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Fourth Edition, revised. Demy 8vo., price 20s. ; for cash, post free, 16s. 5d. MOORE'S PRACTICAL FORMS. Containing a variety of Useful and Select Precedents required in Solicitors' Offices relating to Conveyancing and General Matters. With numerous Variations and Suggestions. By H. MOORE, Esq., Author of "Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Title," "Practical Forms of Agreements," &c. Fourth Edition, thoroughly revised. By EDWARD MANSON, of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Sixth Edition. Demy 8vo., price 20s. ; for cash, post free, 16s. 5d. MOORE'S PRACTICAL FORMS OF AGREEMENTS, relating to Sales and Purchases, Mortgages and Deposits, Enfranchisements and Exchanges, Building and Arbitrations, Letting and Renting, Hiring and Service, Debtors and Creditors, and numerous other subjects; with a variety of Useful Notes. By H. MOORE. Sixth Edition, thoroughly revised. By EDWARD MANSON, of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Sixth Edition, revised. Demy 8vo., price 10s. 6d. ; for cash, post free, 8s. 11d.

THE SALE OF GOODS ACT, 1893, including the Factors Acts,

1889 and 1890. With an Introduction and Appendices, containing Statutes and Notes, &c. By M. D. CHALMERS, C.B., C.S.I. (Draftsman of the Act), Permanent Under-Secretary, Home Office.

"Probably there are few men who are better qualified to write a text-book on the above subjects than the draftsman of the Bills of Exchange Act, 1882, and the Sale of Goods Bill, 1889."-Law Times.

Third Edition. Demy 8vo., price 10s. 6d. ; for cash, post free, 8s. 10d. CHALMERS AND OWEN'S MARINE INSURANCE

ACT, 1906. Being a Third Edition of the DIGEST OF MARINE INSURANCE. By

In two Parts. Royal 8vo., price 30s. each net (postage, 6d. each extra).


ENGLISH LAW ON THE HIGH SEAS AND BEYOND THE REALM. Part I. Nationality and Naturalisation. Part II. The English Law Applicable to the High Seas and Beyond the Realm. By the Hon. Sir FRANCIS TAYLOR PIGGOTT, Chief Justice, Hong Kong. In two Parts. Royal 8vo., price 52s. 6d. each net (postage, 9d. each extra). PIGGOTT'S IMPERIAL STATUTES TO THE COLONIES. Vol. I. Statutes of General Application. Special Application. 1904.


1902. Vol. II. Statutes of

Fourth Edition. Demy 8vo., price 22s. 6d. ; for cash, post free, 18s. 6d. DIXON'S LAW AND PRACTICE OF DIVORCE AND OTHER MATRIMONIAL CAUSES. Fourth Edition, thoroughly revised. By W. J. DIXON, LL.M., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Third Edition. Demy 8vo., price 215. net (postage, 6d. extra). GARRETT'S NUISANCES. The Law of Nuisances, with an

Appendix of Statutes. By EDMUND W. GARRETT, Esq., M.A. (Cantab.), Metropolitan Police Magistrate, and HENRY G. GARRETT, Esq., of the Chancery Registrar's Office, Solicitor of the Supreme Court. 1908.

"Recognised as a useful exposition of an important branch of the law."-Solicitors' Journal. Just Published. Demy 8vo., Vol. IX., 6s. Vols. I., II., III., IV., V., VI., VII., and VIII. same price. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION CASES: Being Reports

of Cases appearing chiefly in the Law Times Reports and the Times Law Reports. Edited by the late R. M. MINTON-SENHOUSE, His Honour Judge RUEGG, K.C., and F. J. COLTMAN, Esq. Fourth Edition, crown 8vo., price 6s. ; for cash, post free, 5s. 5d.


of Cases relating to the Construction of Buildings, the Liability and Rights of Architects,
Surveyors, and Builders in relation thereto; with Notes and an Appendix containing Forms of
Pleadings, Building Agreements and Leases, and Conditions of Contracts and Reports of Cases.
Fourth Edition. By EDWARD STANLEY ROSCOE, Barrister-at-Law.

Demy 8vo., price 18s. ; for cash, post free, 155.

POLICE ACTS. The County and Borough Police Acts, 1831-1902. Together with the Special Constables Acts, the Parish Constables Acts, the Lock-up Houses Acts, the Police Rates Act, the High Constables Act, the Riot Damages Act, the Public Authorities Protection Act, the Police Property Act, and parts of the Army Act, Municipal Corporation Act, and the Local Government Act. With Introduction, Notes, and Index. By EVELYN G. M. CARMICHAEL, M.A. (Oxon.), of the Inner Temple and Oxford Circuit, Barrister-at-Law.

Demy 8vo., price 9s.; for cash, post free, 7s. 1od.

BARRISTER-AT-LAW. An Essay on the Legal Position of Counsel in England. By JAMES ROBERT VERNAM MARCHANT, M.A., of Gray's Inn and the Oxford Circuit, Barrister-at-Law, formerly Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford.

II and 12, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, London.

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