78th Congress, 2d Session

(January 10-December 19, 1944)


VOL. 3



71 0135

2 pts.



1373. Removing restrictions on establishing post-office branches and stations.

1374. Aut horizing payments of rewards to postal employees for inventions.

1375. Second omnibus claims bill.

1376. Relief of estate of Ida Londinsky.

1377, Relief of Vannie Butler.

1378. Relief of Charles W. Kirby.

1379. Relief of Adolphus M. Holman.

1380. Relief of Tressie Spring and Hazel Stutte.

1381. Relief of Ralph W. Cooley.

1382. Relief of estate of Thomas F. Shea.

1383. Relief of legal guardian of Virginia McMillan, and Howard McMillan.

1384. Relief of Katherine Scherer.

1385. Relief of Charles L. Kee.

1386. Relief of M. Grace Murphy, administratrix of estate of John H. Murphy.

1387. Relief of claimants who suffered losses due to campaign for eradication of

Mediterranean fruitfly in Florida.

1388. District court of Maine to hear claim of Maine.
1389. Granting Government and D. C. employees leaves of absence for periods

of active service with military units.

1390. Limiting operation of certain laws with respect to counsel serving Senate

Petroleum Resources Committee.

1391. Consideration of bill authorizing construction of certain public works on

rivers and harbors for flood control.
1392. Exempt certain National War Labor Board employees from certain pro-

visions of law rel. to attorneys.
1393. Exempt certain Office of Scientific Research and Development employees

from provisions of law rel. to attorneys.
1394. Exempt certain War Department employees from certain provisions of law

rel. to attorneys.

1395. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1945.

1396. Waiving recovery of civil service annuity payments made to reemployed

annuitants in certain cases.
1397. Delegating authority to subordinates to employ persons for duty in de-

partments or field service.

1398. Additional annuity benefits to former Panama Canal employees retiring

under civil service retirement act.

1399. Conditions in Puerto Rico relative to importation and distribution of food.

1400. Authorizing use of space in old post office building in Portland, Oreg., by

Oregon as museum.

1401. Extending for one additional year reduced rate of interest on Land Bank

Commissioner loans.

1402. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1403. Bridge across Calcasieu River near Lake Charles, La.

1404. Issuance of postal notes.

1405. Appointment of chief of chaplains to temporary rank of major general.

1406. Pay of substitute village delivery carriers.

1407. Consolidation and repackaging of spirits stored in bonded warehouses.

1408. Discontinuance of land grant rates for transportation of Government


1409. Consideration of bill to provide for simplification of individual income tax.

1410. Creating select committee to investigate seizure by United States of prop-

perty of Montgomery Ward & Co.

1411. Printing additional copies of 5th intermediate report of Select Committee

to Investigate Executive Agencies.

1412. Conference report on bill authorizing return to private ownership of Great

Lakes vessels, etc.


1413. Authorizing acquisition and conversion or construction of landing craft and

district craft for navy.

1414. Conference report on bill amending act to fix hours of duty of postal em-

1415. Appropriations for Navy for additional ordnance manufacturing and pro-

duction facilities.

1416. Disposal of receipts from certain national forests.

1417. Providing education and training for members of armed forces on their

separation from active service.

1418. Federal Government aid for readjustment in civilian life of returning World

War II veterans.

1419. Emergency maternity and infant care for wives of enlisted men in armed


1420. Amending pay readjustment act of 1942 rel. to allowance for quarters for

dependents of enlisted men.

1421. To permit sale of foreign service buildings and grounds and utilization of

proceeds in Government interest.
1422. Appointment of 2 additional Assistant Secretaries of State.
1423. Dismissing election-contest case of McEvoy v. Peterson, 1st congressional

district of Georgia.
1424. Night differential for certain employees in Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
1425. Relief of Toby L. Rosenberg, alias Maria L. Nasco, alias Alejandrino N.


1426. Expenses of investigation by Civil Service Committee of various activities

in Government offices.

1427. Relief of Perley M. Silver.

1428. Providing that nationals of U. S. shall not lose nationality by compulsory

voting in foreign state.

1429. Increase debt limit of United States.

1430. Activities of Farm Security Administration.

1431. Transferring Government activities in connection with domestic rabbits

to Agriculture Department.

1432. Consideration of bill to provide Government protection to widows and

children of deceased World War veterans.

1433. Extension of reissued patent no. 19,023 granted to Art Metal Works, Inc.,

assignee of Louis V. Aronson.

1434. Extending certain benefits to custodial-service employees of Post Office


1435. Consideration of bill providing Government aid for readjustment in civilian

life of World War II veterans,
1436. Consideration of bill authorizing appropriations for Navy for ordnance

manufacturing and production facilities.
1437. Consideration of bill authorizing acquisition or construction of landing

craft and district craft for Navy.
1438. Consideration of bill to amend transportation act of 1940 with respect to

movement of Government traffic.

1439. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1440. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1441. Relief of Edward Gillam.

1442. Flood loans and grants to farmers whose property was destroyed or dam-

aged by floods in 1944.

1443. Settlement of claims arising from terminated war contracts.

1444. Emergency repairs to flood-control works.

1445. Amending act pertaining to emergency officers' retirement benefits.

1446. Payment of compensation to customs employees for inspectional services

on Sundays and holidays.

1447. Conference report on resolution to assist farmers whose property was de-

stroved or damaged by floods in 1944.

1448. Consideration of bill to provide for appointment of female pilots and

aviation cadets in Army Air Forces.
1449. Consideration of bill to provide for recognition of civilian employees en-

gaged in construction of Panama Canal.
1450. Consideration of bill rel. to consolidation and repackaging of spirits stored

in bonded warehouses.
1451. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.
1452. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.


1453. Granting consent of Congress to agreement between New York and Rhode

Island concerning boundary line.

1454. Relief of Elizabeth J. Patterson, Joy Patterson, and Roberta Patterson,

heirs of Robert F. Patterson.

1455. Relief of Charles F. Smith.

1456. Relief of Iva McLaughlin (Mrs. Samuel M.).

1457. Relief of P. Audley Whaley.

1453. Relief of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Rhodes.

1459. Relief of George E. O'Loughlin.

1460. Relief of estate of Carlos Pérez Avilés.

1461. Relief of Robert Futterman.

1462. Relief of Lonis T. Klauder.

1463. Relief of Anne E. Loacker.

1464. Relief of J. D. Whiteside and St. Luke's Hospital.

1465. Further defining number and duties of criers and bailiffs in District Courts

and regulating their compensation.

1466. Employees' Compensation Commission to investigate safety conditions in

employments under compensation act.

1467. Conditions in Puerto Rico in connection with procurement of molasses for

war needs.

1468. Conference report on Agriculture Department organic act of 1944.
1469. Consideration of bill to consolidate and revise laws relating to Public

Health Service.

1470. Relief of Robert C. Harris.

1471. Relief of. Judith H. Sedler, administratrix of estate of Anthony F. Sedler.

1472. Relief of legal guardian of Eugene Holcomb.

1473. Relief of Cyril J. Doerner.

1474. Relief of A L. Rinkenberger and John Floering.

1475. Relief of estate of Phoebe Sherman, and for Harriett W. Vanderhoef and

Allan W. Vanderhoef.

1176. Relief of Betty Robins,

1477. Relief of Mr. and Mrs. D. Floyd Still.

1478. Relief of Josephine Guidoni.

1479. Relief of Stiers Bros. Construction Co.

1489. Relief of Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.

1481. Reimburse Navy personnel and former Navy personnel for losses in fire on

Naval Station, Tutuila, American Samoa.

1482. Reimburse Navy personnel for losses in fire at Naval Advance Base Depot,

Port Huoneme, Calif., Feb. 6, 1944.

1:183. Reimburse Navy personnel for losses by fires in quarters occupied by naval

construction battalions.

1484. Relief of Claude R. Whitlock.

1485. Relief of Rebecca Collins and W. W. Collins.

1486. Relief of Jack V. Dyer.

1487. Relief of estate of James T. Taulbee and Bertie L. Parker.

1488. Relief of Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Co.

1489. Relief of William D. Dyer.

1490. Relief of Constantino Arguelles,

1491. Relief of Molly Godwin (Mrs. John A.).
1492. Relief of Frank S. Gay.
1493. Expenses of Select Committee on Small Business in conducting study of

national-defense program,
1491. Expenses of Committee to Investigate Seizure of Montgomery_Ward & Co.
1495. Consideration of bill extending reduced rates of interest on Federal land

bank and Land Bank Commissioner loans.

1496. Reimburse Marine Corps personnel for losses in fire at marine barracks,

Naval Supply Depot, Bayonne, N. J.

1497. Declaring policy of Congress with respect to independence of Philippine


1498. Amending act to expedite provision of housing in connection with national


1499. Relief of James Fleming.

1500. Consideration of resolution to aid in effectuating purposes of railway labor

1501. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1945.


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