“Can I take this throne, surrounded

By so many a sign,
Whoso owns this realm's allegiance,

'Tis no realm of mine ?
These glazed-sashes, factory-patterned,

Courts of shops run wild,
And where space had lent a beauty,

Hideous trophies piled ?

“To my galleries I'll betake me,

There apart I'll reign :
Strive who will, no force shall make me

Own this my domain.
Lost the chance that here had throned us,

Join Queens, side by side ;
Toil with Taste, and Use with Beauty

Empire to divide."


[This Song was found strewn over the Streets of Paris in March of this

Year, was in private circulation, and sung at secret meetings of the discontented. It is said to have caused much uneasiness to the French Government.]

No, brothers, we are not dead,

We have risen and burst the doors,
O Cæsar, look out—thy head

Is threatened,—the lion roars.
You smile, for he seems asleep-

Beware, lest as morning break,
He up-leap.
Ho slumbers one eye awake,

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.

Never yet the workman advanced

But the student led him to die;
His badge is the plume that danced

In the great days of July.
Arcole and Sarcy's noble race,

Whose arm was steady, and slew
Kings face to face,
He will bound and follow you,

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.

We grope, O mother, to find the foe

In the night, dark and deep,
Which closed thee in, fourteen years ago

Pardon us, did we sleep?
But see, as the stars grow pale

He watches till thy sun glow,
He snuffs the gale,
He will spring upon the foe,

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.
Drunkards of feast and ball,

Bespattered with palace mire, The lights of your carnival

Are yellow and blear in the new day's fire. The eagle is sad of mood,

The soaring eagle will fall
And his brood, -
He will eat them, a mouthful in all,

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.
If ever the foul crew come

A new battle to engage, 'Mid theatre, hall, and home,

About, young quack, to preach from his stage, Nisard to drivel and give

Cypical small moralities
How to live,
They shall see if it's safe to despise

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.
The day for cheating is past.

In the name of the people, we, This third time and last,

That the Moniteur lie not, decree;
The people, your sham confessed,

Shall go up on the Aventine,
They, the oppressed,
And let loose upon your line

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.
Poor Lion! five kings whom fate

Flung to him, long years between, Mere tit-bits for a deathless hate,

Are digested, and he grows lean.
Let him who is next to pay

The last dinner's last score
Pass away:
He is growling for the Emperor,

The Lion of the Latin Quarter.

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N.B. The figures between [] refer to the History.

ACCIDENTS.-From the explosion of a Accidents-continued.

farm boiler at Ltanton Wyville, 10; way, near Lydney station, 67 ; on the several accidents to ladies by machinery, North British Railway, near Maxton 16 ; serious accident in the Waterloo. station, 82 ; on the London, Chatham road, 20; fall of houses at Hackney, and Dover Railway, near Ospringe, and 21 ; boiler explosion near Dudley, six in the Chatham-hill tunnel, 92 ; dreadmen killed, 29; at Millfield Iron ful accident on the Midland Railway, works, Priestfield, 28 persons killed, near Market Harborough, 169 ; on the 65 ; fatal explosion of gas in Holborn, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, near 66 ; frightful artillery accident at Do Winchburgh, 15 persons killed, 177 ; ver, and at Blyth, 70 ; fatal explosion numerous railway accidents during the of gas in Shoreditch, 99 ; fatal explo summer and autumn, 179; fall of a sion and fire of a chemical warehouse in railway viaduct at Hammersmith, six Bishopsgate, 103 ; fatal boat accidents men killed, 185 ; fatal explosion of a at Brighton, Portsmouth, Loch Lo. locomotive of the Great Western Railmond, the Mersey, 104; explosion of a

way, 185. percussion-cap factory at Birmingham, Aots, LIST OF, 25 & 26 Vict. -i., Public nine persons killed, 114 ; fatal boat General Acts, 243; ii., Local and Per. accident on the Ribble, near Preston, sonal Acts, 247 ; iii., Private Acts seven lives lost, 159 ; sinking of the printed, 257; iv., Private Acts not iron ship Ganges in the Thames, five

printed, 258. Lascars drowned, 163; explosion of ANTIQUITIES.- Discoveries in Worcester gunpowder mills near Redruth, six Cathedral, 1; at Maeshow, in the women killed, 172; boat accident Orkneys, 127. near Bristol, five persons drowned, 176; AUSTRALIAN EXPEDITION OF BURKE AND fall of a railway viaduct at Hammer WILLS, 475. smith, six men killed, 185 ; fatal Bank RATE OF DISCOUNT, 130, 206 ; boiler explosion at Alnwick, 194 ; at see also Table of Stocks, 277. Mashorough, nine persons killed, 196. Birtus, 294.

Colliery and Mining Accidents. — Births, DEATHS, and MARRIAGES, in Dreadful disaster at the Hartley Col. England and Wales; and Scotland; and liery, 204 lives lost, 12; flooding of the in the Metropolis, in 1862, 279. Hendre Mine, sixteen persons drowned, BUTCHERS' MEAT, Average Prices of, in 22; fatal explosion at the Cethin Col. each month in 1862, 278. liery, forty-nine lives lost, 23; explo Census or 1861.-The Revised Returns sion of fire-damp at Westwood Colliery, for England and Wales, 280 ; corrected six lives lost, 64 ; terrible explosion at total for Ireland, 281 ; Revised ReBarnsley, sixty men and boys killed,

turns for Scotland, 282. 197.

Census of the British Colonies and Railway Accidents :-- Various acei Possessions in the year ended the 31st dents--on the Portadown, Dungannon,

December, 1860 (from a Parliamentary and Armagh Railway; on the Brechin Return), 283. branch of the Scottish North Eastern ; COLLIERY AND Mixing ACCIDENTS.on the Maryport and Whitehaven; Dreadful disaster at the Hartley Col. near the Gravesend station of the South liery, 204 lives lost, 12; flooding of

Bastern, 59; on the South Wales Rail. the Hendre Mine, sixteen persons Vor.. CIV.


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