et al.........


PAGE. Adler, Admr. ads. Chicago & Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Alton R. R. Co.......


Co. v. Dunleavy, Admx..... 132 Anderson v. McCormick . 308 Chicago Storage Co. et al. ads. Anthony ads. People ex rel.


318 218

Cicero, Town of, ads. Shreve Artz ads. McArthur. 352

226 Claflin, Exr. et al. v. Dunne... 241 B

Clark et al. ads. Boone et al.. 466 Bearse ads. Hodges.....


Cook ads. Village of Carterville 152 Becker et al. ads. Farwell et al. 261

Corrigan ads. Gindele et al... 582 Block et al. ads. Bowers.... 424 Blue Mountain Joe ads. People,

D use of State Board of Health. 370

Danville Seminary et al. ads.
Bolzer v. People....

Mott et al......

403 Boone et al. v. Clark et al.... 466

Davis, Cory & Co. v. Chicago Bowers v. Block et al.... 424

Dock Co.....

180 Brickey v. English et al.. 646

Davis ads. Gage.

236 Byers ads. Casler et al.


De Koven et al. v. City of Lake

399 С Campbell ads. Plumb....... 101

Dorsett Pipe and Paving Co. Canton Masonic Mut. Benev.

ads. Winston et al..

64 Society ads. Rockhold...... 440

Dougherty v. Catlett..

431 Capek r. Kropik et al... 509

Dunleavy, Admx. ads. Chicago Carter ads. West....


& Northwestern Ry. Co..... 132 Carterville, Village of, v. Cook. 152

Dunne ads. Claflin, Exr. et al.. 241 Casler et al. v. Byers....


Durand & Co. v. Gray, KingCatlett ads. Dougherty...... 431

man & Collins....

9 Chaplin v. Highway Comrs. of Town of Wheatland.... 651

East Lake Fork Special DrainChapman v. Chapman..


age District, Comrs. of, ads. Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. v.

Illinois Central R. R. Co.... 417 Adler, Admr..


English et al. ads. Brickey... 646 Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. v. People ex rel. Cooley, Coll.. 571

F Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. v. Farris v. People....

521 Suffern et al..

274 | Farwell et al. 1. Becker et al... 261 Chicago Dock Co. ads. Davis, Faught ads. Lake Erie & WestCory & Co.... 180 ern R. R. Co..



PAGE. First Nat. Bank of Peru ads. Hegeler....

157 Fletcher ads. Williams et al... 356

et al. ....

PAGE. Lake, Town of, ads. Walters

23 Lake View, City of, ads. DeKoven et al. .....

399 Lynch ads. Jackson et al..... 72

G Gage v. Davis....

236 Gage v. Wheeler..

197 Germania Fire Ins. Co. v. Klewer..

599 Gindele et al. v. Corrigan. 582 Gray, Kingman & Collins ads. Durand & Co,.

9 Gregg v. Hord..


H Hageman et al. v.Hageman et al 164 Haines v. Hewitt et al......... 347 Hampton ads. Tomle...

379 Harvey, Admx, ads. City of Salem ...

344 Hawes, Judge, v. People ex rel. Pulver....

123 Hegeler v. First Nat. Bank of Peru ..

157 Hewitt et al. ads. Haines.. 319 Hodges v. Bearse,

87 Holloway v. Johnson.

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M Mason v. Merrill et al......... 503 Matson, Sheriff, ads. People ex rel. Woodruff.

. 591 McArthur v. Artz....

352 McCormick ads. Anderson. 308 Merrill et al. ads. Mason. 503 Merrimac Paper Co. 1. Illinois

Trust and Sav. Bank et al... 296 Mettler v. Miller..

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630 Montgomery et al. ads. Newell. 58 Moore et al. ads. Robbins et al. 30 Mott et al. v. Danville Seminary et al...


National Sav. Bank ads. People

ex rel. Hunt, Attorney Gen.. 618 Newell v. Montgomery et al... 58

O Oswald v. Wolf..


[blocks in formation]

P People ads. Bolzer....

112 ex rel. Cooley, Coll. ads.

Chic. & Alton R. R. Co. 571 ads. Farris...

521 ex rel. Hubbard -v. Anthony.

218 ex rel. Hunt, Att'y Gen.

v. Nat. Savings Bank.. 618 ex rel. Pulver ads. Hawes Judge..

123 for use of State Board of Health v. Blue Moun. tain Joe..

370 ex rel. Weber et al. . City of Spring Valley et al.....

169 ex rel. Woodruff v. Matson, Sheriff...

591 Plumb v. Campbell.


Klewer ads. Germania Fire Ins.

599 Kropik et al. ads. Capek...... 509

L Lake Erie & Western R. R. Co. v. Faught.....




PAGE. Robbins et al. v. Moore et al.. 30 Rockhold +. Canton Masonic

Mutual Benev. Society ..... 440

PAGE. United States Life Ins. Co. . Vocke, Admr....


Vocke, Admr. ads. United

States Life Ins. Co....... 557 Voelker ads. Terre Haute & In

dianapolis R. R. Co....... 540

Salem, City of, v. Harvey,

344 Sayer et al. ads. Ide...

230 Sexton v. Chicago Storage Co. et al.......

318 Shreve et al. v. Town of Cicero 226 Slater, Illinois Central R.R. Co...

91 Spring Valley, City of, et

People ex rel. Weber et al... 169 Suffern et al. ads. Chicago & Alton R. R. Co....

274 Supreme Lodge of Ancient Or. der of United Workmen et al. v. Zuhlke..


W Walters et al. v. Town of Lake. 23 Weber ads. Tudor Iron Works. 535 West v. Carter..

249 Wheatland, Highway Comrs.

of the Town of, ads. Chaplin 651 Wheeler ads. Gage..

197 Wilbur v. Wilbur et al.. 392 Williams et al. v. Fletcher. 356 Winston et al. v. Dorsett Pipe and Paving Co.

64 Wolf ads. Oswald..


Terre Haute & Indianapolis

R. R. Co. v. Voelker.. 540 Tomle 1. Hampton.... 379 Tudor Iron Works v. Weber.. 535

Zuhlke ads. Supreme Lodge

of Ancient Order of United
Workmen et al.,


[blocks in formation]

129 9 59a 26 61a 272

165 415


1. CREDITOR'S BILL-prerequisites-remedy at law inadequate. A court of equity will never lend its aid when there is an adequate remedy at law. It must, therefore, appear in a creditor's bill that a court of law is incompetent to reach the property of the defendant in execution, either by reason of its peculiar character, or by inability to discover it.

9 7 10 868

129 9 88a 33

2. SAME—the statute and the common law. So much of section 49 of the Chancery Code as provides that when an execution issued against the property of a defendant, on a judgment at law, shall be returned unsatisfied, in whole or in part, the party suing out the execution may file a creditor's bill against such defendant and any other person, to compel the discovery of any property or thing in action, etc., introduces no new principle, and is but affirmative of the common law.

3. SAME-execution to what county. To entitle a judgment creditor to maintain a creditor's bill against his debtor, he must have an execution issued to the sheriff of the county where the debtor resides and carries on business, or where he did reside when the suit was brought. If the plaintiff in the execution knows that the defendant in execution has property in a particular county, he should send an execution to that county. One should also be sent to every county in which there is a legal presumption that the defendant has property.

129 9

952 6328 129

9 97a 1 90

98a 1594 129 9 195 6417

129 108a 1393

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