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whom the old man complained of moved hy some person, and cou.
his wife groaning at night, and de- not afterwards be found. The sur
clareil that she should not keep geon stated that the wounds on
him awake again. Some relatives the person of the deceased woman
called in later in the evening, and were inflicted with some blunt is-
helped to put the old woman to strument such as this mop-lar ile
bed, leaving her, as they described was described, and the appeara.ce
it, apparently comfortable. A lit- of the body made it evident tzat
ile iime afterwards the old man the poor old woman had bees
was at the public-house, and told beaten to death. It was attemeini,
the landlady that his wife was very on behalf of the prisoner, to re-
ill; that the doctor had been twice duce the crime to one of man-
to see her, and was coming again slaughter, on the plea that deals
in the morning. During the night might have been produced by the
the old man was heard abusing his prisoner striking his wife so tu
wife violently, and the poor old she fell down the stairs. The
creature herself groaning as if still jury, however, found the prisode?
in pain. Early on the following Guilty of murder, adding a re-
morning the old man was again commendation to mercy; but the
at the public-house, and told the judge, in passing sentence of
landlady some rambling story of deaih, held out no bopes of ther-
his wife being out drinking with cy, and the murderer was ere-
another man on the previous after- cuted at Worcester on the end of
noon. A little later in the morn- January.
ing the neighbour came in again, 16. MrRDER AT Liverpool-
and found the old man seated at At the Liverpool Assizes, Thomas
work. He repeated the story he Edwards, aged 32, a butcher
had told at the public-house, add- trade, was iudicted for the murder
ing, that his wife having come of Isabella Tonge, with whom he
home drunk, he had “ given her a had cohabited for upwards of 11
punch in the mouth.” He, how- years, and by the fruits of whose
ever, refused to allow the neigh- prostitution (according to her 043
bour to see his wife, but she ran dying declaration) he had been
past liim and up the stairs into the supported. The facts of the case
bedroom, on the floor of which lay as disclosed in evidence were
the old woman partly dressed, co- briefly these. The prisoner and
vered with blood, and dead. Some the deceased lived together as
of the deceased's hair was found on man and wife in a house in Livera
the stairs, and the staircase wall pool, kept by the latter. In the
was smeared with blood. Other early part of November the base
neixhbours came in, and then ran was visited by a man named Sal
off for assistance. The old man livan, with whom the deceased had
then went upstairs and dragued been previously acquainted, and of
the body from off the floor onto whom the prisoner became jea 138
the bed. Part of a mop handle, One day towards the close of the
with a piece of metal attached, was month, this man Sulivan si
observed lying on the table on the deceased went out together,
which the old man worked, but in and remained a say for some time
Vie confusion consequent on the During this period the priser
report of the murder it was re- became dreadfully excited, and

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drank a large quantity of ale and refer to the provocation occasioned
rum. Early in the morning Sul to the prisoner by the renewal of
livan and the deceased returned, the intimacy between the deceased
and the prisoner angrily asked and Sullivan. The judge, in pass-
where they had been. The de ing sentence of death, said that
ceased made no reply; but Sulli- the recommendation should be
van said to the prisoner, “What forwarded to the proper quarter,
is that to you ? She bas been out but at the same time warned the
with me." . At this time Edwards prisoner not to place any reliance
did not say any more, but sat near on its taking effect. The ruffian
the fire with Sullivan, the de was executed at Liverpool on the
ceased, and other women, and 3rd of January.
erinced no animosity. The de 18. REMOVAL OF THE PRINCE
ceased, however, observed that he Consort's REMAINS

TRE had a knife with him, and fearing MAUSOLEUM. The mortal remains for her life, she suggested that of the lamented Prince Consort Sullivar and Edwards should go are not to rest among those of the up stairs to bed together, and that Princes of the House of Brunsshe and another female inmate of wick: the affection of Her Mathe house should sleep in a room jesty and the Royal children has below. Sullivan and Edwards did prepared a noble mausoleum, in go up stairs; but the latter almost which those much-revered relics immediately returned below, and will finally rest, in a spot conse(according to the deposition of the crated by family love and many deceased) demanded money from cherished remembrances. This ber, which she refused, declaring edifice has been erected in Frogthat she would not prostitute her. mure Park, so long the residence self for him any longer. The of Her Majesty's mother, whose prisoner then fell upon her with remains also rest within the same fury, and, with his knife, stabbed grounds. The mausoleum is cruciher in 19 places; two of the form in plan, a cell in the crossing, wounds penetrated the lungs, from the arms directed towards the carwhich injuries sho shortly after- dinal points. The cell is lighted wards died. The prisoner was by three semi-circular windows in immediately apprehended, and, the clerestory. It is decorated when in custody, said it was drink externally with polished shafts of that had made him do it; but he Aberdeen granite; the roof is of had had his revenge, and if the copper, octagonal in plan, with a deceased and Sullivan were to die, square tower, surmounted by a he should be glad of it, and would gilt cross. The transepts are be content to die himself. These square in plan, lighted by a clefacts being plainly proved, the restory to correspond with the jury, after a somewhat lengthened cell. The entrance is under a deliberation, returned & verdict of porch, approached by steps ; with Guilty, but accompanied it with a circular-beaded windows, the front recommendation to mercy. The supported by monoliths of Aberjudge, with surprise, inquired upon deen granite. The whole exterior what ground. The foreman hesi. is faced with Aberdeen and Guern. tated, and offored no distinct ex sey granite, and with differenta planation ; but was understood to coloured building stones ; the in

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terior with variously-coloured mar- road to Mile-End-gate, was tcs bles and stones, and will be deco- from its fastenings, and carrei corated with statnes. Beneath into the thoroughfares. A: les. the dome of the cell will be placed mouth, besides casualties, a tra the sarcophagus of the Prince, foandered, and some vessels were on which will rest a recumbent driven on to the sands, and one of figure of the deceased, by Baron more unknown vessels were im Marochetti.

on the Goodwin Sands. The coffin containing the re At Liverpool, the brig Eft mains of the Prince Consort was was wrecked in Penrhos Bay, of removed from the vaults of St. her crew of six men, one otrie George's Chapel, where it had escaped. rested since the public ceremony This gale will be memorable for in December last, to the resting. two terrible disasters. A larte place provided by private affection, number of fishing boats were : at an early hour of the morning sea among the Western Islanda

, of the 18th inst. The ceremonial when the storm commenced. Seven observed on this occasion was quite of them foundered off the But: . private; the coffin having been Lewis, and their crews, amounta, placed in a hearse, the Prince of to 12 men and bors, perished. Wales and his brothers, and the The steamer Lifeguard, of abo: Prince Louis of Hesse, followed 500 tons burden, with a crees? in a mourning-coach; the Lord 21 hands and about 30 passengers Chamberlain, the Dean of Wind left Newcastle on the oth De sor, Sir Charles Phipps, and Col. cember about 1000. She was. Grey, with some officials and do

passed that night by another Net mestics, followed in two carriages. castle steamer off After a brief ceremony, appropriate Since that time she has nerer les to the occasion, the coftin was heard of, nor has any recognizable placed within the sarcophagus ; the vestige of her been driven ask ore Princes placed upon it ihe wreaths or picked up at sea. From ott a of flowers which their sisters had inquiries, it is certain that the es last year woven with their own fortunate ship was overladen, as hands to rest over the breast of that a great part of ber cargo the fondest and noblest of fathers. stowed in a very dangerous mas

18. Great STORM.-Wreck of ner. There is little doubt that THE STEAMER“ LIFEGUARD."-On she foundered off Flambripada the 18th, 191h, and 20th of this Head. Among the lost passengers month, & severe gale from the were four young gentlerden, por north-west swept over a great part of a great engineering firm # of England. Considerable mis. Newcastle, who were going home chief was done in and around the for the Christmas holi lays. metropolis ; one noticeable inci. 18. MURDER AT BRISTOL-A! dent being the detachment of one the Gloucester Assiges, Robert of those lines of telegraphic wires Morgan, aged 27, a labourer, was which now cut the sky in all di indicted for the founder of Chris rections, to the great di-figure enpher Wickham at Bristol, on the ment of the heavens. A portioa, 51h of September. The facts of beveral hundred yards in lengib, this case are very brief. On the extending from the Whitechapel night of the 23rd of August, the

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deceased, who was a member of floors were let out to various the Bristol police force, was on lodgers. The top room was occuduty in the Welsh Back, Bristol. pied by a man named Spencer, his The prisoner was behaving inde. wife, and children. These latter cently to a woman in the street. were six in number, and were aged The deceased interfered, told him from 4 to 14) years. Four of to desist from his unbecoming con- them usually dwelt at the parish duct, and to go home quietly. He school on Battersea Common (for then went on bis beat, walking a Spencer was a porter and very little behind the prisoner. The poor), but, unfortunately, they had latter, on reaching the corner of been sent home to their parents the street, waited for the deceased, for the Christmas holidays; and who told him, that if he did not go thus it happened, on the night of home, he should take him to the the 26th December, that the poor station-house. In saying this, he family were all assembled together laid his hand on the prisoner's in one room. About midnight, a shoulder, who then kicked him on fire broke out on the lower story, the shins and stabbed him in the and rapidly spread upwards, and neck under the ear, the knife cut- the flames burst forth from the ting the carotid artery and pene- front windows. The police and trating another artery which could passers-by exerted themselves counot be reached by the surgeons so rageously in arousing and bringing as to be effectively tied. From this forth the inmates, and by their wound the deceased died on the means a number of women and 25th of September. These plain children were rescued. At this facts being indisputably proved, time, however, some man, actuated the jury at once pronounced the by a misguided zeal, pulled down prisoner Guilty, but accompanied the bar and shutters of the shop; Their verdict with a recommenda. by this means access was given to tiou to mercy. The judge passed air, and the flames rushed up the sentence of death with much 80. building with a thorough draft, lemnity and feeling; but the pri- and the house was speedily burnt soner, who had been upmosed through. It was reported that a throughout the trial, listened with whole family of eight or pine perindifference to his doom, and leav- sons, who occupied the top storey, ing the dock with a firm step, said, had been cut off from escape and " Thank you, my lord. May the bad perished. This report had Lord"-mocking the awful words too much foundation; for though just addressed to him — have Spencer and his wife had escaped, mercy on your soul." The sen- all their children had perished. tence of death, after long and In consequence of some suspicious anxious consideration on the part rumours as to the origin of the fire, of the Home Secretary, was com a somewhat protracted inquiry was muted to penal servitude for life. instituted; but nothing was pro

26. FIBE is S010.-Sıx Lives duced to justify the rumours that LOST. --A fatal fire occurred at the had been current. house No. 6, Portland-place, Soho. 30. DESTRUCTION OF CHESTER The house was rented by Mr. TOWN-HALL AND EXCHANGE.---A Chard, a jeweller, who used the great fire has destroyed one of the lower part fos ! : shop; the upper fpest of the modern buildings of

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the ancient city of Chester. The May, 106; in June, 92; in Jup,
Exchange and Town-ball formed 121; in August, 136; in Sepet
a spacious pile of buildings, erected ber, 119; in October, 86: in Now
during the years 1695-8, and em- vember, 100; and in December
bellished during the mayoralty of 122. Total, 1303. Of this dan
the Earl of Derby in 1702. The ber 494 occurred from
structure originally rested on stone causes. Of the rest, 198 happened
pillars, admitting of a public tho- through the careless use of car-
roughfare beneath ; but in the year dles; from gas, 124; from de
1756 the west side was filled up fective flues, 96; from lois
with a row of business premises, matches, 15; fron smekirg is
subsequently converted into police bacco, 24; from sparks from ite,
offices and bridewell. Beside the 95; from spontaneous ignis
Exchange and the apartments spe 17; from overheating stoves, **,
cially appropriated to municipal from hot ashes, 19; from 10.73
business, the building included ihe linen, 10; from children paita
Recorder's Court, in which the with fire, 27; from intors
sessions were held and elections 9; from naptha, 2; and the re-
conducted ; and at either end this mainder from various causes. Tee
hall was adjoined by the Prentice force of officers and men of tim
and Mayor's Court and the Coun- Fire Brigade has been increased
cil Chamber. About 6 P.x. smoke by 14—the strength of the fronte
was perceived to issue from the now being 130.
rooms over the latter. Before the TAE WEATHER OF THE
fire-brigade could make any effec- QUARTER.- The weather of the
tual efforts the flames, fanned by autumnal quarter was sutject is
a strong breeze, had spread over very trying variations. Fruen be
every part of the buildings, which 1st October to the 17th the sea-
were almost totally destroyed. The ther was unusually warm, being a
breeze carried the flames and a degrees in excess daily. From bado
mass of sparks in the direction of date to the 6th November il va
the adjacent cathedral and Bishop's cold; and thence to the eni A
palace. The beautiful new Mar. the year there was again an Piceas
ket-hall was also exposed to dan- of 4 degrees. We ibereture lad
ger. In the Town-hall and Ex- a decidedly mild Christmas. Il€
change Room were many portraits Christmas weather was in dried
of local celebrities and benefac- warmer, with the three excepators
tors to the charities of the city. of 1819, 1852, and 1-57, that it
These were nearly all destroyed. had been for 20 years. The rad-

FIRES IN THE METROPOLIS IN fall was very great, exceeding alt 1862.--In a former part of this that bas occurred for 13 years Chronicle (p. 23) will be found a The College of Sunghurst hal brief summary of the Fires in the the largest share—55 4 inches für Metropolis in 1861: the Superin. there. At Truro 445 in., at tendent of the London Fire Bri- Barnstaple 13.7 in., at Bith 3* gade has made his Report for the in, at Alienheadls, 43 7 in

Tos present year. From this document lowest full was at Scart-visas it appears that there occurred in 2014 in.; at Greenwichi, 24.1.1 January, 108; in February, 112; The last quarter of the Frar 24 in March, 02; in April, ill; in stated by the Registrar-General 10

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