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of an East Indiaman, 557. Returns to
CRE, official

his duty in the Royal Navy, and ap-
159 Sydney

painted First Liculenant of the Mars,
of the same, &c. 620.

$58. Attached to Sir Edward Il.dvke's
ACTIONS, naval, a more particular account fleet when he engaged M. de Comilans,

of, as to win:), weather, situation, tack, Ibid. Advanced commander, and ap-
and sail, desirable, 52.

pointed acting Captain of the Aları tri.
ADMIRAL, etymology of the term, 187. gate, 559. His services in the West
ADMIRALTY, First Lords of the, from Indies, 560. Captures a Spanish frigate
Lord Anson, 225.,

and an armed store;hip, 561: Weighs
- the Russian, Coxe's account two sunken ships at Pori Mariel, 502.
of, 283,

Plomnored to the rank of Post.Captain,
Hich COURT OF, pro-

963. Resides with his family at Chic
ceedings before the, in July, in the cause chester, Ibid. Stationed for three years
respecting the Danish ship Neptunus, in the Mediterranean, 564. Appointed
213; American ship Juno, 215; Ge- . Regulating-Captain in the impress sein
noese polacre La Madrona del Rosario, vice, Ibid. Sails for the East Indies in
217, and in August, the Minerva East the Monmouth, Ibid. His gallantry in
Indiaman ;-in December on the trials the

engagement between Commodore
of Jean Prevot, 629 ; Francis Antoine Johnstone and M. de Suffrein, 565. In
Sauvajut, .630. 632 ; Peter Ennis and a scarcity of water obrains seasonable
James Broibers, 630 ; Thomas Porter, supplies by means of stills, 567. En.
William Searle, and Tho.Bentham, John conium on his extraordinary zeal, per-
Roach, Thomas Scullion, John Quin, severance, and good conduct in the ser-
and Edward C telyn,631; James Thomp. vice, 568. His great exertions in joining
son, and Richard Bailey, 632.

Sir Edward Hughes, 569. His distina
AGAMEMNON, his naval power and enter guished gallantry and extreme dauger in
prising spirit, 456.

Sir Edward's second engagement with.M.
AGOA Bay, account of, 130.

de Suffrein, 571* . Severely afflicted in
Aix, isle of, correct account of the attack the unfortunate death of his eldest son,
of the Spanish squadron there, 252.

572. His share in the third action, 57.5.
ALMS, Capt. JAMES, horn at Gosport, Employed in the critical service of carry..

$49. Trained to the sea service by his ing succours to Trincomale, Ibid. His
elder brother, 550. Sails for Minorca judicious conduct in the fourth action
on board a merchant vessel, Ibid. En. with Soffrein, 576. Returns to England,
ters into the King's service on board of 578. His death and family, 579.
the Dragon, 551. Rated midshipman, AMBOYNA, infinite variety of the trees it."
Ibid. His spirited and exact conduct in produces,135. Wonderfulinonster intest-
the memorable actiqe of Admirals Mat. ing its seas, 136. - Marine offering of
thews and Lestock, Ibid. Removed to the natives to the evil spirit, Ibid. Re-
the Namur, 552. His bravery in the markable for its numerous springs, Ibid.
engagement off Cape Finisterre between ANCHOR, first invention of the, 180.
Vice Admiral Anson and two French ANGUILLAS, the Reef, interesting account
squadrons, 553. Shipwrecked, 554. Let-

of, 58.
ter written by him on that me:ancholy APPOINTMENTS, 82.-from June 18 to
event, Ibid. Made Lieutenant of the July 13, 171 ;-252;- August to Sep-
Syren, 557. Accepts the command of tember, 356 ;-447;547.


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ASCENSION TSLAND, account nf, 87. register ship, Ibid. Appointed to the
ATHENS, account of its rise, 461.

Victory, 89. Distinguishes tirself at
ATKINSON, Mr. W. his gallant conduct Toulon and Corsica, 89. Appinged

in recovering the slip Townley, 251. First Lieutenant of the Dido frigate, Ibid.
AUSTRIAN SOLDIERS, several thousands Dingerously wounded in a gallant activa

sold by the French Directory to the with La Minerve, 91. Proinotel to be
Spaniards, to work in their mines in a Commander, 93. Appointed to the
South America, 116, note.

Serpent sloop, and captures the Swedisha
AZORES, Sir W. Raleigh's report of Sir vessel Axmar, and a Spanish felucca, &c.

Richard Granvill's action about those 93. Dies in his seventh soyage to the
isles with a Spanish aimada, 474. coast of Africa, having been made Post-

Captain in his abrence. 94. His cha-

vader, 95. Funeral procession, 96. (See
BASTIA, taken, 43. Return of the Bri. Plate XV. 120.] Arms, Ibid.

tish force employed in the siege, and BUDGEROW, (boats) account of, 63.
number of the garrison, Ibid.

Burks (boats) described, 62.
BEARING DOWN, the old sea term, now

changed to bearing up, the meaning of
this required, 52:

CALVI, taken, 44.
BERRY, 'Sir E. his letter to Sir W. An. CAMFL, description of a machine so called

derson, thanking the Court of Common for lifting and renoving ships, 283,
Council for the compliments paid him, CAMOENS, LUIS DE, soune account of,609.
76. Visits Guidhall, and receives the CANNONADING, propriety of, where there
freedom of the city, &c. 253.

may be the smallest chance of reaching
BICKERTON, Sir R. soine particulars of, an enemy, 12.

CANOPUS man of war, dimensions of the,
Bills in Parliament, Naval and Commer- 341.
cial, 163.

CEDERSTROEM, Baron, condemned a:
BLANCHE frigate lost on the coast of Hol. Sockliolın to be shot, but pardoned, 538.

land, 537. The captain and ship's com- CHART of the lines of magnetic variation
pany tried for the same, 634.

in the seas around Africa, elucidated,591.
BLETTENBERG's Bay, account of, 130. CHARTS, Dutch, inaccurate, 131, 133.
BOLTs, premium for the best model of a CHATHAM, the late Lord, naval anecdote
machine for them in ships, 145.

of, 101.
BOND, Capt. account of his reception by CHUNAM, used in the East Indies to cover

the king of Baba, on carrying presents the bottoms of ships, superior to copper
to him for the hospitality he shewed to sheathing, 51.
the crew of the ship Neptune belonging CINNAMON-TREE, 'the, (and most pro-
to Boinbay, wrecked off the south-east bably other spice trees, will thrive in the
end of Madagascar, 355.

West Indies as well as in its native soil, si.
BOORDER, Capt. spirited conduct of, 349. CæcumNAVIGATORS," list of, 393.
Bowen, Capt. procures the release of six COCOA-SHELL, the integument surround.

British subje&ts from slavery at Algiers, ing it called coir, preferable to hemp in

the manufacture of cordage, 60. 138...
BRIDPORT, Lord, his fieet procures stock COLLETT, trial of his ačtion, w. Lord
remarkably cheap at Berhaven, in Iré-

Keith, 637.
land, 76. The unexan.pltd closeness COLNETT, Capt. account of his voyage
wiih which he has blocked up the French to the South Atlantic, &c. 409. Insi.
feer in Brest harbour, 100.

d'ously and cruelly treated by Don Mar.
BUCKOLL, Capr. RICHARD, his birth and tinez, at Nooika Sound, Ibid.

education, 85. Sails as midshipnian, first COLQIOHOUN, Mr. his observations on
with Capt. Parry, and afterwards with 1787 embezzlement, 311. 385.
Capt. Inglefield, (in all five times) to COMMERCE, vic'ssitudes of, 19.
the coast of Africa, 86. Patronized by COMMON COUNCIL of London, their pro-
Admiral Sir Francis Geary, 85, 86. ceedings relative to the freedom of the
Made signal officer, 87. Excepting a city and gold box voted to Adm. Thorp.
very few days not on shore for five years, son, and on the report of the Committee
Ibid. Honoured hy a conference with for considering in what manner the Court
his Majesty at Weyinoutli, 88. Made a should perpetuate the fate glorious Raval
Lieutenant; and, in a voyage with Capi. victories, 56.
Ingichield, narrowly missed the S. Jago COMPASS, th mariner's, allegations for


, and against its being known to the an at the storming of Fort Mulgrave at
cienis, 188.

COMPAS6, one of Dutch construclion, DUNCAN, 'Mr. HENRY, his method of

account of, so; strongly recommended stopping holes in ships' bortoms, 241.
to the use of ine British navy, 51. Durch FACTORY at Canton, thteresting

Mr. Edwards's nexly invented, account of, 59
observatiors on, 421. Caution in adop!-
ing it recommended, 424.

Mr.Whidbey's remarks on,505. EAST INDIA COMPANY, report concern.
Cook, Capt. (the ceiebratest circumnavi ing:heir shipping, &c. 642.

gatur,) his method of curing pork in a EAST INDIA HOUSE, proceedings at the,
hot climate, 98.

relative to Lord Nelson, the shipping
Capt. E. his admirable bravery concerns of the Company, and certain
and conduct in capturing La Forte, 261. publications respecting illicit trade, 164.
447: 540. Interesting letter of his re-

spreting the negociation, &c. at Toulon, EDWARDS, Mr. See Compass.

378. Account of his death, &c. 643. Elliotr, Sir GILBERT, appointed Vice
Cordova, Don JosEPH, broke for his con. roy of Corsica, 44,

duct in the engagement with Admiral ELPHINSTONE, the tion. Capt. takes pos-
Jervis, 440..

session of Fort La Malgue at Toulon, 26,
CORROCORRA, description of a, 135. At:acks and drives the French under Car.
CORSICA, short historical account of, 63, teaux from their posts at Allivulle, 27.
Taken by the British, 44.

Faithfully execures the diiticuít service of
COURTS MARTIAL, NAVAL, proceedings embarking the troops on the evacuation

of various, on the trials of Capt. Jenkins, of Toulun, 35
354 ; Capt. Maison, 315; Cape. Fauik.
nor, 545 ; Mr. Ross, Mr. Piose, 632;

Mr. Elliott, Capt. Rose, Lieuts. M Ken- FACEY, Lieut. P. his extraordinary gal
zie and Lowe, 633; John Shea, Lieut. lanıry in the caprure of a Spanish polacies
Harroden, Capt. Ayscougla and ship's 258.
company, 634 ; the Master of the FETE, Naval, at Palermo, 533.
Gro:vier gun-essel, and Garret Andrew FILTERING MACHINE, Mr. Peacock's,
Fauch, 635

for purifying water by ascent, account
Coxe, his account of the Russian admin

raliy, 283; of the cominerce of the Bri- Fire, on board ships, substances most

tish tactory at St. Petersburgh, 394 likely to occasion it by hcaring, $12.
Crews of Slips, various hints highly in. FLEETS, the combined French and Spa.
teresting to them, 99. 428.

nish, list of, with the Proclamations of
CRONSDALE, particuiars of his engagement

their Admirals, 254.
with a national corvette, 251.

FLETCHER, Di, account of his valuable
CUNNINGHAM, Capt. account of his cap publication respecting the Health of Sca-
ture of La Vestale, 35%.

men, 611.

FOLEY, of the Goliath, led in the ac.

tion off the Nile, 336.
DANISH and NORWEGIAN SHIPs, prohi LA FORTE frigate. See Cook.

bited from entering the ports of Russia, FRENCH CRUELTY, striking instance of,

on the cap:ure of the Benjamin and Elia
DANZEL, M, description of bis hydraulic zabeth West Indiainen, 161.

machine for inaking a vessel advance in FRENCH NAVAL FORCE, ' as stated by
a calm, &c, 146.

Boulay Patys 5394
Davison, Lieut, great gallantry of, 258.
DIONYSIUS, the ear of, described by Lord

Sandwich, 228.

Ganges, particular account of the, 61,
DOUGLAS, Sir CHARLES, his account of Singular cons:ruction of the vessels used
the action of the 12th of April, 1782, 425

for inland navigation on

62. Descrip-
DROWNING, Chinese method to prevent, tion of inose used for travelling, 63.

GELL, R. Admiral, destroys a baitery of
DUMOURIER, M. certain reflections of his the enemy at Toulon, 29.

on the British military character, ex GOODALL, R. Admiral, provisionally apo
ploded, 41.

pointed by Lord Hood Governor of 'rou.
DUNCAN, Lieut, remarkable anecdote of,

lon, 27:

of, 331.

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ot, 453:

Goose, origin of the custom of eating it miral of the Blue, 6. Hists his fligos
on Michaelnas-Day, 305.

board the Barfleur, and sails with a squa.
Gower, Mr. RICHARD HALL, account dron to the West Indies, 7. His able con.

of his inodel for rigging a vessel with five duct in a cruise off Port Royal, in Mart-
masts, 422,

nico, Ibid. Engages a superior fleet onder
GRASSE, Compte de, list of the ships with Compte de Grasse, the 29th of April,

which he engaged Sir Samuel Hood on 1781,9. His bold manæuvre on the zoib,
the 29th of April, 1781, 48.

11. Principally engaged in the action off
GRATUITIES to the Relations of Officers, the Chesapeak, Sepi. 5, 1981, 13. His
&c. killed in action, 152.

admirable manauvres and gallant con-
GRECIANS, historical particulars of their duct at St. Christopher's, 15—18. The

navy, 176; different ranks therein, 183. share bis division iad in the engagement
Ceremonies used by them in launching on the oth of April, 1782, 20. 46. (with
their ships, 188. Order of sailing ob. a plate), 47. Captures the Comie de
served by their feets, 169. Order of Grasse in the Ville de Paris, 21; the
baille, Ibid. Their conduct after vic. Jason and Caton, a frigate, and sloop,
tory, 191. Sailing of their fleet to invade 22. Created a Baron, and complimented

Troy, described by Homer, 459. with the freedom of the city of London
GREECE, rise of the maritisne kingdoms in a gold box, Ibid. Intrusted with the

care of Prince William Henry on board
GRENVILLE, Capt. killed, 553,

the Barfleur, lb.d. Elected Member fir

Westminster, 23. His sentiments on the

discussion in Parliainent of the fourth
HALLOWELL, Capt. shipwrecked on the charge against Warren Hastings, Esq.

coast of Barbary, 43 : ! the action with Ibid. Made Port- Adiniral at Ports-
the Spanish fkti on Feb. 14, and in the mouth, a Vice-Admiral of the Stue,
batile off the Nile, Ibid.

and one of the Lords of the Admiraly,
HARDING, Capt. letter from him respect- Ibid. On the commencement of the pre-
,ing his conduct in the Britannia, in 1798, sent war, appointed 10 command a feet

destined to the Mediterranean, 24. Coma
HARF, Capt. receives the judgment of the plicated and unexampled difficulties of

Court of King's Bench for having sent his situation there, 24, 25. Presented
a challenge to Mr. Kendrick.

by the Pope with a very elegant set of
HAWKE, Sir EDWARD, his heroic conduct the Pia Clementina, 25. Concise detail

wien about to engage M. de Conflans, of the transactions and occurrences in

which he was concerned at Toulon iq
HELDER POINT, some account of (with a

1792, 25. 37. [See also TOULON Pas
map), 436. See also a description of the PERS.) Attacks and reduces the island
Texel, 308.

of Corsica, 37. 44. Returns to England,
HIERO, his celebrated ship described, 182. 45. Preparing to resume his command
HOEFNUNG, the Danish ship, wrecked on in the Mediterranean, is unexpectedly ore
the Goodwil), 158.

dered to strike his flag, Ibid. His cha-
HOLLAND, revolutions in the form of its racter, Ibid. Elected an elder brother of
gove ninent, 305.

the Trinity House; appointed Governor
letter on the late expedition thi. of Greenwich Hospical; raised to the dig.
ther, 348. Other particulars relating nity of a Viscount of Great Britain ; ad.
thereto, 349.

vanced Vice. Admiral of the Red, and
Hoon, Capt. SAMUEL, gallantly attacks, successively Admiral of the Blue, and

in the Jun), the tower of Mortello, in Admiral of the White, 46. His famiiy
Corsica, 38.

and arms, Ibid. Some further detached
Lord Viscount, initiated into the particulars concerning him, 48, 49..
sta service, 2. Promoted to the rank of HOTCHKISS, Licut, soine account of his
Lieutenant; severely wounded, and ap- invention of a new mechanical power for
pointed to the command of the Jamaica raising weights, &c. 636.
sloop, 3. Early instance of his great Hotham, Vice-Admiral, blocks up seven
presence of mind, Ibid. Made Post- sail of French line of battle ships in the
Captain, 4. Destroys a French ship of Bay of Gourjean, 44.
50 guns, Ibid. Caprures the Bellona, 5. Howe, Earl, account of bis death, 363.
Emploved on various services; appoinied Lines on that melancholy event, 607.
Commissioner of Portsmouth dockyard; His funeral procession, 264. Mr, Dua.
created a Baronet, and advanced Rear- das's motion in the House of Commons

for the ere&tion of a monument to his

memory in St. Paul's, 456.

LANGARA, Don, the Spanish Admiral, his
Hughes, Sir EDWARD, some account of treacherous conduct at Toulon, 30. 33:

his several actions with M. de Sutfrein [See TOULON PAPERS.]
in the East Indies, 570, &c. List of his LEANDER man of war, liberally restored
squadron in that off Trincomale, 579, by the Emperor of Russia, 377.
M. de Suffrein's squadron in the same LIGHT Houses, new one a: Madras,
action, 570.

letter from Capi. Barber concerning it,

260. Described by Governnient, 442.

on the island of Anholt,
ICE, the determination of its progress to, notice to mariners respecting it, 636.

wards the equator desirable, 306. LIND, Dr. his condemnation of the dana
INVASIONS of England by sea, 55.

gerous practice of seamen's sleeping a.
JAVA, south coast of, erroneously laid shore from their ships on the coast of
down in the Dutch charts, 131.

Africa, 203.
JENKINS, Capi, tried and acquitted by a LINE OF BATTLE, Lord Hood's, in his

Court Martial for the loss of the Ain- engagement on the 29th of April, 1781,
buscade, 35.

with the Comte de Grasse, 49 ; on the
JOURNALISTS, caution recommended to 25th of Jan. 1782, going into Basse-

them against inaccurate details of unfor. terre, Ibid. As lying at anchor off
tunate events, 430.

Basseterre on the 26th, so.
JUNK, a Chinese, described, 134,

-, ships forming that of

Comte de Grasse in his engagement with

Sir Samuel Hood on the 29th of April,
KEITH, Lord, proceedings of the fleet 1781, 48. •

under his command in pursuit of the LINZEE, Commodore, sent by Lord Hood
combined French and Spanish fleets, 255.

with a squadron against Corsica, 31.
Action brought against his Lordship by LISBON HARBOUR, account of (with a
Collett, &c. 637.

plate), 205.
KING, Commodore R his perilous situa. LITERATURE, NAVAL,

See Colnett,
tion and heroism in the first engagement

Sandwich, Stavorinus, Tooke, Vocabu-
between Sir Edward Hughes and M, de lary.
Sufti ein, 570.

Liverpool PAPER'S, afford relations of
KNIGHT, Sii CHARLES HENRY, account many brave actions performed by men
of his gallant engagement with two Spa-

never before at sea, 51.
nish xebecs (with a plate), 517.

LONGITUDE, description of the instrument
KNOWLES, Adm. Sir CHARLES, enters preferred to sextants by Mr. Langle, in

into the Russian service, 265. The mo- determining it by the distance between
tives, terms, and attendant circumstances the sun and moon, 306.
thereof, 265. 267. 275. His regulations Louis, Capt. complimented with the free.
in the various branches of the inarine, dom of the city of Exeter, for his gal.
267. Highly complimented in public by lantry at the battle of the Nile, 158.
Count de Panin, 269. Evinces his su- LUMLxY, the Hon. Capt. killed in the
perior talents in naval architecture, 275. fourth action between Sir Edw. Hughes
List of the Russian navy in 1778, Ibid. and M. de Suffrein in the East Indies,
Important anonymous letter sent him 577.

from England, 271. Striking repartees LUTINE frigate, unfortunate loss of, 44",
of his to the Empress, 273. General Two of her crew picked up, 538.
statement of the difference between the
mean expence in the niarire of Russia

and that of Great Britain, for the years MACLELLAN, Capt, killed, 579.
* 3727 and 1762, 274. Original letters MAHON HARBOUR, account of (with a
to and from the Empress and others on plate, 125, and 326.
various occasions, 275. Motive deter. MARINE, gular bravery of a, 258.
mining him to return to England, 281. Marrhews, Lieut. his account of the en-
Letter from the Empress previously to gagement on the 9th of April, 1782, be.
his leaving Russia, ibid. Not liberally tween the English and French fleets, 47,
sequired for his services, 282. His burial Medals, description of two, commemo.
place, arms, &c. Ibid. His receipt for rating the victory of the Nile, presented
salting meat, 97

to the city of London by Alex. Davidson,
Esq. 158,


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