Annual Report, Volum 42

Includes report of the New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station.

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Side 365 - LO Howard, chief of the Bureau of Entomology of the United States Department of Agriculture, and...
Side xxxi - By salaries, labor, publications, postage and stationery, freight and express, heat, light, water and power, .... chemicals and laboratory supplies, seeds, plants and sundry supplies, fertilizers, feeding stuffs, library, tools, machinery and appliances, . furniture and fixtures, scientific apparatus and specimens...
Side xxxi - To Receipts from the Treasurer of the United States as per appropriations for fiscal year...
Side 11 - Meyer, an agricultural explorer of the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Side 460 - When 25 gallons more of water was applied to the* same strengths, making 50 gallons, it was sufficient to saturate the soil, and completely control the organism. It is advisable that care be taken in selecting soil for the greenhouse beds from fields which have not been cropped in lettuce for three or more years. This soil should be sterilized with formaldehyde (3 pints of commercial formalin to 50 gallons of water applied at the rate of 1 gallon to the square foot). Enough water must be applied...
Side 457 - ... 2.75 On June 14 the measurement of each plant was obtained. The average for each of the six plots is given in table 2. It will be seen from the table that with the exception of the seed dug on July 24, 1919, there was a fairly uniform decrease in the height of the vines with increased maturity in the seed^piece. The average of the six duplications is given in the second to the last column of the table. It will be observed that the vineis.
Side 140 - ... with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and with the right hand inserts the syringe needle just beneath the skin and injects the vaccine.
Side 148 - ... and glossy but the plumage becomes worn and threadbare. Changes in Secondary Sexual Characters. — The comb, wattles and ear-lobes enlarge or contract, depending on the ovary. If the comb, wattles, and ear-lobes are large, full, and smooth, or hard and waxy, the bird is laying heavily. If the comb is limp the bird is only laying slightly, but is not laying at all when the comb is dried down, especially at molting time. If the comb is warm it is an indication that the bird is coming back into...
Side 148 - Heavy production is shown by the quality of the skin and! the thickness and stiffness of the pelvic bones. Fat goes out from the skin and body with production so that the heavy producers have a soft velvety skin that is not underlaid by layers of hard fat. The abdomen in particular is soft and pliable. The sternal processes are very prominent and are generally bent...
Side 154 - ... the past year. Glassware received which was not standard and not inspected has not been included in the table. Forty-one milk plants sent in glassware for inspection in 1919-20. Test bottles were first inspected in New Jersey in 1916 when the original law went into effect. It was found on inspection that 7.6 per cent of the glassware sent in was inaccurate. During the second year of inspection 3.87 per cent was inaccurate. In 1918-19 1.7 per cent of the inspected glassware was inaccurate.

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