Mr. Nicholls to be Judge of the County

Court Circuit No. 21, Birmingham, &c. The Earl of Harrowby to be Lord Lieu Baboo Sambhoonath Pundit to be Judge tenant of Staffordshire.

of the High Court of Calcutta. Messrs. Wm. Joshua Ffennel, Frederick Major B. P. Lloyd to be Commissioner Eden, and James Leslie to be Commis- of the Jhansi Division. sioners under an Act passed in the last Session of Parliament, intituled “ An Act to Regulate and Amend the Law re

NOVEXDER. specting the Salmon Fisheries in Scotland."

Sir Andrew Buchanan, K.C.B., to live Mr. Ronald Ferguson Thomson to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipo Oriental Secretary to the Legation at the tentiary to the King of Prussin Persian Court.

Sir John Ralph Milbank, bart, to be Mr. Wm. Rowland Pyne to be Colonial Minister at the Hague. Secretary for the Falkland Islands.

Lord Augustus Loftus to be Minister Mr. Johnstone to be Chairman of the at Munich. County of Down.

Mr. George Frere to be Her Majesty's Mr. John Leahy to be Chairman of the Judge ; Mr. Edgar Leopold Layard to be West Riding of the County of Cork. Arbitrator, and Wm. Tasker Smith to be

Mr. D. R. Pigot to be Chairman of Secretary or Registrar in the Mixed Court Louth.

established at the Cape of Good Hope. Col. Edward Stopford Claremont, C.B., Mr. George Sketton to be Her MAto be one of the Grooms of the Privy jesty's Judge, and Mr. Wm. Smith to be Chamber in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Secretary or Registrar in the Mixed Court

Lord Augustus Henry Charles Hervey established at Sierra Leone, under the to be Unpaid Attacbé at St. Petersburg. Treaty with the United States of Ameria

The Hon. Wm. Stuart to be Secretary for the Suppression of the African Slave of Legation at Washington.

Trade. Mr. Horace Rumbold to be Secretary Mr. George Battersley to be Judge of of Legation at Athens.

the Consistorial Court, Dublin. Major Samuel Blackell to he Governor Mr. Wm. Hall to be Consul at Guateof Sierra Leone.

mala. Mr. John Charles Whit: to be Police Mr. Dominic Kllis Colnaghi to be conMagistrate for the Colony of Hong Kong. sul in the Island of Corsica.

Major-General Fre lerick W. Hamilton, Mr. W. H. Ashurst to be Solicitor to C.B., to be Vice-President of the Council the Post Office. of Military Education.

Mr. J. G Teed, Q.C., to be Jadge of Mr. H. Newton, C.8., to be a Jastice the County Court Circuit 17 (Lincoln, of the High Court of Bombay.

Botton, &c.) Mr. R. H. Pinhey, C.S., to be Registrar Sir Charles Trevelyan, K.C.B., to be of the High Court of Bombay.

Finance Minister of India. Capt. É. C. S. Williams, R.E., to be Mr. Melville to be Commissioner of Under Secretary to the Government of Umritsur. India, in the Pablic Works Department. Lieut. -Colonel Hamilton to be Commis

Lieut-Colonel H. Rivers to be Secre. sioner of Delhi. tary to the Government of Bombay in Mr. W. Ford to be Commissioner of the Public Works Department.

Mooltan. John Robert Kenyon, esq., of the Mid. Mr. John J. Mayo to be Registrar. dle Temple, London ; Thomas Southgate, General of Seamen. CAQ., of Gray's-inn, in the county of Mid Mr. Robert Wm. Peacock to be Assist dlesex ; and Arthur Hobhouse, esq., of ant-Solicitor to the Post Office. Lincoln's-inn, in the county of Middlesex, Mr. Edward Francis Maitland to be a to be of H. M.'s Counsel learned in the law. Judge of the Court of Sessions.

Mr. Baward Mortimer Archibald to be Mr. George Young to be Solicitor Her Majesty's Judge.

General for Scotland. Mr. Wm. Dudley Ryder to be Her Mr. William French to be a Resident Alajesty's Arbitrator in the Mixed Court Magistrate for the County of Clare. established at New York under the Treaty Mr. R. J. Corbet to be a Member of of the 7th of April, 1862, for the Sap- the Legislative Council of the island of pression of the African Slave Trile. Ceylon.

PROMOTIONS. Mr. Antonio Mathé to be a Member of Mr. A. R. Clark to be Sheriff of Had. the Executive Council of the Colony of dington and Berwick. British Honduras.

Mr. William Ivory to be Sheriff of Mr. D. W. Gibbs and the Rev. C. A. Inverness. Newsome to be Members of the Council Mr. A. B. Shand to be Sheriff of Kinof the Island of Granada.

cardine. Mr. Thomas Berkeley Hardtman, the Mr. Henry Astbury Leveson to be Co. Ven. Archdeacon George Meade Gibbs, lonial Secretary for Her Majesty's SettleM.A., and Mr. Joseph Henry Boon, ment of Lagos. M.A., to be Members of the Executive Mr. Cæsar Henry Hawkins to be Ser. Council of the Island of St. Christopher. jeant-Surgeon to Her Majesty.

Messrs. J. A. lles and G. W. Daniell Mr. James Moncrief Arnott to be Sur. to be Members of the Executive Council geon Extraordinary to Her Majesty. of the Island of Nevis.

Mr. Richard Quain to be Surgeon ExThe Duke of Argyll to be Lord Lieu traordinary to Her Majesty. tenant of Argyllshire.

Mr. James Finn to be Consul at the Mr. Wm. Lowther to be Secretary to Dardanelles. the Embassy at Berlin.

Mr. Noel Temple to be Consul at Jerusalen.

Captain Alfred P. Ryder, R.N., to be The following gentlemen, late paid attachés Private Secretary to the First Lord of the

at the places undermentioned, to be Admiralty.
Second Secretaries in Her Majesty's Mr. Joshua Clarke, Q.C., to be Chair-
Diplomatic Service :

man of the Quarter Session, Cavan.
Mr. Wm. John Dickson, Teheran ; Mr.
Lionel Moore, Constantinople ; Mr. Odo
Wm. Leopold Russell, Rome; the Hon.
Francis John Pakenham, Copenhagen ;

Mr. Henry Philip Fenton, Turin ; Lord
Hubert de Burgh Canning, Turin; Mr. The following appointments have been
Edward Robert Lytton, Vienna ; the Hon. made by the Prince of Wales in his
George James Welbore Agar Ellis, Paris; Household :--
Mr. George Strachey, the Hague ; Mr. Earl Spencer to be Groom of the Stole
Robert Thomas Charles Middleton, Ma- to His Royal Highness.
drid ; Mr. Wm. Brodie, Rio de Janerio ; The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe and Lord
Mr. Hy. Lockwood, Stockholm ; Mr. Alfred Hervey to be Lords of the Bed-
Francis' Clare Ford, Stuttgardt; Mr. chamber.
Gwalter Borranskill Congreve Lonsdale, Lieut. -General Knollys to be Comp-
Munich ; Mr. Robert Burnett David troller and Treasurer.
Morier, Berlin ; Mr. Sydney Locock, St. The Hon. Robert Henry Meade and
Petersburg ; Mr. Robert Percy Ffrench, Mr. Charles Lindley Wood to be Grooms
Brussels ; Lord Schomburg Henry Kerr, of the Bedchamber.
Frankfort; the Hon. Wm. Nassau Jocelyn, Major Teesdale, C.B., Captain G. H.
Berlin ; Mr. Gerard Francis Ottiwell Grey, and Lieut.-Colonel Keppel to be
Adams, Paris ; Mr. Ernest Clay, Paris ; Equerries.
Mr. Hugh Guion Macdonell, Constantino Mr. Herbert W. Fisher to be Private
ple; Mr. Alexander Bower St. Clair, Secretary to His Royal Highness.
Vienna ; Mr. Thomas Clement Cobbold,
Lisbon ; Mr. Robert Grant Watson, Tehe-
ran; Mr. Frederick Robert St. John, Mr. Gustave Barthélemy Colin to be
Pekin; the Hon. Henry Wodehouse, Con Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of the
stantinople ; Mr. Eric Robert Townsend Island of Ceylon.
Farquhar, Buenos Ayres ; the Hon. Luke Mr. Henry Byerley Thomson to be
Gerald Dillon, Vienna ; the Hon. Francis Puisne Judge-f_the Supreme Court of the
Richard Plunkett, St. Petersburg ; Mr. Island of rol
John Walsham, Mexico; Mr. Edward Mr. Richard
Baldwin Malet, Washington ; Mr. Horace jesty's Alvo
James Johnston, Mexico; Hugh Mr. Olur
Fraser, Guatemala.

Beyrout. Mr. W. R. Drake to be 'Treasure IIr. De the Lancashire County Court



PROMOTIONS Captain Clipperton to be Consul at Right Hon. Sir Alexander James Edmund Kertch.

Cockburn, bart., Chief Justice of Her Mr. Barker to be Vice-Consul at Theo. Majesty's Court of Queen's Beach ; Ho. dosia.

ratio Waddington, esq.; Russell Gurney, Mr. Raby to be Vice-Consul at Toultcha. esq., Recorder of the city of London ;

Mr. Barker to be Vice-Consul at Pro- The O'Conor Don, and Hugh Calling vesa.

Kardley Childers, esq., to be Her Ma. Mr. Black to be Vice-Consul at Mis- jesty's Commissioners to inquire into the solonghi.

operation of the Acts relating to transMr. Wrench to be Vice-Consul at portation and penal servitude, and into Beyrout.

the manner in which sentences of transMr. Franks to be Secretary to the portation and of penal servitude have Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Ireland. been and are carried into effect, under

The Right Hon. Earl Grey; the Right the provisions of the said Acts, or any of Hon. Lord Naas ; the Right Hon. Lord them. Cranworth ; the Right Hon. Lord Chelms. Mr. John Elijah Blant to be viceford ; the Right Hon. Sir John Somerset Consul at Adrianople. Pakington, bart., G.C.B. ; the Right Mr. Edward Parkyns Levinge to be Hon. Spencer Horatio Walpole ; the Right Judge of the High Court at Calcutta Hon. Joseph Warner Henley; the Right The Right Hon. Speneer Walpole, L.P. Hon. Edward Pleydell Bouverie ; the to be an Ecclesiastical Commissioner.



Rev. R. Payne, Rural Dean and Vicar

of Downton, Wilts, to be Prebendary of The Right Rev. William Fitzgerald,

Warminster, in Salisbury Cathedral. D.D., Lord Bishop of Cork, to be Lord

Rev. G. Gresley Perry to be Preben. Bishop of Killaloe, Kilfenara, Clonfort,

dary of Milton Manor-with-Benbroot, is

by Lincoln Cathedral and Kilmacdungh. The Ven. John Gregy, D.D., Archdea

Rev. A. Poole, Incumbent of Bonnage, con of Kildare, to be Lord Bishop of

Gloucestershire, to be Precentor and Misor

Canon of Bristol Cathedral
Cork, Cloyne, and Ross.
Rev. C. M. Church to be Sub-Dean of

Rev. F. C. Skey to be a Minor Canon the Cathedral Church of Wells.

in the Cathedral Church of Bristol. Rev. Philip Freeman. Prebendary of Rev. T. Stanton, Vicar of Burrate, and Exeter, to be Examining Chaplain to the

Prebendary of Salisbury, Wilts, to be Lord Bishop of Exeter.

Rural Dean of Marlborough,
Rev. G. M. Gibbs to be Archdeacon of
St. Kitt's and Rector of St. George
Basseterre, in the diocese of Antigun.

Rev. H. W. Hutton to be a Minor
Canon in the Cathedral Church of Lin Rev. C. Baker to be a Minor Canon is

Chichester Cathedral Rev. W. B. T. Jones to be Examining Rev. A. Gatty, D.D., Vicar of Eeele Chaplain to the Bishop of Gloucester and field, near Shetheld, to be Sab Dean Bristol

York Cathedral Rev. J. E. Kempe, Rector of St. Rev. Anthony Huxtable, Rector of James's, Piccadilly, to be Prelepdary of Sutton Waldron, Dorset, to be Archdor Chamberlainwood, in the Cathedral con of Dorset. Church of St. Paul, London,

Rev. J. O'Regan, Prebendary of St Rev. F. Martin, Rector of South Patrick's Cathedral, to be Archdeacon & Somnercotes, Lincolnshire, to be Preben Kildare. dary of Centum Solidorum, is Lincoln Rev. B. Pagh to be a Miner Cave in Cathedral

the Cathedral of Bangor.


. Mar.

Rev. T. Jeffery Bumpstead to be Pre. bendary and Rector of Dinder, Somerset.

Rev. F. C. Cook, Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, Prebendary of St. Paul's. and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Lincoln, to he Preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-inn, London.

Rev. Wm. Henry Brookfield, M.A., to be Honorary Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.

Rev. Wm. Drake, M.A., to be Hono. rary Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.

Rev. W. J. Hall, Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Tottenham, Middlesex, to be a Minor Canon in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London,

Rev. J. S. Howson to be the Hulsean Lecturer, University of Cambridge.

Rev. H. W. Pullen to be a Minor Canon of York Minster.

The Right Hon. Robert Montgomery, Lord Belhaven, K.T., to be H.M.'s High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Rev. Thomas Dalton, Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Whitehaven, Cumberland, and Rural Dean of Whitehaven, to be an Honorary Canon, Carlisle Cathedral.

Rev. J. Hannah, Warden of Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire, to be Bampton Lecturer at Oxford for the year 1863.

Rev. L. Jefferson, Vicar of Borough, Westmoreland, and Rural Dean of Kirkby Stephen, to be an Honorary Canon of Carlisle Cathedral.

Rev. Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Pellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, to be Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of London.

[blocks in formation]

Rev. Hamilton Verschoyle, Chancellor . of Christ Church, Dublin, to be Dean of

Right Rev. Piers Calveley Claughton, Ferns, Ireland.

D.D., to be Bishop of Colombo, Ceylon. Rev. T. Griffith, Perpetual Curate

Rev. Frederick Kill Harford, Chaplain of Ram's Episcopal Chapel, Homerton,

to the Bishop of Gibraltar, to be a Minor Middlesex, to be Prebendary of Sneating,

Canon of the Collegiate Church of St. in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul.

Peter, Westminster, Very Rev. H. G. Liddell, D.D., Dean

Rev. Lord Arthur Charles Hervey, of Christ Church, Oxford, to be an

Rector of Ickworth and Horningsheath, Honorary Chaplain in Ordinary to Her

Suffolk, to be Archdeacon of Sudbury. Majesty.

Rev. J. B. Lightfoot, Hulsean Professor of Divinity, and Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge, to be an

Honorary Chaplain in Ordinary to Her

Rev. H. Robinson, D.D., Rector of Rev. James V. Vincent, Rector of LlanGreat Warley, Essex, and Rural Dean, to fairfechan, and Rural Dean, to be Dean he an Honorary Canon of Rochester Ca- of Bangor. thedral.

Rev. II. Badnall to be Colonial Chaplain Rev. W. Rogers, Perpetual Curate and Archdeacon of Georgetown, Cape of of St. Thomas, Charterhouse, London, to Good Hope. be Prebendary of Pancras, in the Cathe- Rev. T. S. Evans to be Professor of dral Church of St. Paul.

Greek in Durham University, and a Canon Rev. Lord Wriothesley Russell, Canon in Durham Cathedral. of Windsor, to be an Ilonorary Chaplain R ev. H. J. B. Nicholson, Rector of St. in Ordinary to Her Majesty.

Alban's, flerts, D.D., to be an Honorary Rev. A. P. Stanley, Regius Professor of Canon of Rochester Cathedral. . Ecclesiastical History, and Canon of Rev, T. T. Perowne, D.D., to be Ex Christ Churcb, Oxford, to be an Honorar; amining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Norwich.


Rev. W. Atkins, D.D., Rector of Tul. lyagnish, Raphoe, and late Fellow of

Trinity College, Dublin, to be Dean of Right Rev. Robert Eden, D.D., Bishop

Ferns. of Moray and Ross, to be Primus of the

Worshipful and Rev. J. Barrow, ChasEpiscopal Church of Scotland.

cellor of the Diocese, to be a Canon of Rev. William Bleasdell, Rector of

the Cathedral Church of St. George Trenton, Canada West, to be Examining

Graham's Town, South Africa Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of On.

Rev. Robert Hey, Incumbent of Belper, tario.

Derbyshire, and Rural Dean, to be a Rev. W. Magan Campion, Pellow and

Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral Tator of Queen's College, Cambridge, to "

Ven. H. Kitton, Archdeacon of British by one of Her Majesty's Preachers at

Kaffraria, to be a Canon of the Cathedral Whiteball, London.

Church of St. George, Graham's Town, Rev. H. Drury, Prebendary of Salis

South Africa. bury, Chaplain to the House of Commons,

Very Rev. J. Mee, Dean of Graham's and Vicar of Bremhill, Wilts, to be Arch.

Town, to be a Canon of the Catholral deacon of Wilts.

Church of St. George's, Graham's Town, Rev. E. Greatorex to be Precentor of South Africa. Durham Cathedral.

Ven. N. J. Merriman, Archdeacon of Rey G. W. Guest. Incumbent of Der Graham's Town to be a Canon of the went, Derbyshire, to be a Minor Canon

Cathedral Church of St. George's, Grsin the Cathedral Church of York.

ham's Town, South Africa Rev. F. Lear, Prebendary of Salisbury, Rev. T. Sanctuary. Vicar of Powerand Rector of Bishopton, Wilts, to be a

stock, and Rector of North Poorton, Dor. Residentiary Canon in Salisbury Cathe

* setshire, to be Archdeacon of Dorset
Rev. C. W. Sandford, Censor of Christ
Church, Oxford, to be one of Her Ma-
jesty's Preachers at Whitehall, London.

Rev. J. Thomas, Vicar of Allhallows,
Barking, London, to be Residentiary

Right Rev. William Thomson, D.D., Canon in Canterbury Cathedral.

Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, to
be Lord Archbishop of York, Primate of

England and Metropolitan.

Rev. A. Broadley, Vicar of Bradpolewith-St.-Andrew's, Dorset, to the Pre

bendal Stall of Winterbourne Karls, la Right Rev. Marcus Gervais Beresford,

the Catbedral Church of Salisbury. D.D., Lord Bishop of Kilmore, to be

Rev. E. A. Dayman, Rural Dean, and Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate and

Rector of Shillingstone, Dorset, to the Metropolitan of Ireland.

Prebendal Stall of Bitton, in the CatheVery Rev. Hamilton Verschoyle, Dean

dral Church of Salisbury. of Ferns, to be Lord Bishop of Kilmore, Res. W. Rayson, Curate of Aldridge, Ireland.

near Walsall, Staffordshire, to be a Minor Rev. H. N. Lloyd, Rector of Llan.

Canon in Worcester Cathedral. gristiolus, Anglesea, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Bangor, to be an Honorary Canon of Bangor Cathedral.




Right Hon. and Most Rev. C. T. Long. ley, D.D., Lord Archbishop of York, to be Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of All England.

Rev. W. G. Tozer, Vicar of Burgh-withWinthorpe, Lincolnshire, to be Missionary Bishop, of Central Africa.

Very Rev. C. J. Ellicott, Dean of Rxeter, to be Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol

Hon. and Rev. W. J. Brodrick, Canon of Wells, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, to be Dean of Exeter.

Ven. Henry law, Archdeacon and Canon-Residentiary of Wells, and Rector of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, to be Denn of Gloucester.

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