Law Reporter, Volum 90

Law Times Office, 1904

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Side 107 - The Judicature Act 1873 (36 & 37 Viet. c. 66) provides : Sect. 25 (6). Any absolute assignment, by writing under the hand of the assignor (not purporting to be by way of charge only), of any debt or other legal chose in action, of which express notice in writing shall have been given to the debtor,
Side 323 - fog signal of a vessel the position of which is not ascertained, shall, so far as the circumstances of the case admit, stop her engines, and then navigate with caution until danger of collision is over. Art. 30. Nothing in these rules shall interfere with the operation of a special
Side 263 - that all decrees and orders of courts of equity and all rules of courts of common law whereby any sum of money, or any costs, charges, or expenses shall be payable to any person shall have the effect of judgments in the superior courts of common law.
Side 324 - These rules shall be followed by all vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith, navigable by sea-going vessels." I do not myself read that preliminary article as intended to extend the word " sea " beyond its proper meaning. The preliminary
Side 277 - Act and whose estate may prove to be insufficient for the payment in full of his debts and liabilities, and in the winding-up of any company under the Companies Acts 1862 and 1867 whose assets may prove to be insufficient for the payment of its debts and liabilities and the costs of
Side 63 - The bankruptcy of a debtor . . . shall be deemed ... to commence at ... the time of the first of the acts of bankruptcy proved to have been committed within three months next preceding the date of the presentation of the bankruptcy petition." If the bankruptcy is to be deemed to have commenced,
Side 61 - that at the time of making the settlement the bankrupt was able to pay all his debts without the aid of the property comprised in it. The trustee in bankruptcy then applied to have it adjudged and declared that the life estate of the bankrupt
Side 57 - To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of the business, property, and liabilities of any person or company carrying on any business which this company is authorised to carry on or possessed of property suitable for the purposes of the company. (3) To
Side 63 - marriage any estate or interest, whether vested or contingent in possession or remainder, and not being money or property of or in right of his wife, shall, on his becoming bankrupt before the property or money has been actually transferred or paid pursuant to the contract or covenant, be void against the trustee in the bankruptcy.
Side 107 - or other person from whom the assignor would have been entitled to receive or claim euch debt or chose in action, shall be and be deemed to have been effectual in law (subject to all equities which would

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