Notitia of New-Brunswick, for 1836, and Extending Into 1837: Comprising Historical, Geographical, Statistical, and Commercial Notices of the Province

author, 1838 - 134 sider

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Side 29 - East by a line to be drawn along the middle of the river St. Croix, from its mouth in the bay of Fundy to its source, and from its source directly north to the aforesaid highlands which divide the rivers that fall into the Atlantic ocean from those which fall into the river St. Lawrence...
Side 30 - A ; thence, by said line to the point at which, according to said map, it coincides with that claimed by Great Britain ; and thence, the line traced on the map by the two Powers to the northwesternmost source of Connecticut River.
Side 30 - We are of the opinion that it will be suitable (il conviendra) to adopt as the boundary of the two States a line drawn due north from the source of the river St. Croix to the point where it intersects the middle of the thalweg of the river St.
Side 30 - His Britannic Majesty and the Government of the United States engage to consider the decision of such friendly sovereign or State to be final and conclusive on all the matters so referred.
Side 15 - ... who shall have any estate by settlement of the intestate in his lifetime equal to the other shares. Children advanced by settlement or portions not equal to the others...
Side 15 - A deposit of 10 per cent, upon the whole value of the purchase must be paid down at the time of sale, and the remainder must be paid within one calendar month from the day of sale, previous to which the purchaser will not be put in possession of the land ; and in case of payment not being made within the prescribed period, the sale will be considered void, and the deposit forfeited.
Side x - They sow the fields, and trees they plant, Whose yearly fruit supplies their want ; Their race grows up from fruitful stocks, Their wealth increases with their flocks.
Side vii - Laurence, made their submission by deputies to colonel Frye, who commanded in fort Cumberland at Chignecto. They afterwards renewed this submission in the most formal manner by subscribing articles, by which they obliged themselves, and the people they represented, to repair in the spring to Bay Verte, with all their effects and shipping, to be disposed of according to the direction of colonel Laurence, governor of Halifax, in Nova Scotia. They were accompanied by two Indian chiefs of the nation...
Side 70 - Province, which are of easier access from this place than from any other point whatever — the principal places, such as St. Andrews, St. John, Fort Cumberland, Chatham, Bathurst, and Madawaska, lying in a broken circle round it. As a military position it is unequalled, as from the contiguity of the different important parts of the Province, they could be sooner succoured from this place than any other. — It also forms a connecting link between the Atlantic colonies and Canada ; and is a safe...
Side 71 - New-England, long before New-Brunswick was settled; and Fredericton and the villages near it, no doubt, were among the principal Indian stations, long before the country was known to the French or English. According to Douglas, this was the most direct route from New-England to Canada, and was taken by Colonel Livingstone, and the Baron Castine, in AD 1710, when they went in great haste to acquaint the Governor-General that Arcadia had fallen into the hands of the British.

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