, Thomas Theodore, 1850. Highbury College. Waugh, George,

1851. Gram. Sch., Leatherhead. Weaver, Frederick Poynton, 1850. Private tuition. Webb, John Craske,

1851. King's College. Webb, Stephen Massett, 1845. Private tuition. Webb, William,

1850. Queen's College, Birm". Weeks, Edward Henry, 1841. Cheshunt College. Welsby, Thomas,

1851. Stonyhurst College. West, Henry James,

1851. Eastern Coll.,Fakenham. West, James Fitzjames, 1851. Hadleigh Diocesan Sch. Wheeler, Thomas,

1842. Steppey College. Whitaker, G.J.,

1839. Middl* Hosp. Med. Sch. Whitaker, Philip Francis, 1851. King's College. White, Edward,

1849. Queen's College, Birm". White, Esmonde,

1851. St. Patrick's, Carlow. White, William Farren, 1850. Blackheath Pr. Gr. Sch. Whitehead, James Thornely, 1851. ManchesterNewCollege. Wigley, George Jonas, 1840. Stonyhurst College. Wilkin, Henry John,

1849. King's College School. Wilkinson, Edwin AdolphusJas., 1848. Queen's College, Birm“. Wilkinson, Joseph Cradock, 1851. St. Albans' Gram. Sch. Willans, Peter Russell, 1845. Lancashire Indepe Coll. Williams, Ben Thomas, 1849. Caermarthen College. Williams, Clement,

1850. W.of E. Dissrs’ Prop. Sch. Williams, David,

1847. Western Col., Plymouth. Williams, Edward,

1850. St. Paul's, Prior Park. Williams, Edward Aloysius, 1842. St. Mary's, Oscott. Williams, Eubulus,

1849. W.of E. Dissrs' Prop. Sch. Williams, Frederick Smeeton, 1850. University College. Williams, Heaton Lloyd, 1849. Queen's College, Birm". Williams, Isaac Mennell, 1848. University College. Williams, James Watkin, 1850. University College. Williams, John David, 1845. Homerton College. Williams, Thomas Middleton, 1847. King's College. Williams, William,

1845. Baptist College, Bristol. Williams, William Chambers, 1851. Froodvale Academy. Williams, William Joseph, 1849. Private tuition. Willis, Edward Cooper, 1850. King's College. Wills, Arthur Winkler, 1850. Edgbaston Prop. Gr. Sch. Wills, William Henry,

1847. Mill Hill Grammar Sch. Willy, James,

1839. King's College. Wilson, John Purss,

1849. Royal Belfast Acad. Inst. Wilson, Josiah Henry,

1851. Private tuition. Winter, William,

1845. University College. Wolston, Christopher, 1851. Queen's College, Birm“. Wood, Edmund Phillips, 1819. Wesley College, Sheffield. Wood, Robert William, 1845. Homerton College. Wood, William Rayner, 1840. Manchester New College. Woodman, William Robert, 1847. Guy's Hospital. Woodward, James,

1851. Stonyhurst College. Wormald, Percival Henry, 1851. Private tuition. Worsley, Philip John, 1851. University College. Worthington, Richard Jukes, 1850. Marlborough Gram. Sch. Worthington, William Scott, 1848. Private tuition. Wray, Christopher Wright, 1845. Newcastle Sch. of Med.

Wylde, John Robert,

1840. University College. Wyman, William Sanderson, 1851. King's College School. Yarwood, Charles,

1847. Queen's College, Birm. Young, George Edward, 1848. Queen's College, Birm". Young, Henry John Girdleston, 1842. University College. Young, Thomas James, 1849. King's College.





One University Law Scholarship in Jurisprudence, £50 per annum, tenable for three

1839. John Richard Quain, University College.
1840. Frederic John Wood, University College.
1842. Charles James Foster, University College.
1843. Charles James Hargreave, University College.
1848. Timothy Smith Osler, University College.
1849, Henry Matthews, University College.
1850. William Fowler, University College.
1851. Alfred Wills, University College.


One University Medical Scholarship in Physiology and

Comparative Anatomy, £50 per annum, tenable for

two years.

1840. Richard Quain, University College.
1841. John Philips Potter, University College.
1842. George Johnson, King's College.
1843. Edward Ballard, University College.
1844. Robert Dawson Harling, University College.
1845. Matthew Baines, King's College.
1846. Charles Elam, Leeds School of Medicine.
1847. Henry Wiglesworth, University College.
1848. William Scovell Savory, St. Bartholomew's Hosp.
1849. Cornelius Black, Edinburgh School of Medicine.

1851. John Russell Reynolds, University College. One University Medical Scholarship in Surgery, £50 per annum, tenable for two years.

1841. John Philips Potter, University College.
1843. John Topham, University College.
1844. Henry March Webb, Guy's Hospital.

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