A new collection of voyages and travels [ed. by J. Stevens]. 2 vols. [in 7 pt. Pt.5,6 and 7 want the title-leaf and prelims].

John Stevens
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Side 238 - There is another sort of creature, about the bigness and resembling a hare, but that it has a long tail like a fox. These breed in stony places and among rocks, and many of them are shot with guns and crossbows, and taken by the Indians in gins (with the lasso), they being good to eat after hanging to tender; and of their hair or wool the Indians make large mantles, cloaks, or blankets, as soft as silk and very valuable.
Side 44 - Co. This noted harbor, and the first port the Mayflower made, on her passage with the pilgrim fathers, in 1620, is situated on the end of the peninsula of Cape Cod, and lies in the form of a hook. It averages about three miles and a half in length, and two and a half in breadth. The township consists of beaches and hills of sand, eight shallow ponds, and a great number of swamps. Cape harbor, in Cape Cod Bay, is formed...
Side 44 - ... satisfy'd, one of them pull'd out a hand, with all its fingers and nails; besides which they afterwards discover'd pieces of feet, of two or three quarters of men that were in it. The Spaniards, beholding that...
Side 84 - Pagans, whom they may cheat or rob with a safe conscience, when they have an opportunity, provided they give some part of the gain to raise the fortune of such of their own as are fallen to decay, and to keep their poor from Begging: in this particular their charity is wonderful; for when a man has lost all he had, they will set him up again three times, that he may live of himself; and if fortune still frowns on him, he is maintained amongst the...
Side 34 - ... him, drunk, they put them alive into the vault, where they left them, that their lord might go to the devil with company.
Side 226 - Gospel, would not ride at all, eating very little besides rice we had with us, meeting no town to furnish us with provisions ; and the heat so violent that it melted the wax in our boxes, without any shade but that of briers, which did us more harm than good, lying on the hard ground, and drinking brackish water of very ill scent, and sometimes but little of that.
Side 69 - Providence, they found open, they put the ark " upon a cart ; and being attended by abundance of people, " and much wealth, and with loud acclamations, they marched Menile" off with fuch hafte, that Solomon, who purfued them " with no lefs fpeed, could not overtake them.
Side 211 - Throughout all Peru, from the time they rise in the morning till they go to bed at night, they are never without this Coca in their mouths. The reason...
Side 206 - Stones, well wrought, and joyn'd, so that the building being finish 'd, might have serv'd any Prince in Europe for a Country House. Among the Rest, there was one fair Room about 50 Foot long, and 1 5 in breadth, and on the same Floor, a square Bedchamber, with a spacious Stair Case in the Middle, from the lower to the upper Floor, and from that another which ascended to the flat roof of the house, about which was a handsome parapet. At the Top of the Stairs was a little Room, like a Closet, which...

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