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A Magazine for Teachers of
Primary Grades

A Republic's Chief Business

is Education

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Bradley's Straight-Line Picture

Combining Paper Cutting, Coloring and Con-

Poster Patterns
struction Busy Work

By LULA MAUD CHANCE Boy Blue, Simple Simon, Jack and Jill, Alice of “Wonderland" fame and her friends, The Gryphon, 8210. This poster work provides interesting occuThe Dodo and other characters beloved by children pation lessons through which the child's mind is all with movable arms, legs and heads -- are made receiving information while, at the same time, his from these Cut-Outs.

hand and eye are being trained. The posters are

designed to illustrate the subject matter of Chance's Six Different Sets

"Little Folks in Many Lands," and by their use the No. 8212. Fairy Tale

child becomes familiar with children of many race No. 8213. The Family

types and develops an interest in people of other No. 8214. Alice in Wonderland

countries. Eight plates, sixe 9 x 12, in artistic portNo. 8215. Mother Goose

No. 8216. Toyland.

Price, per set, $0.35; mailing weight, 8 oz.
No. 8300. Playtime Circus
Twelve Cut-Outs to a Set.

Embeco Perception Cards for Number
Price, each set, $0.25; Postage, $0.06.

8290. Made in the form of dominoes. Strong When ordering, state series wanted.

manila cards size 68 x 10 inches; domino dots printed

in dark green ink, one inch in diameter. TwentyBradley's Phonetic Desk Card

four cards, containing all number combinations from 8291. Designed for review work in phonetics. 1 to 10. In a durable box. The teacher can determine at a glance the individual. child's knowledge of phonetics: Hy voting the robuks: *Pike, per box, $0.60; mailing weight, 11b. 3oz. of his efforts to make complete words on this card.

Economo Number Builder No. 1
Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz

8281. Printed on heavy manila tag stock, with large Economo Word Builder No. 1

numerals in bold type. It contains a large quantity 8271. A new, large type word builder. Printed of numerals from 1 to 10 and supply of mathematical on high-grade tag stock. Extra strong box to with

denominations. Strong box. An exceptionally fine

builder. stand the constant handling and hard usage to which

Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz. the "builder" box is subjected. Contains an extra large quantity of tablets.

Bradley's Number Work for Beginners Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz. 8265. A unique number matching device including

a card on the edge of which square notches are cut, Embeco Sentence Builder

the sections between the notches bearing answers to 8011. A selection of words for expression sentence problems printed on small tablets, which fit into building, printed on heavy manila tablets, in large the notched squares. By reversing the card, the type, with each word duplicated in medial script on

pupil has the answer to each problem. the reverse side. When properly put together the

All addition, subtraction, multiplication, division words form the first basal story in Book I, “Progressive and factoring combinations from one to ten, are Road in Reading."

provided for. Put up in a durable box. Price, per box, $0.15; mailing weight, 6 oz.

Price, $0.20; mailing weight, 5 oz.

The Bradley Catalogue contains 144 pages of vital interest to every teacher. A post.

card request will place a copy on your desk.

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The Best Resolution Any Teacher Can Make

Resolve now to end the danger of permanent or temporary It will pay you $25 a month for illness that does not confine loss of income through Sickness, Accident or Quarantine, which you to the house, but keeps you from work. faces every unprotected teacher. Every year one out of every six teachers is deprived of all

It will pay operation benefits in addition to other benefits or part of her income from these causes. Loss of salary, even

after your Policy has been maintained in force for one year. for a time, means serious inroads on the savings account, and

It will pay you a 20% increase in Sick Benefits for two months often real distress.

when you are confined in an established hospital. Start the new year right by joining the thousands of other teachers who are positively protected by the T. C. U., at a

It pays regular indemnities of from $333 to $1500 for major cost of less than five cents a day.

accidents, or for accidental loss of life. All benefits are doubled What the T. C. U. Will Do For You

for travel accidents. It will pay you $50 a month when you are disabled by Sickness As the first step toward making this most important resoluor Accident.

tion, send for our booklet, which explains T. C. U. Protection It will pay you $50 a month when you are quarantined and in detail and shɔws you what hundreds of teachers all over the your salary stopped.

country think of it. Teachers Casualty Underwriters 428 T. C. U. Building

Lincoln, Nebraska

Especially Appropriate for February Exercises

You Can Help!


Through the years since Gold Medal Crayons were first launched, your interest and support have been essential to the success of the line.



No one appreciates more than wė the good-will you have shown, and no one has put forth greater effort to really justify this confidence. During the past few months, however, unusual conditions in both labor and material markets have made it difficult for us to keep many dealers supplied at all times.

For this reason we are asking our friends to put their orders in to their dealer for an advance supply, in order that he can anticipate his own requirements.

For Children from Eight to Fifteen Years

Cloth, Price, 50 cents

Some of the Contents are:
The First Flag. Bertha E. Bush

7 Serving the Country. Dorothy Green

12 To the Schoolhouse Flag

17 Little Flags. Alice E. Allen

18 The Flower Flag. Eleanor Cameron

21 A Living Flag. M. L. B.

42 Our Flag. Bertha E. Bush

45 Flag of Our Hearts. A.E. A.

47 The Message of the Flag. Harriet Hunting Pierson

48 DRILLS AND MARCHES Yankee Doodle March. Harriet A. James

131 The Star Spangled Banner. Harriet Wilbur.

133 The Flag: H. W

135 Flag Drill and Salute. Florence M. Miller

138 Patriotic March and Drill. Rose W. Leiter, A. B.

140 The Color Brigade. Claire Foster ...

148 DRAMATIZATIONS The First American Flag. Geoffrey F. Morgan

151 Making of the First American Flag. Florence M, Miller.

155 Making a Flag. Bertha E. Bush.

157 In Betsy Ross's Time. Sara E. Kirk

161 Motion Picture Dramatization of "Hats Off!” Beatrice M. Stevens

165 The Man Without a Country. Alice Cook Fuller

171 “Single-Handed McAuley." Florence M. Miller


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Boston New York Chicago San Francisco

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BY MARY H. MONTIETH A series of Tablets covering the work of Primary grades. Outline drawings, cover designs and vocabulary, for work in cutting, coloring, booklet making, sentence building, etc. Size 9x12. Price, 25 cents each. By mail, 30 cents.

"STICK PRINTING" SUPPLIES Are your children learning Design and Color by "Stick Printing"? AS easy and delightful as play. We carry a complete line of sticks, pads, dye. Box No. I containing 6 sticks, 3 color caps in cardboard box, postpaid, 15 cents.

Send for Special Circular

“A Prang Paper to Meet Every NeedCream Manila


Black Cross Section Gray Manila

Bogus Drawing Paper White Water Color

“Ricene" Tracing Paper Gray Cross Section

"Enginex” Papers White Cross Section


“Prismo" Papers Cream Cross Section

“Construction" Papers (Sample Books of these Papers sent Free to Teachers)

PRIMARY ASSORTMENT Contains 20 sheets Cream Manila, 5 sheets Gray Manila, 1 sheet Bogus, 6 sheets Assorted Colored Construction Papers. Price, per package, 15 cents.

"WEAVING MATS" A book of twenty printed mats and strips for paper weaving. Per book, 25 cents.

"PINE NEEDLES" Long-Leaf Pine Needles for Weaving Work. Per pound. 70 cents.

“PERMODELLO". The Permanent Modeling Clay – Works Like Magic A new Modeling Clay that sets and becomes hard as stone without firing. Opens up new problems in Primary Hand Work, jewelry work, bead work, for all grades. Send for illustrated Circular. Pound can, postpaid, 75 cents.

MODELIT" This is an indestructible Wax Modeling Clay that always stays soft. Postpaid, per pound, 65 cents.

Send for Descriptive Circular of Sizes and Prices

THE PRANG COMPANY 1922 Calumet Ave., CHICAGO 30 Irving Place, NEW YORK

Send for Circular on Correspondence Courses in Industrial Art."

having the following helps in

teaching reading
Word Lists and Phonetic Lessons
for each story
Suggestions for written language
Phonetic summary
Alphabetical list of words taught
Specimen dramatizations
Devices for teaching sight words
and word groups
Devices for ear-training
Selections for memorizing
Various kinds of handwork and

A full scientific guide to enunciation
All these are furnished by the STORY HOUR Method

Do You Know the Story Hour Readers?

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Primary Education





Hang Up Your Thermometer

Ida E. Roger
Grade Supervisor, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

(Book rights reserved) OT the glass and mercury kind, but the mental not a liberation from the old formal discipline to a chaotic

variety that registers your pedagogical tempera- condition indicating neither democracy nor freedom, but ment, that blazes to you the challenge, “What am a practice of the right spirit of responsibility which produces

I Doing and Why am I Doing It?" - hang up in "a delightful effort" on the part of the child. your mental vision this measure that stings you into introspective sifting, that calls, Am I working through principles

Question I or merely imitating devices of as many different varieties

What opportunities are we offering for skilful training as the 57 kinds of Heinz, all of which can't be meant for

in "correctness and precision in the use of the mother the same meal! Honestly face the question, “What Sort tongue"? This question contains the first criterion Mr. of a Place Ought a School to Be?” not what is the type Butler names. Our interpretation of this question must we have inherited, nor again the type you have stumbled be discussed under four headings: i.e., the work commonly upon and helped in working out through blindly following labelled reading, spelling, language, and writing. your principal's hobbies, but the sort you would like to see offered your own child, or yourself (could you find

(a) READING yourself once again a six-year-old trudging to school)!

From the first, habits are established which influence the What Are the Tendencies toward which the efforts of our

Manner of reading later done. Reading matter which elementary grades are bending? To this query, can we

makes a strong child appeal is chosen and the child led not affirm that our aim is a character-building education by desire and interest to get the thought. This is the and that not as mere teachers or givers of outlines but as

chief aim. Yet ability to master words must become workers in developing in each child a Response to his

automatic if reading is to proceed with ease and indeopportunities, do we hold that we are justifying the confi- pendence. Undivided attention to this need is given dence of every child coming to us with a faith in humanity during a special phonic period and other specific drill

upon fimly fixed in his heart. We agree, however, that efficiency grasping the words of a phrase or clause is also added. Exin any educational institution must be measured by clear, periments have proven that correct motor eye-habits definite, uncompromising standards, even though “the increase the speed in reading and the ability to grasp the confusions of the profession we are following are the con- idea. The slow reader (we are shown by efficiency tests) fusions of life and of that strange unconquerable thing we

finds interpretation of thought harder because he is “imcall growth.” And so even when recognizing character peded by the mechanical processes of the reading act.” making as our aim, we are also conscious that ours is the

His eye is not trained to group one sweep of related words, responsibility “for accomplishing with a large number of

and his pausing upon each word makes the rate slow and children in an economy of time what we would like with

the thought many times ununited. Modern methods of one child in an infinite period of time.”

reading make much of this drill to grasp ideas "in their As a measure of our present purposes, I suggest the Combined Form in the thought." The reading systems testing of what we are now accomplishing, by the standards

have definite standards for accomplishment. In addition, proposed by Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President of

we are stressing silent reading combined with rate of Columbia University. His measure is as follows:

reading. This accomplishes alertness, concentration, and

thought getting. We are joining forces with the public "THESE FIVE CHARACTERISTICS I OFFER AS EVIDENCES

library in instructing students in the use of that institution OF AN EDUCATION: CORRECTNESS AND PRECISION IN THE

and are following up much of this independent reading by USE OF THE MOTHER TONGUE; REFINED AND GENTLE

a use of the material gained. Vocabulary results from this MANNERS, WHICH ARE THE EXPRESSION OF FIXED HABITS

source are infinite, and a natural step beyond that of the OF THOUGHT AND ACTION; THE POWER AND HABIT OF

younger children who listen intently to and adopt phrases REFLECTION; THE POWER OF GROWTH; AND EFFICIENCY,

from the rhymes of Mother Goose. As the children thus OR THE POWER TO Do."

increase in ability to comprehend and use the expressions

met, they themselves discover the joy of continually The sound philosophy of these five criteria clearly meets broadening life's outlook, and so find that reading, in truth, the conditions necessary because of the world-war problems may become a real adventure. This situation is one which which demand that we shall prepare the child to take his is significant. place in the coming keen competition which he as the future citizen will face. The failure of Greek philosophy (6) LANGUAGE was The Relaxing of Effort and the letting down of obliga- The language course of study at the close of the sixth tion. Our acceptance of these five standards demands, grade should show provision for the attainment of the

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