AN ACT authorizing the Governor_to adjust the account of Thompson and In force Febru. Foreman,

ary 16, 1859.

Governor to or

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Nlinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the gover- authorized to nor of this state be and he is hereby authorized to adjust settle claim of and settle the claim of Thompson and Foreman, iron mer- Forman. chants, of London; it being for balance due on their account for iron, rails, spike, nails, &c., furnished to the state of Illinois, in the year 1840.

$ 2. The governor shall order the payment of the account der payment of Thompson and Foreman, so much thereof as may be found due, not exceeding the sum of thirty-seven thousand three hundred and twelve dollars and seventeen cents, upon

the following conditions, and no other, to wit: The said Thomp- Bonds to be deson and Foreman shall cause to be delivered to the governor livered. of Illinois, or to his agent, for cancellation, two hundred and fourteen bonds of the state of Illinois, for £225 sterling each, and numbered 346 to 559, inclusive; one thousand six hundred and sixty-eight bonds of the state of Illinois, for £100 sterling each, and numbered from 34 to 1701, inclusive, with all the coupons attached to each of the above described bonds; also, twenty bonds, of one thousand dollars each, issued to Thompson and Foreman, under the act of February 18, 1857; the whole of the aforesaid bonds being now in possession of Thompson and Foreman, and amounting to over one million and eighty-eight thousand dollars.

$ 3. A sum not exceeding the amount named in the Appropriation. above section is hereby appropriated, to be paid from the surplus “two mill tax fund,” or from any other surplus fund in the treasury, not otherwise appropriated. And upon the receipt of the above described bonds, the governor shall Bonds to be direct the same to be canceled, and make report thereof to the next General Assembly.

§ 4. This act to be in force from and after its passage. APPROVED February 16, 1859.

AN ACT concerning the conteyance of real estate in this state, for the security of In force Febru. the school fund in the state of Connecticut.

ary 26, 1859.

Whereas it is represented to this legislature that the state of Preamble.

Connecticut have, by a permanent appropriation, constituted a fund for the support of free schools, and that divers citizens of this state are desirous of obtaining loans from said school fund and of securing the payment of said loans by conveyance of real estate, either by mortgage or otherwise; and that for the accommodation of said citizens, as well as the security of said fund, it may be found neces

sary to make conveyances of real estate in this state to said state of Connecticut, or to the trustees of said state, for the use and benefit of said school fund; and it

appearing to this legislature that the establishment of said fund is for a useful and benevolent purpose, and will be of great benefit; therefore, (Section 1.) Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the conConsent of the sent of this state be and the same is hereby given to all conveyances. conveyances of real estate in this state, made or to be made

to the state of Connecticut, or to the trustee of said state, for the security, protection and benefit of said school fund; and the same shall be as valid in law, to all intents and pur

poses, as if such conveyance had been made to a citizen of Roal estate may this state. And such real estate may be transferred by and be transferred security therefor be taken to said state of Connecticut, in

the same manner as is provided by the laws of this state in relation to such conveyances and security, when executed

by or to any citizen of this state. Deeds execu § 2. And be it further enacted, That all deeds, and other ted by state of Connecticut

conveyances of real estate, executed or to be executed by the treasurer of said state of Connecticut, and which shail be acknowledged before and certified by the secretary of

said state, under the seal thereof; shall be deemed validand be record lawful conveyances, and may be recorded in the proper offiod.

ces in this state.

APPROVED February 24, 1859.


I'n force Febru. AN ACT for the incorporation of Benevolent, Educational, Literary, Musical, ary 26, 1859,

Scientific and Missionary Societies—including Societies formed for Mutual
Improvement or for the Promotion of the Arts.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That any three Three or more or more persons of full age, citizens of the United States, à bersertificaay, majority of whom shall be citizens of this state, who shall

desire to associate themselves for benevolent, charitable, educational, literary, musical, scientific, religious or missionary purposes—including societies formed for mutual improve ment, or for the promotion of the arts—may make, sign and acknowledge, before any officer authorized to take the acknowledgment of deeds in this state, and file in the office of the secretary of state, and also in the office of the recorder of the county, in which the business of such society is to be conducted, a certificate in writing, in which shall be stated the name or title by which such society shall be known in law, the particular business and objects of such society, the number of trustees, directors or managers of such society, for the first year of its existencer


tors, or managers.

§ 2. (pon filing a certificate, as aforesaid, the persons to become inwho shall have signed and acknowledged such certificate, corporated. and their associates and successors, shall thereupon, by virtue of this act, be a body politic and corporate, by the name stated in such certificate; and by that name they and their successors shall and may have succession, and shall be capable of suing and being sued; and they and their successors may have and use a common seal, and the same may alter or change at pleasure; and they and their successors, by their corporate name, shall, in law, be capable of taking, receiving, purchasing and holding real and personal estate, and, for charitable purposes only, may sell and convey the same; to make by-laws for the management of its affairs, By-laws. not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this state or of the United States; to elect and appoint the officers Officers and and agents of such society, for the management of its busi- agents. ness.

3. The society so incorporated may annually, or oftener, Trustees, direcelect from its members its trustees, directors or managers, at such time and place, in such manner as may be specitied in its by-laws, who shall have the control and management of the affairs and funds of said society, a majority of whom shall be a quorum for the transaction of business; and Quorum. whenever any vacancy shall happen among such trustees, Vacancy. directors, or managers, by deatli, resignation or neglect to serve, such vacancy shall be filled in such manner as shall be provided by the by-laws of such society.

4. In case it shall happen that an election of trustees, Failure to elect. directors or managers, shall not be made on the day designated by the by-laws, said society for that cause shall not be dissolved, but it shall and may be lawful, on any other day, to hold an election for trustees, directors or managers, in such manner as may be directed by the by-laws of such ociety.

§ 5. The provisions of this act shall not extend to or Must adopt a apply to any association or individual who shall, in the new name or certificate filed with the secretary of state, or with the recor

style. der, use or specify a name or style the same as that of any previously existing incorporated society in this state.

8 6. Any corporation, formed under this act, shall be May receive capable of taking, holding or receiving any property, real or aud hold propersonal, by virtue of any gift, purchase, devise or bequest contained in any last will and testament of any person whatever, or in any other manner. 37. The trustees, directors or stockholders of any exista

Existing socieing benevolent, charitable, educational, musical, literary, ties may reinscientific, religious or missionary corporation, including themselves societies formed for inutual improvement, may, by conforming to the requirements of the several sections of this act, reincorporate themselves, or continue their existing corporate

powers under this act, or may change their name, stating in their certificate the original name of such corporation, as well as the new name assumed; and all the property and effects of such existing corporation shall vest in and belong

to the corporation so reincorporated or continued. CorporaTerm of incor- tions under this act may be organized for any term not poration.

exceeding twenty years—the term to be stated in the certificate mentioned in the first section. No corporation organized under this act shall, in its corporate capacity, contract

any debts.



May sell and

§ 8. The corporations formed under this act may sell dispose of real and dispose of any real estate they may acquire by purchase,

gift or devise, as follows: Whenever any lot purchased for the use of the corporation or any building erected thereon shall become ineligible for the uses for which said lot was

purchased, or said building erected, to be determined by a To be deter- vote of two-thirds of the shares of the stock of said corpo mined by vote ration, or the members of said corporation, at a meeting of of two-thirds.

stockholders or corporators or members of said corporation,

specially called for that purpose, the proceedings of which Proceedings to meeting shall be duly entered in the records of said corpobe recorded. ration, said lot or building may be sold, and the proceeds Proceeds may

thereof may be vested in another lot, or in the erection of be vested in another building, or both. When any real estate shall have other real es- been devised or given to any such corporation for any speci

fied benevolent purpose, the same may be sold, and the

proceeds applied in aid of the benevolent purpose aforesaid: Proviso.

Provided, no corporation aforesaid shall hold said real estate
more than five years; or where, by a vote of three-fourthb
of the stock held by the stockholders, or of three-fourtlıs of

the corporators, if no shares of stock have been created, of Where corpo

any corporation formed under this act, then by a vote of ration surren- three-fourths of the members thereof at a meeting called ders charter. for the purpose, of which such stockholders or corporators

or members as aforesaid, shall have at least ten days' notice,
the said corporation shall determine to surrender their cor-
porate powers and cease to act under the same, said real

and personal estate so acquired as aforesaid, shall be sold at Property to be public auction, proper notice of the time and place of said

auc- sale having previously [been] given, and the proceeds of

said sale equitably distributed among the stockholders or Proceeds to be corporators aforesaid, or disposed of for the promotion and disposed of. advancement of the objects for which such corporation was

originally organized.

APPROVED February 24, 1859.


sold at tion.

AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to authorize the formation of corpora- In force April

tions for Manufacturing, Mining, Mechanical or Chemical purposes," approved February 18th, 1837.

26, 1859.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of IV invis, ra presented in the General Assembly, That any corporation, formed under and by virtue of the aforesaid act, to "hile certifior any persons who may wish to form a corporation under cates where a the same, and who may be desirous of doing or carrying on is kept.

general otlice business in more than one place or county, may tile the certiticates required to be filed by sections one, ten and seventeen of said act in the clerk's office of the county in which their general office shall be kept; and in such case Town and coun. the certificate shall set forth in what town and county their ty. general office will be kept.

2. Any corporation formed under said act, for the pur- May purchase pose of carrying on mining or manufactures of wood, shall mineral lands. have the right to purchase and hold such mineral and timber lands as they shall deem essential to provide themselves with material for the future operation of said company.

APPROVED February 24, 1859.

AS ACT amendatory of the act approved March 30, 1845, in relation to Fire Io force April Companies.

26, 1659.


File certificate

[SECTION 1.] Be it enacted by the People of the state of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That hereafter fire companies wishing to incorporate under said act herein referred to, shall be allowed to record such intention in the recorder's office, in the proper county, and in the register's in recorder's office in all cities of this state, where such office has been or register's established. Any member of any fire companies in this state shall, during the time he may remain a member of said company and comply with the rules and perform the Exemption duties thereof, be exempt from road and street labor, or the from road a payment of money in lieu thereof.

APPROVED February 24, 1859.


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AN ACT authorizing corporations to call stockholders' meetings.

In force Febru.

ary 11, 1859.


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, "That the stock- owning a masolders of any company organized under any general or jority of stock special law of this state, owning the majority of stock in martin call a


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