Discourses of Slavery: The Collected Works of Theodore Parker Part Five

Kessinger Publishing, 1. sep. 2004 - 340 sider
1863. Part Five of Fourteen. Containing His Theological, Polemical, and Critical Writings, Sermons, Speeches, and Addresses, and Literary Miscellanies. Theodore Parker was a preacher, lecturer, and writer, a public intellectual, and a religious and social reformer. He played a major role in moving Unitarianism away from being a Bible-based faith, and he established a precedent for clerical activism that has inspired generations of liberal religious leaders. Although ranked with William Ellery Channing as the most important and influential Unitarian minister of the nineteenth century, he was an extremely controversial figure (he was active in the antislavery movement) in his own day and his legacy to Unitarian Universalism remains contested. Contents: Sermon of Slavery; Letter touching the matter of Slavery; Speech on the Abolition of Slavery by the French Republic; Speech at Faneuil Hall before the New England Anti-slavery Convention, May 31, 1848; Speech in Boston, May 29, 1850, on Slave Power in America; The Function of Conscience in Relation to the Laws of Men; Speech at the Ministerial Conference at Boston, May 29, 1851; On the Boston Kidnapping; On the Law of God and the Statutes of Men; Thoughts on the Nebraska Question; and Address on the Condition of America. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

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