Composition for the benefit of the public, which we conceive should be given separately.

We are, Sir,

Your most obedient Servants,

John CALL,

Mr. William Forsyth.

No. III.

To the Honourable the Commissioners of the Land Revenue.

Royal Gardens, Kensington, April 28, 1789. HONOURED SIRS,

I PRESUME I need not again assign the reason why I omitted in my former letter mentioning the expence which will be incurred by cutting out the injured parts of the trees, and the application of my Composition. I have endeavoured to think of every probable charge that will accrue; and; upon an accurate calculation, I am convinced

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it will not exceed sixpence per tree. It may not be improper here to observe, that this calculation includes the labour of the men for the operation, the Composition, and the application of it; and also an after review, that the healing of the trees is going on well; but I should also observe, that in this expence I have not put down any thing for myself, leaving that wholly and altogether to your further consideration.

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No. IV.

July 24, 1789. RESOLVED,

That an humble Address be presented to His Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions for making such enquiries as shall be thought necessary for the purpose of ascertaining the efficacy of a remedy invented by William Forsyth, for curing defects in trees, arising from injuries in the bark; and in case the same shall appear likely to be of public utility, to order such recompence to be made to the same William Forsyth, on the disclosure thereof, as His Majesty shall judge proper; and to assure His Majesty this House will make good the same.

No. V.

pre Gously


Land Revenue Office, Scotland Yard,

Dec. 11, 1790.

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Having represented to the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, that in pursuance of their Lordships' desire, we had written to the several noblemen and gentlemen mentioned in the list, of which a copy was sent to each of you, requesting to know whether they would have the goodness to make the necessary examinations and enquiries, to ascertain the effect of the experiments made by Mr. Forsyth, of the Composition discovered by him for curing defects in trees; and that twelve of those noblemen and gentlemen, hereunder named, and to whom this letter is addressed, had signified their willingness to assist in the proposed examination: we have now the honour to inform you, that their Lordships have been pleased to signify to us, that they approve of the examination being made by those noblemen and

gentlemen, or any seven or more of them; and to request that you will be pleased to take such steps as you shall think necessary for ascertaining the efficacy of the said Composition for curing injuries and defects in trees, and to address the result of your examination to the Lords of the Treasury.

Among the uses to which the Composition in question is said to be applicable, that which appears to us more immediately connected with the objects referred by Parliament to our consideration is, the cure of injuries and defects in forest trees, especially the Oak : and we beg leave particularly to recommend it to you to examine.

Whether the Composition appears to be efficacious for the purpose of restoring the bark of an Oak tree which has been either cut or accidentally torn off, so as to prevent such injuries or defects in the timber, as are commonly found to proceed from that cause.

And whether the application of the Composition to the parts of forest trees where limbs or branches have been cut or torn off, appears to be efficacious for the preventing or curing injuries and defects in timber, proceeding from that cause ?

We presume, with great deference, that you will think it proper to point out any other uses to which the Composition may appear to you to be applicable, with advantage to the public; and we request that you will be pleased to favour us with

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