ENGLAND. Birmingham.-The Queen's College.

The Birmingham General Hospital. Bristol.—The Bristol Medical School.

The Bristol Infirmary.

St. Peter's Hospital. Haslar.- The Royal Naval Hospital. Hull. ---Hull and E.R. of York School of Medicine and Leeds.The Leeds School of Medicine. [Anatomy.

The Leeds General Infirmary. Leicester.—The Leicester Infirmary. Liverpool.The Liverpool Infirmary.

The Liverpool Fever Hospital and Infirmary.
London.-University College.

King's College.
The London Hospital.
The Middlesex Hospital.
School of Anatomy adjoining St. George's Hospital.
The Charing Cross Hospital.
St. Thomas's Hospital.
St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
The Westminster Hospital.
Guy's Hospital.
St. George's Hospital.
The Physicians of the St. Marylebone Infirmary.

The Royal College of Chemistry.
Manchester.—Royal Manchester School of Medicine and
The Union Hospital.

[Surgery The Royal Infirmary.

School of Medicine in Chatham Street. Newcastle-upon-Tyne.-School of Medicine and Surgery. Northampton.-Northampton General Infirmary. Nottingham.-The General Hospital near Nottingham. Sheffield.—The Sheffield Medical Institution. York.—The York School of Medicine.



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Aberdeen.-King's College and University.
Edinburgh.The University of Edinburgh.

The Minto House Dispensary.

The Royal Infirmary.
Glasgow.—The Andersonian Institution.

The Royal Infirmary.


The Queen's Colleges in Ireland.
Cork.--The Cork Recognised School of Medicine.

The Cork North Infirmary,
The Cork South Infirmary,

in conjunction. Dublin.Original School of Anatomy &c., Peter St.

School of Physic in Ireland.
Apothecaries' Hall of Ireland.
School of Medicine, Park Street.
Richmond Hospital School of Anatomy, &c.
Theatre of Anatomy, &c., 27 Peter Street.
St. Vincent's Hospital.
Mercer's Hospital.
Jervis-Street Hospital.
Dublin School of Anatomy, &c., Digges Street.
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Meath Hospital.
City of Dublin Hospital.
Coombe Lying-in Hospital.

Dr. Steevens's Hospital.
Maryborough.-Queen's County Infirmary.

MALTA.—The University of Malta.
CEYLON.—The Military Hospital in the Island of Ceylon.
BENGAL.-The Medical College of Bengal.
CANADA.- The University of M'Gill College, Montreal.



Carr, John Rodham,

1848. Manchester (New).
Foster, Charles James, 1849. University.
Freeth, Rev. Thomas Jacob, 1843. University
Steere, Edward,

1850. University. Wood, Frederic John,

1848. University.


Medical Schools. Ayres, Philip Burnard, 1841. University College. Baines, Matthew,

1850. King's College. Ballard, Edward,

1844. University College. Barker, Thomas Herbert, 1847. University College. Barnes, ert,

1848. Adję St. George's Hosp. Barron, Edward Enfield, 1850. Guy's Hospital. Bateson, Henry,

1847. Guy's Hospital. Beck, Thomas Snow,

1849. University College. Bell, Hugh,

1847. Guy's Hospital. Bholanoth Bose,

1847. University College. Birkett, George,

1850. Charing Cross Hospital. Blake, James,

1846. University College. Brinton, William,

1848. King's College. Brown, Frederick James, 1846. University College. Browne, Henry,

1848. King's College. Browne, Joseph Hullett, 1844. Guy's Hospital. Carey, John,

1846. Richmond Hosp., Dublin. Carlill, John Burford,

1850. University College. Carpenter, Anthony French, 1840. Sch.of Physic in Ireland. Chuckerbutty, Soorjocoomar G., 1849. University College.

Medical Schools. Cooke, William Marten, 1841. Webb Street. Cooper, Henry,

1841. University College. Davis, John Hall,

1845. University College. Eade, Peter,

1850. King's College. Edwards, William Thomas, 1850. University College. Elam, Charles,

1850. Leeds Sch. of Medicine. Ellison, James,

1845. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Evans, John Owen,

1849. University College. Francis, Dayrell Jos. Thackwell, 1846. Guy's Hospital. Garrod, Alfred Baring, 1843. University College. Goodfellow, Stephen Jennings, 1841. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Goodridge, H. Fredo Augustus, 1849. University College. Growse, Robert,

1851. Guy's Hospital. Gull, William Withey,

1846. Guy's Hospital. Habershon, Samuel Osborne, 1851. Guy's Hospital. Hadwen, Arthur,

1847. University College. Harling, Robert Dawson, 1849. University College. Hassall, Arthur Hill,

1851. R. Coll.of Ss. in Ireland. Hawksley, Thomas,

1849. King's College. Heale, James Newton, 1850. St. Thomas's Hospital. Heaton, John Deakin, 1843. University College. Hensley, Frederick John, 1849. King's College. Herapath, William Bird, 1851. Bristol Medical School. Hicks, John Braxton,

1851. Guy's Hospital. Hindle, Richard,

1846. University of Edinburgh. Hudson, John,

1846. Leeds, and Univ. Coll. Humble, William Edward, 1845. University College. Inman, Thomas,

1844. King's College. Jenner, William,

1844. University College. Johnson, George,

1844. King's College. Jones, James,

1851. R. Coll. of Ss. in Ireland. Leonard, Thomas,

1845. University College. Mackenzie, Frederick William, 1841. University College. Manson, Fredericke Robert, 1844. King's College. Martyn, Patrick,

1844. Sch. of Physic in Ireland. Meryon, Edward,

1844. University College. Miller, William Allen, 1842. King's College. Monckton, Stephen,

1850. King's College. Nevins, John Birkbeck, 1846. Leeds, and Guy's Hosp. Noyes, Henry George, 1846. Guy's Hospital.

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