Agriculture Handbook, Utgave 673

U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1988
Set includes revised editions of some nos.

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Side 22 - US broiler exports were up sharply in 1987, aided by continued growth in exports to Japan and by the Export Enhancement Program.
Side 47 - Major crops include wheat, feedgrains (com, barley, sorghum, and oats), soybeans, and cotton. Excess production capacity is the difference between potential output and commercial demand at prevailing market prices. SOURCE: US Department of Agriculture. 1988. 1988 Agricultural Chartbook. Agriculture Handbook No. 673. Washington, DC Revised data from Economic Research Service, USDA. 400 — _.
Side 63 - Includes food eaten at home and away from home. Other costs include property taxes and insurance, accounting and professional services, promotion, bad debts, and many miscellaneous items.
Side 3 - World demand for farm products is strengthening, while the growth in production in competitor countries has slowed. Consequently, total US farm exports are rising in both volume and value.
Side 21 - US livestock producers face a year of record-large meat supplies. Rising output of pork and poultry will more than offset slippage in beef production.
Side 21 - US per capita meat consumption rose about 2 pounds in 1987 to a record 217 pounds.
Side 24 - In value to 100 pounds liveweight of hogs) set a record high in both 1986 and 1987, but has begun to decline as rising pork production has resulted in lower hog prices and com prices have risen.
Side 19 - US share of world cotton trade is estimated at 29 percent, slightly above last season and sharply above 1985/86 when US cotton was not competitive in world markets.
Side 63 - Where the food dollar goes at home and away At home Farm value 30c Processing...
Side 26 - ... 1987. The price support for milk was reduced 50 cents per cwt effective January 1, 1988, because Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) net removals for 1988 were projected to exceed 5.0 billion pounds.

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