The Works of Heinrich Heine, Volume 9

subscribers only, 1904

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Pagina 7 - RECOLLECTIONS OF COUNT LEO TOLSTOY. Together with a Letter to the Women of France on the " Kreutzer Sonata." By CA BEHRS. Translated from the Russian by CE TURNER, English Lecturer in the University of St. Petersburg.
Pagina 14 - NOTES FOR THE NILE. Together with a Metrical Rendering of the Hymns of Ancient Egypt and of the Precepts of Ptahhotep (the oldest book in the world). By HARDWICKE D.
Pagina 23 - LOYOLA, and the Educational System of the Jesuits. By Rev. THOMAS HUGHES, SJ Saturday Review.
Pagina 5 - ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON. A Study of His Life and Work. By ARTHUR WAUGH, BA Oxon. With Twenty Illustrations from Phctographs specially taken for this Work.
Pagina 1 - SIR HENRY RAEBURN. By SIR WALTER ARMSTRONG, Director of the National Gallery, Ireland. With an Introduction by RAM STEVENSON, and a Biographical and Descriptive Catalogue by JL CAW, Curator of the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland.
Pagina 11 - Demy 8vo, i&t. net. ALL THE RUSSIAS. Travels and Studies of Contemporary Conditions and Problems in European Russia, Finland, Siberia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. By HENRY NORMAN, MP. Author 01 " Peoples and Problems of the Far East," " The Real Japan,
Pagina 25 - ... CHARTREUSE OF PARMA. Translated from the French of DE STENDHAL by the LADY MARY LOYD. With a Critical Introduction by MAURICE HEWLETT ; Four Coloured Plates by EUG&NB PAUL AVRIL, Photogravure Frontispiece, and numerous small Portraits.
Pagina 20 - THE POETRY OF PATHOS AND DELIGHT. From the Works of COVENTRY PATMORE. Passages selected by ALICE MEYNELL.
Pagina 17 - Nature's Garden. An Aid to Knowledge of Wild Flowers and their Insect Visitors. With Coloured Plates and many other Illustrations, photographed from Nature by HENRY TROTH and AR DuGMORE. Text by NELTJE BLANCHAN.
Pagina 22 - THE FRENCH AND ENGLISH WORD BOOK. A Dictionary. With Indication of Pronunciation, Etymologies, and Dates of Earliest Appearance of French Words in the Language.

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