It is ordered that the following allotment be made of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of this Court among the circuits, pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42, and that such allotment be entered of record, effective September 30, 1994, viz.:

For the District of Columbia Circuit, WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST, Chief Justice.

For the First Circuit, DAVID H. SOUTER, Associate Justice.

For the Second Circuit, RUTH BADER GINSBURG, Associate Justice.

For the Third Circuit, DAVID H. SOUTER, Associate Justice.
For the Fourth Circuit, WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST, Chief Justice.
For the Fifth Circuit, ANTONIN SCALIA, Associate Justice.
For the Sixth Circuit, JOHN PAUL STEVENS, Associate Justice.
For the Seventh Circuit, JOHN PAUL STEVENS, Associate Justice.
For the Eighth Circuit, CLARENCE THOMAS, Associate Justice.

For the Ninth Circuit, SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR, Associate Justice.

For the Tenth Circuit, STEPHEN BREYER, Associate Justice.

For the Eleventh Circuit, ANTHONY M. KENNEDY, Associate Justice.

For the Federal Circuit, WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST, Chief Justice.

September 30, 1994.

(For next previous allotment, and modifications, see 502 U. S., p. VI, 509 U. S., p. V, and 512 U. S., p. V.)


NOTE: All undesignated references herein to the United States Code are to the 1994 edition.

Cases reported before page 1101 are those decided with opinions of the Court or decisions per curiam. Cases reported on page 1101 et seq. are those in which orders were entered.

Page Abbey v. Sverdrup Corp.

1122,1144 Abidekun v. New York City Dept. of Housing Preserv. and Dev. 1136 Abrams v. Barnett

1114 Abrams v. Johnson

74 Abrams v. Office of Bar Counsel for D. C.

1121 Adanandus v. Johnson

1153 Agency Rent-A-Car, Inc. v. Hall

1121 Agostini v. Felton

203 Ahearn; Flanagan v.

1114 Alabama; Ziglar v.

1140 Alaska v. Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government

1103 Alaska; United States v. . .

1,1144 Albertson's, Inc.; Richardson v.

1129 Alcan Aluminum Corp. v. United States

1103 Alexander; Prewitt v.

1131 Allen, In re ..

1102 Allen v. Duncan

1108 Allen; O'Dell v.

1132 Allen v. United States

1106 Allstate Ins. Co.; Sharp v.

1137 Alpex Computer Corp. v. Nintendo Co.

1104 Amchem Products, Inc. v. Windsor

591 American Civil Liberties Union; Reno v.

844 American Express Travel Related Services Co.; Brown v.

1107 American Investors Life Ins. Co. v. Hudson

1120 Amerson v. Idaho

1123 Amoco Corp.; Gallo v.

1129 Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corp.; Carter v.

1144 Anchorage; Dempster v. ..

1119 Anderson v. Groose



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Page Anderson v. Texas

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1143 Angelone; Smith v.

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179 Apollo, In re

1135,1147 Arizona; Oberuch v.

1145 Arizona; Owens v.

1125 Arizona v. Palenkas

1120 Arizona; Skeens v.

1105 Arizona Bd. of Executive Clemency; Woratzeck v.

1113 Arkansas Ed. Television Comm'n v. Forbes

1116 Arroyo v. United States

1126 Arteaga v. Court of Appeal of Cal., Sixth Appellate Dist.

1137 Arteaga v. Superior Court of Cal., Santa Clara County

1137 Arteaga v. Texas Dept. of Protective and Regulatory Services 1125 Artola v. United States

1111 Asbestos Claims Management Corp.; United States Fire Ins. Co. v. 1120 Assa'ad-Faltas v. Rogers

1124 Association of Community Orgs. for Reform Now v. Foster

1129 AT&T Family Fed. Credit Union v. First National Bank & Tr. 1143 Attorney General v. American Civil Liberties Union

844 Attorney General; Federation for Am. Immigration Reform, Inc. v. 1119 Attorney General v. Shea

1113 Attorney General of La.; Smith v.

1107 Attorney General of N. Y. v. Quill

793 Austin v. Lucht

1127 Automobile Workers; Caterpillar Inc. v.

1152 Avery; Evans v.

1129 B. v. O'Connor

1105 Bair v. Brown

1126 Bajakajian; United States v.

1143 Baldauff, In re

1134 Baldwin; Estes v.

1106 Banks v. United States

1110,1145 Bannister v. Bowersox

1126,1145 Barbary v. Sturm

1125,1145 Barnes, In re

1102,1146 Barnett; Abrams v.

1114 Barquero v. Medrano

1123 Barron, In re

1134,1147 Bartley v. Sullivan



Page Bates v. New Jersey

1124 Bay Area Laundry & Dry Cleaning Pens. Tr. v. Ferbar Corp. 1143,1150 Baybank, FSB; Gangi v.

1144 Becker v. United States

1128 Beckman, In re ..

1135,1147 BE&K Construction Co.; Carpenters v.

1118 Bell v. Hunt ...

1125 Belshe v. Orthopaedic Hospital

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1112 Bergne v. U. S. District Court

1144 Bershatsky v. Levin

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1128 Bishofberger v. Prudential Securities Inc.

1119 Blaisdell v. Penarosa ...

1125 Bledsoe v. United States

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1114 Board of Trustees of City Univ. of N. Y.; Soffer v.

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507 Boggs v. Boggs

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1123 Bowersox; McDonald v.

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1108 Bowersox; Parker v.

1112 Bowersox; Six v.

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1128 Bozza v. United States

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1127 Brannan v. United Student Aid Funds, Inc.

1106 Brannan; United Student Aid Funds, Inc. v.

1111 Brooks; Bousley v.

1152 Broome; California v.

1104 Brotherhood. For labor union, see name of trade. Brown v. American Express Travel Related Services Co.

1107 Brown; Bair v.



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