The principles which should control educational methods are to be sought in human nature. This truth, which long remained unnoticed or inoperative, has been emphasized by the educational reformers of modern times. “Everything should be done in the order of nature” is one of the maxims of Comenius. Pestalozzi has beautifully said : “Sound education stands before me symbolized by a tree planted near fertilizing waters. A little seed, which contains the design of the tree, its form and proportions, is placed in the soil. See how it germinates and expands into trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit! The whole tree is an uninterrupted chain of organic parts, the plan of which existed in its seed and root. Man is similar to the tree. In the newborn child are hidden those faculties which are to unfold during life. The individual and separate organs of his being form themselves gradually into an harmonic whole, and build up humanity in the image of God.”

The various faculties or capacities which await development in the child are classed as physical, mental, and moral. To meet the ends of life, the body must

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