Executive Documents, Minnesota ..., Volum 2


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Side 107 - Sketches of Creation: a Popular View of some of the Grand Conclusions of the Sciences in reference to the History of Matter and of Life. Together with a Statement of the Intimations of Science respecting the Primordial Condition and the Ultimate Destiny of the Earth and the Solar System. By...
Side 98 - Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church, signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation.
Side 85 - Origin and History of the English Language, and of the early literature it embodies. By the Hon. George P. Marsh. US Minister at Turin, Author of " Lectures on the English Language.
Side 98 - A TREATISE on the RECORDS of the CREATION, and on the MORAL ATTRIBUTES of the CREATOR.
Side 108 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON RAILROADS, AND INTERIOR COMMUNICATION IN GENERAL— containing an account of the performances of the different Locomotive Engines at, and subsequent to, the Liverpool Contest ; upwards of two hundred and sixty Experiments with Tables of the comparative value of Canals and Railroads, and the power of the present Locomotive Engines. By NICHOLAS WOOD...
Side 96 - A Treatise on the principal Mathematical Instruments employed in Surveying, Levelling, and Astronomy ; explaining their Construction, Adjustment and Use, with Tables.
Side 79 - HAZEN'S SCHOOL AND ARMY IN GERMANY AND FRANCE. The School and the Army in Germany and France, with a Diary of Siege Life at Versailles. By Brevet Major-General WB HAZEN, USA, Colonel Sixth Infantry. Crown Svo, Cloth, $2 50. Harper 6* Brothers' Valuable and Interesting Works.
Side 61 - GREEK READING BOOK, For the Use of Schools ; containing the substance of the Practical Introduction to Greek Construing, and a Treatise on the Greek Particles, by the Rev. THOMAS K. ARNOLD, AM...
Side 343 - Third — 1. Claims for death losses and matured endowments due and unpaid; 2. Claims for death losses and matured endowments in process of adjustment or adjusted and not due; 3. Claims resisted by the company; 4.
Side 83 - A Collection of Tables and Formulae useful in Surveying, Geodesy, and Practical Astronomy, including Elements for the Projection of Maps. Prepared for the Use of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, by Captain TJ Lee, USA 8vo.

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