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tries, the power of exercising all Convention between Her Majesty
their rights, and of appearing and the King of Denmark, for
before the tribunals, whether for the Mutual Surrender of Crimi-
the purpose of bringing an action, nals. (Signed at London, April
or for defending the same, through 15, 1862. Ratifications
out the dominions and possessions changed at London, May 27,
of the other Power, subject to the 1862.)
sole condition of conforming to the
laws of such dominions and pos Her Majesty the Queen of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain II, It is agreed that the stipu- and Ireland, and His Majesty the lations of the preceding article King of Denmark, having judged shall apply as well to companies it expedient, with a view to the and associations constituted and better administration of justice, authorized previously to the sig. and to the prevention of crime nature of the present Convention, within their respective territories as to those which may subsequently and jurisdictions, that persons be so constituted and authorized. charged with or convicted of the

III, The present Convention is crimes hereinafter enumerated, and concluded wiihout limit as to du- being fugitives from justice, should, ration. Either of the High Powers under certain circumstances, be shall, however, be at liberty to reciprocally delivered up; their terminate it by giving to the other said Majesties have named as their a year's previous notice. The two Plenipotentiaries, to conclude a High Powers, moreover, reserve to Convention for this purpose, that themselves the power to introduce is to say :into the Convention, by common Her Majesty the Queen of the consent, any modifications which United Kingdom of Great Britain experience may show to be de- and Ireland, the Right Honourable sirable.

John Earl Russell, Viscount Am. IV. The present Convention berley of Amberley and Ardsalla, shall be ratified, and the ratifica- a Peer of the United Kingdom, a tious shall be exchanged at Paris Member of Her Majesty's Most in fifteen days, or sooner if possible. Honourable Privy Council

, Her In witness whereof the respec- Principal Secretary of State for tive Plenipotentiaries have signed Foreign Affairs ; the same, and have affixed thereto And His Majesty the King of the seals of their arms.

Denmark, M. Torben de Bille, llis Done in duplicate at Paris, the Chamberlain, Commander of the 3ith of April, 1862.

Order of Danebrog, and decorated (LS.) COWLEY. with the Cross of Honour of the (LS) THOMVENEL. same Order, Ilis Envoy Extra

ordinary and Minister Plenipoten1.1 Convention with the King of tinry to Her Britannic Majesty;

the Belgians, for the same pur Who, after having communicated
pose and in identical terms, was to each other their respective full
signed at London. November powers, found in good and duo
1, 162. Ratifications ex form, have agreed upon and con-
changed at London, December cluded the following Articles :-
8, 180.]

1. It is agreed that the High

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Contracting Parties shall, on re- copy of his conviction, and on quisition made in their name proof of his identity. through the medium of their re On the part of the British Gospective diplomatic agents, de. vernment, the surrender in the liver up to justice persons who, case of a person accused shall be being accused or convicted of made only on the warrant or other murder (comprehending the crimes equivalent judicial document for of assassination, parricide, infan- the arrest of a fugitive, issued by ticide, and poisoning) or attempt a judge or magistrate duly autho10 commit murder, or of forgery rized to take cognizance of the acts (comprehending the counterfeiting charged against the fugitive in of bank-notes, or public securities, Denmark, and on duly authentior money), or of fraudulent bank cated depositions or statements on ruptcy, committed within the juris- oath before such judge or magis. diction of the requiring Party, trate, clearly setting forth the shall be found within the territories said acts, or on such other evidence of the other, provided that such thereof as, according to the laws persons are not subjects of the of England, would warrant tha Party upon which the requisition is apprehension of the said fugitive, made. Provided also, that in the and his committal for trial for the case of a person accused, the sur- said acts, if they had been therein render shall be made only when committed ; or, in the case of a the commission of the crime shall person convicted, on the producbe so established as that the laws tion of an authenticated copy of of the country where the fugitive his conviction, and on proof of bis or person so accused shall be found identity. would justify his apprehension and II. In the case of a person accommitment for trial, if the crime cused or convicted of any of the had been there committed; and crimes mentioned in the preceding in the case of a person couvicted, article, who may have fled from a the surrender shall be made only colony or possession of one of the on the production of an authen- High Contracting Parties, and be ticated copy of his conviction and found in a colony or possession of on proof of his identity.

the other, the surrender shall be Consequently, on the part of the made, subject always to the conDanish Government, the surrender ditions prescribed in the preceding shall be made only by the consent article, on a requisition addressed of the Minister to whose depart by the Governor of the one colony ment appertains the administration directly to the Governor of the of justice, and after the production, other. The Governor upon whom in the case of a person accused, of the requisition is made shall be a warrant of arrest or other equi- at liberty either to grant the survalent judicial document, issued render or to refer the matter to by a judge or other competent his Government. authority in the l'nited Kingdom, 111. The expenses of any de. clearly setting forth the acts for tention and surrender made in which the fugitive shall have ren. virtue of the preceding articles dered himself accountalile; or in shall be borne and defraged by the the case of a person convicted, on Government in whose name the the production of an authenticated requisition shall have been nade.

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IV. The present Convention clude a Treaty for that purpose, sball come into operation as soon and have named as their Plenipoas the necessary legislative Acts tentiaries, that is to say :shall have been passed. Either The Right Hon. Earl Russell, of the High Contracting Parties and the Right Hon. Thomas Milshall be at liberty to give notice to ner Gibson; and the Sieur Sylvain the other at any time for its ter- Van de Weyer : mination; and in such case it shall Who, after having communialtogether cease and determine at cated to each other their respective the expiration of six months from full powers, found in good and due the date of such notice.

form, have agreed upon the followV. The present Convention shall ing articles : be ratified, and the ratifications I. There shall be reciprocal shall be exchanged at London in liberty of commerce between all one month, or sooner if possible. the dominions and possessions of

In witness whereof the respec- the two High Contracting Parties ; tive Plenipotentiaries have signed and the subjects of each of them the present Convention, and hare shall, throughout the whole extent affixed thereto the seal of their of the territories and possessions arms.

of the other, enjoy the same rights, Done at London, the fifteenth privileges, liberties, favours, imday of April, in the year of Our munities, and exemptions, in matLord one thousand eight bundred ters of commerce and navigation, and sixty-two.

which are or may be enjoyed by

native subjects. (L.S.) RUSSELL.

II. The subjects of one of the (L.S.) TORBEN BILLE.

two High Contracting Parties residing in the dominions of the other, shall have the same liberty

as native subjects to manage their Treaty of Commerce and Nariga. ovn affairs themselves, or to com

tion between Her Majesty and mit them to the management of the King of the Belgians. (signed any other persons, as brokers, at London, July 23, 1862. Ra. factors, agents, or interpreters. tifications exchanged at London, They shall not be restrained in August 30, 1862.)

their choice, and shall not be

obliged to pay any salary or remuneHer Majesty the Queen of the ration to any person whom they United Kingdom of Grent Britain shall not choose to employ in those and Ireland, and His Majesty the capacities; buyers and sellers being King of the Belgians, being equally at perfect liberty to bargain togeanimated by the desire to facilitate ther, and to fix the price of any and extend the relations of com- goods or merchandize imported or merce and navigation between destined for exportation, on conditheir respective dominions; and tion of observing the regulations being desirous, with a view to so and the customs laws of the beneficial an object, to remove the country, obstacles which impede the com III. In all that relates to navi. mercial relations between the two gation and commerce, the High countries, have resolved to con. Contracting Parties shall not grant

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any privilege, favour, or immunity board that part of the cargo which to any other country, which shall is destined for another port, not be also and immediately ex. whether in the same country or in tended to their respective subjects. any other country, and may re-es.

IV. All vessels which according port the same, without being cm. to the laws of Great Britain are pelled to pay, upon such retained to be deemed British vessels, and part of their cargo, ang duty of all vessels which according to the customs, save those for watching. laws of Belgium are to be deemed which, of course, shall be leriet Belgian vessels, are declared to be only at the rate Axed for pational British and Belgian vessels re- vessels. spectively.

VIII. Goods of every kind which V. No duties of tonnage, har- are or may be legally importable bour, light-house, pilotage, quaran into the ports of the United King. tine, or other similar or correspond. dom of Great Britain and Ireland, ing duties, of whatever nature or its Colonies and Possessions, in under whatever denomination, British vessels, may likewise be levied for the profit or in the imported into such ports in Bel

. name of the Government, public gian vessels, without being liabila functionaries, communes, corpor- to other or higher duties, of what. tions, or establishments of what ever denomination, than if such ever kind, shall be imposed in the goods were imported in national ports of either country, upon the vessels. vessels of the other country, from Heciprocally, goods of every whatever port or place arriving, kind which are or may be legally which shall not be equally im- importable into the ports of Belposed in the like cases on national gium in Belgian vessels, may like. vessels.

wise be imported into such ports VI. In all that regards the sta- in British vessels, without being tioning, the loading, and unloading liable to other or higher duties, of of vessels in the ports, basins, whatever denomination, than of dochs, roadsteads, harbours, or such goods were imported in na: rivers of the two countries, no tional vessels. privilege shall be granted to na IX. Goods of every kind which tional vessels, which shall not be may be exported either from Bel. equally granted to vessels of the gium by British vessels, or from other country; the intention of the Great Britain and the British Pose High Contracting Parties being, spasions by Belgian vessels, fyr that in this respert also the re. whatever destination, shall not be spective vessels shall be treated on liable to any other duties or for. the footing of perfect equality. malities on departure than if they

VII. British vessels entering a were exported in national veswils; port of Belgium, and reciprocally, and they shall enjor, under erhiep Belgian vessels cutering a port of flag, all buntips and dramdahs. Great Britain or of the British or other favours, whrh are or try Possmanj 1194, and desiring to dis. be granted in ench of the 1.10 charge only a part of their cars, countries to pational ressels. may, subject to complianre wish

X. During the perind allowed the laws and regulations of the br the laws of the two countries respective countries, retain on for the warehousing of goods, nu

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other duties than those for custody blished for goods imported from and storage shall be levied upon France into Belgium by Articles articles imported from one of the XVIII. to XXVI, inclusive of the two countries into the other, until Treaty of Commerce concluded they shall be removed for transit, between the two countries on the re-exportation, or internal con- Ist of May, 1861, shall equally sumption.

apply in Belgium to the same In no case shall such articles goods imported from Great Britain pay higher duties, or be liable to and its Possessions. other formalities, than if they had With regard to pure or mixed been imported under the national tissues, taxed ad valorem, the vaHag, or from the most favoured luation of which in the ports may country.

appear to the Belgian Government XI. Goods of every kind coming to present difficulties, the Belgian from or going to either of the two Government reserves to itself the countries shall reciprocally be ex power to designate the Customempted from all transit duty. house of Brussels exclusively for

The prohibition in regard to the admission of such goods. gunpowder is, however, main XIV, Neither of the two High tained; and the two High Con- Contracting Parties shall impose tracting Parties reserve to them- upon goods the produce or manuselves to subject the transit of facture of the other party, other or arms of war to special authoriza- higher duties of importation than tions.

such as are or may be imposed The treatment of the most fa- upon the same goods, the produce voured nation is reciprocally gua- of any other foreign country. ranteed to each of the two countries Each of the two Parties engages in all that concerns transit and to extend to the other any favour warehousing.

or privilege, or reduction in the XII. With regard to the coast. tariff of duties of importation or ing trade, it is agreed between the exportation, on articles mentioned, High Contracting Parties that the or not mentioned, in the present subjects and vessels of each of Treaty, which either of them may them shall, in the dominions and grant to any third Power. They possessions of the other, enjoy the engage, moreover, not to establish same privileges, and be treated in against each other any duty or all respects on the same footing, prohibition of importation or exas national subjects and vessels. portation, which shall not, at the

With regard to the coasting same time, be applicable to all trado in the Colonies, the stipula- other nations. tions of the present article shall It is further agreed that if ser be applicable only to the coasting salt refined in Belgium should trade of such of the Colonies of obtain a deduction of more than Her Britannic Majesty as have seven per cent. from the general applied or shall hereafter apply, in duty of excise, British salt refined conformity with the Acts of Parlia- in Belgium shall enjoy, at the ment which govern this matter, same moment, a deduction from that their coasting trade may be the excise which shall not be inopen to foreign vessels.

ferior by more than seven per cent. XIII. The regulations esta- to the deduction granted to sea salt.

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