15. At Edinburgh, the lady BIRTHS.

R. J. Feilden, Sixtieth Rifes, a tot

17. At Malmaison Castle

co. Cork, the lady of Lezi, lakini 1861.

ville, a son.

18. At Blinburgh, the lady:

Hon. A. Y. Bingbam, a scu.

At Bore Manor, le

dlesex, the lady of Alderna 1. At 40, Upper Grosvenor-street, the M.P., a son. of John Walter, esq., M.P., a dau.

19. In Berkeley-square

, the k ness of Waterford, a son, 20. In Pembridge-gardens

, Pro

the Hon. Mrs. Charles Loirala 1862.

nard, a son. JANUARY

esq., a dau.


21. At Dublin, the Countes ::


leck, a son.


BIRTHS. 3. At Parkanaur, Tyrone, the Hon. Mrs, lady of Major E. Hungerford Eagar, a Burges, a dau.

At The Grange, Taplow, the Hon. 23. At Stockwell, the lady of Lieut..
Mrs. Irby, a son.

Col. Seager, Eighth Hussars, a son.
At Beverley, the lady of Lieut.-Col. At Woolwich, the lady of Major J.
B. G. Layaru, a dau.

H. Wyatt, C.B., Military Train, a dau.
4. In Dover-street, the Countess of 24. In Cheslam-st., Lady Jane Levett,
Lichfield, a son.

a chau, 5. In Chesham-place, Lady Augusta In Green-street, Grosvenor-square, Fremantle, a son.

the Hon. Mrs. William Napier, a son. 7. At Drumcondra Castle, Dublin, Lady At Llangen nech-park, CarmarthenRachel Butler, a dau.

shire, the lady of William Henry Nevill, 8. In Seamore-pl., the Lady Elizabeth Adeane, a dau.

At Spring Grove, Isleworth, the At Annaghmore, co. Sligo, the lady lady of Major Nicholas, R.F.P., Fifth of Chas. W. O'Hara, esq., M.P., a son. Fusiliers, a dau.

In Upper Hyde-park.gardens, the 25. In Seamore-place, the lady of J. lady of Algernon Bathurst, esq., a son. G. Dodson, esq., M.P., a dau.

10. In Hanover-square, the Viscountess In Norfolk-square, Hyde-park, the Boyle, a son.

lady of Major C. B. Ewart, Royal EnIn Chesham-street, the Lady Edith gineers, a son. Fergusson, a dau.

- In Belgrave-square, Mrs. Callander, - At Honey borough House, near Pem- Prestern Hall, a son and heir. broke Dock, the Luvly Frederic Kerr, a At Lubenham Hall, near Market

Harbro', the Countess of Hopetoun, a In Hill-street, the Ilon. Mrs. Lereson son, who survived his birth only a few Gower, a dau.

hours. At Hill Cliff, Warrington, the lady 27. In Chesham-street, the lady of of Richard Assheton Cross, esq., M.P., Berkeley Napier, esq., a son, a dan.

28. At Lilystone, Essex, the Lady 12. At the Rectory, Welwyn, Lady Catherine Petre, a dau. Boothly, a son.

At Athlone, the lady of Capt. 13. At Kensington Palace, the lady of Arthur Comyn Pigou, R. A., a son. the Rev. Vere Broughton Smyth, a dau. At Alnınouth, near Alnwick, the

MARCH. lady oi Capt. L. Stafford Northcote, a son.

14, At Kew, the lady of Lieut.-Col. 2. In Piccadilly-terrace, the Lady Maro Fisher, C.B., Royal Engineers, a dau. garet Beaumont, a son.

15. In Wilton-street, the lady of Col. At Dublin, the lady of Major Hay, Humo, C.B., late of Grenadier Guards, Royal Horse Artillery, a son. 3 lau.

3. At Cambo House, Lady Erskine, a 16. At Kilken Castle, the Marchioness dau. of Kildare, a son.

4. In Grosvenor-square, the Countess At Foulmire Rectory, near Royston, of Dartmouth, a dau. the Hon. Mrs. Arthur Savile, a dau.

At Sideup-place, Footscray, the lady - At Rutland-gate, Hyde park, the of Lieut. -Col. J. Hall Smyth, C.B., R.A., lady of Col. St. George, C.B., R. A., a son.

a dau.
18. In lipper Belgrave-street, Belgrave 5. At Invergordon Castle, Ross-shire,
square, the Hon. Mrs. Greville Vernon, a the lady of R. B. Æ. Macleod, esq., of

Godboll, a dau.
At West Hill, Jersey, the lady of 6. At Kensington Palace-gardens, the
Col. C. II, Delamain, C.B., a son. lady of Peter Garthew, esq., a son.

20. At Newton Don, Keixo, the lon. The lady of Major-Gen. Windham, Mrs. Baliour, a son and heir.

C.B., a son.
At Waterstown House, Athlone, the At Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the
Hon. Mrs. Handcock, a lau.

lady of Lieut.-Col. R. Bligh Sinclair, a
- At Torquay, the lady of Major C. E. dau.
Mansfield, a dau.

At St. Ann's, Trinidad, the lady of 21. At Oxford, the lady of Professor H. E. Robert William Keate, esq., a son. Max Muller, a dau.

8. At Woodville Hlouse, Blackheath, At Hobart Town, Tasmania, the the Hon. Mrs. Charles Webber, a son.


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a son.

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- At Bray, Berks., the ladies 1. At East Sheen, Surrey, the lady of dau.

Hamilton, late H.M. Madru i -jor Leycester Penrhyn, a son.

22. In Park-street, Grote 2. At Dalham Hall, Suffolk, Lady Lady Elizabeth Leslie Mere At Rotterdam, Lady Turing, a son.

wright, of Melville House, Files

23. At Hastings, the lady i les 5. At Polmont Park, Stirlingshire

, the Gen. Ludlow, a son, w of Alexander Crum-Ewing, esq., a

At the Rectory, Claphamis

the lady of the Rer. Wentworth or
At Cranley Rectory, Guildford, the a son.
Mrs. Sapte, a son.

24. At Edinburgh, the last
In Norfolk-street, Park-lane, the Dawson, Ninety-thiri Highlands : 5
of Lieut.-Col. Higginson, Grenadier

25. At Caynham Court, the ods, a dau.

Lieut. -Col. Master, Fifth Fosies - At Edinburgh, Mrs. Lyon Playfair,

26. At Rockinghain

, the HR D

King, a dau.
In Kildare-terrace W. the lady of

At Sanquhar House, Fenres
Thomas Holmes Tidy, a son.

the lady of Major-Gen

. Sir Patriot is The lady of Major Du Cane, late G.C.B., a son.

27. At Little Casterton Rectory,
In Upper Grosvenor-street, the Vis. ford, the lady of the Hoe
atess Stormont, a dau.

Francis Byng, a son.
At Argrennan Castle Douglas, N.B.,

At Windsor, the buis of wa
y Bertha Clifton, a son.

Lovett, Second Life Guards, a set - The lady of Major Charles Cheetham, of Lieut

, the Hon. Jas. T. FREDE

28. At Rock Ferry, Cheshire, eta
Roy. Art., a dau.
2. In Prince's-gardens, the lady of commanding H. M.'s gurboat tristes
E C. E. Childers, esq., M.P., a son,

In Grosvenor-street, the Countess
ourtown, a dau.

D. Ryder, a dau.
At Mhow, the lady of Lieut. -Col.
C.B., Seventy-Second Highlanders, D'Aguilar, C. B., a son.
At Rutland-gate, Viscountess Bury,

Hochepied Larpent, a dau

At Hatherton Hall, Str. :
At Park-hill House, Clapham, the lady of Capt. R. Pudsey Dawst 3, 373

31. In St. James's-square, the band
Mrs. Augustus Lane Fox, a dau.
At Lyme Park, Cheshire, the lady Emma Talbot, a son.
lliam J, Leigh, esq., M.P., a son.
At Prince's.gate, S. W., the Hon.

Dalrymple Hay, a dau.

In Grosvenor-square, the lady of 2. At Upper Tooting, Surrey, the s
rd Benyon, esq., M.P., a dau. of Alderman Rose, a dau.

At Westbrook Hlay, Herts

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30. At Woolwich, the lady o is

At Ahmednuggur

, the Barces

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BIRTHS. 8. At Malta, the lady of Col. Halle 29. At Blackheath, the lady of Major well, a son.

Brendon, R.A., a son. In Ee-leston-terrare South, the lady 30. At the East Cavalry Barra-ks, of Capt. R. H. Thursby, a son.

Aldershott, the lady of Lieut. Col. Oakes 9. In Chester-square, the lwiy of Sir Edmund Lechinere, bart., a dau.

At Penn, Staffordshire, the lady of 11. At King William's-town, Cape of Major Foster, H. M.'s Ninety-fifth Regt., Good Hope, the lady of Col. Staunton,

4 dau. 4 dan. 14. In Wilton-terrace, Kensington, the

APRIL. lady of Capt. Vallance, Fifth Lancers, a

2. At St. Andries, Lady Arland Hood, 15. At Palmouth, the lady of Capt. 8 dau. W. King Hall, C.B., a son.

- At Bulmershe Court, lady Catherine At Seggieden, Perthshire, Mrs. Wbeble, a day. Druinnond Hay, 4 dau.

At Tunbridge Wells, the Hon. Mrs. 16. At Glanusk Park, the lady of Sir Blakeney, a son. Joseph Russell Bailey, bart., a dan.

At Eversley Cross, the lady of the 17. At Middleham, Yorkshire, the lady Hon. W. B. Annesley, a dau. of the llop. A. C. Orde Powlett, a son.

At Rutland-gate, the Hon. Mrs. 18. At Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Fitz John Vivian, a dau. Gerald, a dau.

3. At Eggington Hall, Burton-on-Trent, At Montreal, the lady of Colonel the lady of Sir Henry Every, hart., a son. Eardley Wilmot, R.A., a dau.

In Westbourne-terrace, lyde-park, At Hilton, near Bridgnorth, the

the lion. Mrs. Henry Noel, a ron. lady of Lieut. ·Col. Sinythe, a dau.

- At St. Mary's Rectory, Blandford, 19. At Bedford-road, Clapham, the the lady of the Rev. J. Mansfield, a dau. lady of Richard Baggally, esq.,Q.C., a dau. At Gosport, the lady of Capt. Charles

At Bishopwearmouth, Darham, the Webley Hore, RW., a dau. Lady Victoria Villiers, a dau.

- At Burton, Westmoreland, the lady 21. In Eaton-place, the luiy of Sir of Major J. B. Flanagan, Eighty-first William Henry Clerke, hart., a dau. Revt., a đau.

In Prince's-square, Hyde-park, the 4. At Southsen, Hants, the lady of lady of Col. E. S. Blake, C.B., Royal Colonel Pierrepont Mundy, commanding Artillery, a dau.

Royal Artillery, St. Jobn's, New BrunsAt Durham, the lady of Major wick, a son. Arinstrong, first Batt., Sixt enth Rozi. 6. In Enton-place, the lady of Liest.. ment, a dau.

Col. F. Carey, Twenty-sixth Regt, a dau, 22. At Throwley House, Kent, the lady In Acacia-road, Regent's-park, the of Major Munn, a dau.

Lady of Lieut. -Col. P. G. Cazalet, a son. - At Stonehouse, Plymouth, the lady 7. At Lucknow, the lady of G. B. of Li ut.-Col. Mann, Town-Major, a dau. Maconochie, esq., a daa.

In Park-crescent, Regent's-park, the 10. In Charles-street, the Hon Mr. la ly of Capt. R. Palliser, a dan.

Curzon, adau. 23. The Lady Radstock, a dau.

At Galatz, the lady of George B. At Poikestone, the lary of Col. H. Wani, €59., H.M.' Cepsal at that place, R. Browne, a dau.

21. At Elvington House, Ryile, the 12. At Wentworth, Woodhouse, the Ing. Mrs. William Stourton, a dau.

Countess Fitzwilliam, a son. 27. At Valencia, the larly of the Knight At Dublin, the lady of Lieut. Col. of Kerry, a dau.

Robert White, Seventeenth Laporra, a . In St. James's-place, the lady of 13. In Norfolk-street, Park-lane, the Capt. Algernon de Hory, R.N, a dan.

Hon. Mr. Egerton, prematurely, a wa 29 At Othngtrin, wussex, the Lady and heir. Emily (aistori, a son.

At Eatinharzb, the lady of Lieat.. 29. At Baddington Manut, near Not. Col. Dalyell, Twenty first Fusiliers, a dnu. tingham, the lady of Sir Thomas Parkyns,

- At Scarborough, the lady of Majlis

Gore, Sixth Roral Rez, a sin.
At Blanchory Lodge, Kincardine-

14. At l'elipdra, near Cardiff, Glamp. shire, the laly of Lieut.-Col. Burnett ganshire, the lady of T. W. Booker, ex..

6 dau. Ramsay, a son.

bart., * dau.

le 29. At Blackheath, the lady a

Brendon, R.A., a son. dy 30. At the East Cavalry Bene

Aldershots, the lady of Lieut. Cuiwe Sir 4 dau.

At Penn, Stafordshire, the light of Major Foster, H. M.'s disetrinu i


a dan.

[blocks in formation]

2. At St. Andries, Lady Adland Franke pt. a dau.

At Bulmershe Court, Lady Carbon [rs. Wheble, a dau. At Tunbridge Wells

, tbe Hoek Sir Blakeney, a son.

At Eversler Cross, the lady of the ndy Hoo. W. B. Annesley, a dan.

At Rutland-eate, the Buck itz- John Vivian, a dar. 3. At Eggington Hall

, Bartels nel the lady of Sir Henry Brers, hart, in

la Westbourde-terraz, lis 2 the the Hon. Mrs. Henry Noel

, a 9.9. At St. Mary's Rectory, Bear the the lady of the Rev. I. Van

At Gosport, the lady of Cape Cannes he Webley Hope, R. X., a dad.

At Burton, Westmorelap, the best ir of Major J. B. Flanagan, bagian be

Rest., a dau,



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15. In Half Moon-street, Piccadilly,

Lady Elizabeth Inglis Jones, a dau,
At Inch House, Londonderry, the

1. In Eaton-place, Mrs. C. Wriothesly
Hon. Mrs. Algernon Chichester, a daq. Digby, a dau.
16. At Dublin, the lady of the Right

2. In Lower Belgrave-street, EatonHon. Baron Deasy, a son.

square, Lady North, a son. In Kensington-gardens-square, the

At the York Hotel, Albemarle. lady of Lieut.-Col. G. Moubray Lys, street, Lady Scarsdale, a dau. C.B., late Twentieth Regt., a dau.

At Murree, the lady of Lieut.-Col. 19. At Florence, the Hon. Mrs. Augus

Alexander Taylor, C.B., Royal Bengal tus Halford, a son.

Engineers, a son. 21. At Naera Ellia, Ceylon, Lady 3. At Sarawak, Borneo, the lady of Creasy, a son.

J. Brooke Brooke, esq., a dau. 22. At Woolwich, the lady of Major 4. In Cadogan-place, the Hon. Mrs. Godby, R. A., a son.

Hay, a son. 23. At Dalse Court, Hereford, the lady 6. At the Cloisters, Windsor, the Hon. of Col. Feilden, a dau.

Mrs. Henry Ponsonby, a dau.
24. In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, At Lansdowne-rilla, Clifton, Lady
Lady Emily Kingscote, a dau.

Oakeley, a son and heir.
In Portman-square, Lady Louisa At Wanston, Hants, the lady of
Agnew, a son.

Major Burnaby, R. E., a dau.
In St. George's-square, the Hon. 8. At Secunderabad, Deccan, the lady
Mrs. Henry Maude, a son.

of Colonel J. Thornton Grant, C.B., of
25. At Aldershott, the lady of Lieut.. H.M.'s Eighteenth Regt. (Royal Irish), a
Col. Sir Edward Fitzgerald Campbell,
bart., Sixtieth Royal Ritles, a son.

10. At Galatz, the lady of Major
At Brighton, the lady of Lieut.. Stokes, R. E., a dau.
Col. St. George, late of H.M.'s Bengal At Dresden, the lady of R. Honi-
Army, o dau,

son Craufurd, of Craufurdland Castle, a
- In Chester-square, the lady of Capt.
Grey, Grenadier Guards, a son.

11. At Sandgate, the lady of Lieut.. The lady of Edward S. Dendy, esq., Col. Shakespear, R.A., a son.

12. In Raton-square, the lady of T. M. At Otacamund, the lady of Lieut. Weguelin, esq., M.P. Col. Arnold C. Pean, a son.

13. In Heriord-street, Mayiair, the 26. A: Woolwich-common, the lady of

Hon. Mrs. Arthur Egerton, a dau.
Col. Francklya, C.B., Royal Art., a son. 14. At Dublin, the lady of Col. We.

At Manchester, the lady of Col. therall, a dau.
Harris Greathed, C.B., a dau.

10. In Kildare-terrace, Westbourne. - At the Hall, Pipper, the lady of park, the lady of Capt. Tarleton, R.X., * Lieut.-Col. Desborough, R.A., a day.

27. At the Rectory, Bedale, the Hon. In Westbourne-park, the lady oi Mrs. John Beresford, a 50D.

Lieat. -Col. W. E. Gibb, a dau. - At Gibraltar, Lady Walpole, a son. At Victoria, Vancouver's Island, 28. In Welbeck -street, the lady of

the lady of Archdeacon Wright, a son. Thomas Davison Bland, esq., of Kippax

17. At the Palace, Salisbury, the lady Park, Yorkshire, a son.

of the Bishop of Salisbury, a dau. 29. At Brighton, the lary of Lieut.. At Hayes, Middlesex, Lady Maria Col. Wilbraham Lennox, Roy. Engineers, Spearman, wife of Filmund Robert Sptar

man, es, & son. 3.). In Cambridge-terrace, Hydepark, In Oxford-square, the Hon. Mrs. the lady of Major Castle, a dau.

William Edward Sackville West, a dau. At St. Andrew's, Fife, the lady of At Richmond, Surrey, the lady of Lieut. -Col. H. D. Maitland, Retired List, Archibald Gordon, eso, M.D., C.B., a Bengal Army, a dau.

dau, At Holywell Vicarage, the lady of At Skipton-in-Craven, the laily of the Rev. Hugh Jones, Canon of St. Major William Cookson, a son, Asaph, a dau,

18. In Eaton-place, the Hon. Mrs. William Cavendish, a son.

19. At Ball's-park, Herts, Lady Elizs. betb St. Aubyn, a dau.


& son,

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4. At Southsen, Hants, there al Colonel Pierrepont Jiundy, Royal Artillery

, St. John's Nes dans rwick, a son.

6. In, the lads of us Col. F. Carey, ['wenty-sixth Best, a base

· In Acacia-road, Regent's-futi. lady of Lieut-Col

. P. G. Canales 7. At Lucknow, the lady o & Maconochie, esq., a dan. 10. In Charles-street

, the Bee kis Curzon, a dau.

At Galatz, the lady of George Fard, esq., H.M.'s Consul at that plante

3 son.

& 80n.

12. At Wentworth, Wodbe, the Countess Fitzwilliaza, a son.

At Dublin, the lads of Lies obert l'hite, Serenteenth Laners i

13. In Norfols-street, Part-lare D. Mrs. Egerton, prenatores, 1 site I heir.

At Edinburgh, the Isle of Living
Dalrell, Twenty-first Poster 10
At Scarborough, the lady of Louis
Sixth Roral Regt, # 508.
At lelindra, near Cardif, Gior
cire, the lady of T, W. Broker, est,

BIRTIS. 19. In Gloucesterplace, Hyde-park, the 2. At Stratton Strawless, Norfolk, the lady of Ralph Disraeli, esq., a dau. lady of Lieut.-Col. Hugh Fitzroy, a son.

20. At Broadwater, Golalming, the 3. At Hulland Hall, Derbyshire, the lady of Col. C. E. Fairtlough, a son. lady of John K. Fitzberhert, es, a 800.

At Elinburgh, the lady of Lieut. 4. At Malahar hill, Bombay, tie lady Col. Alison, C.B., a son.

of John Grant Maleolmson, Esq., 1.C., 21. In Belgrave-square, Laily Briston, Third Bombay Light Cavalry, A 1. a dau.

At Southea, Ilants, the Lily of 22. The lady of the Ven. Archdeacon Col. Edward Somerset, C.B., D.Q. M.':, Lower, St. John's, Newfoundland, a son, of the South-wertern District, a dau.

In New Burlington-street, Regint. At Lise House, Fifeshire, the street, Lady Hulse, a son.

larly of Lieut. Col. W. Balinton, a dan, At Corfu, the lady of Col. Inglis, 5. At Castle Semple, Renin salaire, Ninth Regt., a son.

Laly Elizabeth Lee Harvey, a dau. At Chichester, the ladiy of Major R. 6. At Norfolk Hogre, St. James's B. Boyd, Twenty-first Depot Batt., a son. square, Lady Victoria Hope &c th, of

23. In Grosvenor-square, Lady Louisa twin daus. Mills, a dau.

The Hon. Mrs. Carnell, a dau. At the Fort, Madras, the lady of At Henbury, the lady of Liegt.. Lieut.-Col. Percival Fenwick, Sixty-ninth Col. Meares, a won. Rest., a dau.

7. The Countess of Hunter, a son. 25. At Athavaine, co. Mayo, Laly 8. At Poorundhur, the lady of Majerte Harriett Lynch Blosse, a dan.

Olfieid, Bomlay Light (avalry, a dau. At Turin, the Hon. Mrs. George 10. The lady of Lieut. -Col. Anstrutbet, Cadogan, a son.

Grenadier Guards, a son. At Ocle Court, Hereford, the laly 11. At Rnse Hill, Rotherham, Lsiy of Major W. W. Stephenson, a son. Mahon, a son.

26. In t'pper Grosvenor-street, Lady 12. At St. George's, Bermuda, the Cecilia Brinck man, a son.

laily of CoL Lloyd, Commanding Riyal - In St. George's-road, South Bel. Engineers, 2 SOD. gravia, the lady of Major-General Stran. At Gunton Park, Lady Suteli, a shamn, a dau.

dau. At Arborfield Hall, Berks, the lady At Richmond, Surrey, the lady of of Capt. Hargreaves, a dau.

Elward Hertslet, eng., son. At Nynee Tal, Himalayas, the Hon. 14. At Carerswall Castle, Staffurdshire, Mrs. Robert A. J. Drummond, a son. the lady of J. P. Radclife, 4., a son.

27. In Brook-street, Lariy Gwendaline 17. At Cole, Orton H!!, Lady Bea. Petre, a son.

mont, & son. At Meggetland, Dear Elinburzh, 18. In Lowndex-square, Lady Julia the lady of P. Carnezy, esz., a dau. Wombwell, a dan.

At Minehead, Somerset, the laily of At Newport, fear Exeter, the lady Lieut.-Col. Gaye, Fourth Brigade, R.H.A, of Capt. J. C. Tyrwhite-Drake, Sv. a lau.

Queen's Royal, a dau. 29. At Stuston Rectory, Sooles, the 19. In Purk strut, Grosveo'pi.gen Hon. Mrs. Elwani l'aget, a son.

the lady of livorce Ward Hunt, e*1., At Cheltenham, the lady of Major M.P., a dau. General Conran, a son.

At Cotriwhall, Norfolk, the bly of At Pangbourne, the laiły of Ham. Major.bien. Prior, a sufl. phry sandwith, esot, C.B., a diu.

24. At the Lane, Great Malvern, At Boundary-lank, Jeurzh, the Lily Lumiwrt, a n. lady of Dr. Bell, Inspetorin ürral of Hspitals, a dan.

21. At Ovird, the laly of Profemo

Tolentos, à D. 34. At Lindrid Huse, Desfond, Licistershire, the Hon. Mr. Mseton, a min.

At (hritalam, the lady of Maja R. ('. Bsrarl, a son.

22. In Chario-trret, Berkelegastare, JI NR.

Mr. George Perslun, of litt. ur, & ... 2. At Simlz, the laly of Cipt. H. M.

2.3. At the Mount, Ayrabit, Luis

Ormore, and Br. wae, a laa.
Caleil, Riva Benal Art., a m.
In st. Geurd s-max, tk. Hon. Mrs. bert, a ".

24. In liratos-street, Lady Mary Bles. Pxthell, premature's, of tuins.

At the Chateau La Boulaye, krit.

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the 2. At Stratton Strapless, Vane

lady of Lieut-Col. Hugh Fitaran
the 3. At Huland Hall

, Bertest
lady oi Joba K. Fitzbertert, maq, only
4. At Malabar-hill

, Bomlar,
of John Grant Malcolmen,
on, Third Bombay Light Cairy, I c

At Southsea, Hautes the 2002 Col. Edward Somerset, C. B.. Di

of the South-western District, a da at At Luscar House, Fitesti,

lady of Lieut.-Col. W. Palisme, 53 lis, 5. At Castle Semple, Lead been

Lady Elizabeth Lee Hartes, a cu R. 6. At Norfolk House, N on, square, Lady Victoria Hope da isa twin daus.

· The Hon. Mrs. l'arnel, a ds: . of

At Henbury, the indi di ko nth Col. Meares, a 901. 7. The Countess oí Vorster

, 3 sata wly 8. At Poorundhur, the leaders

Oldfield, Bombay Light Canals, seua rge 10. The lady of Lieut.-Cibe destra

Grenadier Guards, a son.
11. At Rose Hill

, Rotherbais,
Mahon, a son.
12. At St. George's

, Baranja lady of Col. Lloyd, Communiti da el. Eugineers, a sou.

At Ganton Park, Lads and

At Richmond, Surres, the
Edward Hertalet, esz., a sol,

14. At Carerswall Castle, stais

the lady of J. P. Radclide, casa, a SM e

17. At Cole, Orton Ha!, Lady but mont, a son.

13. In Lowndes-square, Lads in Tombwell

, a dau. of

a dau.

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tany (the residence of her father Sir 7. At Applecross, Ross-shire, Lady
William Codrington, bart.), the lady of Middleton, a son.
Major Gore, First Royal Regt., a son. 8. At St. Margaret's Herringficet, the

24. At Bath, the lady of Lieut.-Col. lady of Major Hill Leathes, a dau.
Lachlan Macqueen, a dau.

9. Lady Alfred Paget, a dau. In Leinster-gardens, Hyde-park, At Clerkington, Haddington, the the lady of Major Stuart, a son.

lady of the Right Hon. F. Brown Dou25. Ia Belgrave-square, Lady Octavia glas, Lord Provost, of Edinburgh, a dau. Shaw Stewart, a dau,

In Upper Seymour-street, PortmanAt Milton Lodge, Wells, the lady square, the lady of Lieut.-Col. R. P. of the Hon. W. L. Holmes A'Court, a son. Radcliffe, a dau.

26. At Thornton-le-Street, Yorkshire, At Northbrook House, Bishop's the Countess Cathcart, a son,

Waltham, the larly of Lieut. Col. Lewis 27. In Victoria-street, Westminster, Conran, H.R.V., å dau. the lady of Major the Hon. R. T. Erskine, At Sandgate, Kent, the lady of Dr. & son.

Inglis, C.B., Sixty-fourth Regt., a son. The laily of Major-Gen. R. R. 10. In Dover-street, the Hon. Mrs. Ricketts, a son.

Hughes, of Kinmel, a son. In St. James's-square, Mrs. Tolle At Farnham, Surrey, the lady of mache, a son.

Major G. C. Henry, R.A., a dau.
28. At St. Helena, the lady of Col. At Gogerddan, the lady of Pryse
Stace, R.E., & dau.

Loveden, esq., a son.
At Haslar, the lady of Capt. G. At Kertch, the lady of George J.
H. Seymour, C.B., of H.M.S. Victoria Eldridge, esq., H.B.M.'s Consulat Kertch,
and Albert, a son.

The lady of Major Tillbrook, of 11. At Sutton's, Essex, the lady of
Tillington, Sussex, a son.

Major G. Le Marchant Tupper, R.H.A., 30. At the Marquis of Bristol's, Kemptown, Brighton, Lady Augustus Harvey, At Farnham, the lady of Lieut.

Col. Neville Shute, a son.

12. At the Rectory, Stoke-upon-Trent, JULY

Lady Stamer, a dau.

At Horsham, Sussex, the lady of 1. At Downing, the Viscountess Field. Major Pocock, a dau. ing, a day.

13. At Park-crescent, Portland-place, 2. At Valence, Kent, the Countess of the lady of Lieut.-Col. Cavan, a dau. Norbury, prematurely, of twin sons. 14. At Cheltenham, the lady of Lieut.

At Fermoy, the lady of Major Col. Dodgson, a son.
Hawker, a son.

In Great George-street, Westmin. 3. In Connaught-square, Lady Roper, ster, the Hon. Mrs. Joun Gilhert Talbot,

In Mill street, Berkeley-square, At Graftou ('nderwood, Northamp. Lady Emily Walsh, a son.

tonshire, the Hon. Mrs. Courtenay VerAc Mottisford Abbey, Hants, the non, a son. Jon, Mrs. Henry Curzon, a dau,

15. At Grosvenor-place, Lady Caroline 4. In Great Cumberland-place, Ilyde. Ricketts, a dau. park, the lady of William Compton Dom. At Hampstead, Lady Troubridge, a vile, €34., & dau.

At Newstead Abbey, Notts, the lady The lady of Sir William Somerville, of Williamn Frederick Webb, esq., a dau.

5. In Eaton-place, Viscountess Castle. 16. At the Stable-yard, St. James's, rosse, a dau.

the Marchioness of Bath, a son. At Doncaster, the lady of the Hon.

- In Lowndes-square, Lady Skelmers, William G. Eden, a dau.

dale, a dau. At Bonlogne-sur-Mer, the lady of In Porchester-square, the lady of Col. W. H. C. Wellesley, a dau.

Lieut. Col. Richard Strachey, B.C., a 6. At Constantinople, the ladly of Maj. dan, Gordon, R.E., a son.

17. At West Brompton, the lady of The Countess Vane, a son.

Major Graham, Twenty-second Regt., a
At the Close, Salisbury, Mrs. P, A.
Pleydell Bouverie, a 800.

18. At Canterbury, the lady of Capt,

a son,


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a dan.

· At Newport, near Ereter, there of Capt. J. C. Tyrwhitt-Drake

, ses Queen's Royals, a dau.

19. In Park-street, Groovea rapes the lady of George Wand Hae , M.P., a dau.

At Cottishall, Norfolk, the pi Major-Gen. Prior, a son.

20. At the Lodge, Great Mares Lady Lambert, a sin.

21. At Oxford, the lady of Price : Rolleston, a son.

At Cheltenham, the lads i Byen R. C. Barnard, a son. 22. In Charles-street

, Berkelacan, Mrs. George Ferguson, of Purcar

, a sa 23. At the Mount, Ayrshire, Laut Oranmore, and Browne, a daa.


24. In Bruton-street, Lady Mary for bert, a son.

- At the Château la Boulare, come

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