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I HE practical Directions to the Fifth Volume, containing part of COVENANT and Debt, will serve for the most part of this Volume, which takes up the remainder of the Precedents on SPECIALTIES from INDEMNITY Bonds (Fifth Volume), beginning with Replevin Bonds, and ending the two other principal Heads, Debt on Records, and on PENAL STATUTES, with PLEAs to the respective Declarations, of under the respective Divisions,

The Heads COVENANT on ARTICLES of Agree-' MENT, LEASES, INDENTURES, MORTGAGES, &c. are so similar to the same Precedents in Debt on the same Infiruments that they agree in this respect, where the Student is at a loss for a Form under either Head (the Author thinks), that pursuing the Directions in the Fifth Volume, by a careful search under fome or all, he cannot fail to find it,

And in another Leading Title, Debt on Bond: If the Precedent wanted is on an Arbitration Bond, it will be useful to run over the Forms under the Head of Debt on AWARD, being on the same subject matter, and the Pleas to each Declaration under each Head, where they follow, or among the Pleas at the end of the INDEX to Debt; which are first analized, to shew the Nature of the Plea, as in Covenant, and then disa inbuted into an Order similar to the Declarations. I. am clear that great Convenience will result to the


Practitioner from this Method, particularly in these
two Actions, Covenant and Debt.

The Direction here recommended will be still more
necessary for Debt on Bonds of Indemnity; for Bail
Bonds, Bastardy Bonds, Bottomree Bonds, Replevin Bonds,
and Bonds for the Performance of Conditions and Covenant,
are all, except the last; (and some of those) are merely
Bonds of Indemnity; but more minutely subdivided
for the Pupil.

The same Direction must be strictly observed re-
specting the Pleas, which will either follow the De-
claration under its appropriate Head, or at the End of
the Declarations in this Volume, which, together with
the former, will be found in the INDEX under that
Subdivision: And further, the Index to the Pleas,
under every Head, will point out the Nature of the
Plea wanted, as Plea of Tender, Payment, &c. &c.

The remaining principal Division, namely, Debt
on Penal STATUTES, I have preferred an Alphabetical
Order, which is more clear for the Pupil than the
Chronological Order adopted by Reporters, and Au-
thors of other Law Treatises,

I do not recollect any other leading Direction that
can be necessary, unless as to the Declarations by and
against HEIRS and DevisEES, and EXECUTORS and
ADMINISTRATORS, they are chiefly on Bonds, and
therefore I have made them distinct Heads, to follow
Bonds in the INDEX; and in Debt on SIMPLE CON-
TRACTS, which are mostly on Agreements unfealed,


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