The Laws of Wisconsin

Atwood & Culver, 1893
Includes some separate vols. for special sessions.

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Side 418 - ... to contribute to another, to be paid or used, any money or other valuable thing as a compensation or reward for the giving or withholding a vote...
Side 259 - person," or "persons," wherever used in this act shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country.
Side 455 - ... of this act, shall be audited and paid in the same manner as the salaries and expenses of other .State officers...
Side 410 - ... or that by blindness or other physical disability he is unable to mark his ballot...
Side 257 - Any person who shall be injured in his business or property by any other person or corporation by reason of anything forbidden or declared to be unlawful by this act, may sue therefor in any circuit court of the United States in the district in which the defendant resides or is found, without respect to the amount in controversy, and shall recover threefold the damages by him sustained, and the costs of suit, including a reasonable attorney's fee.
Side 531 - These officers shall hold their respective offices for one year and until their successors shall have been elected, unless sooner removed by a resolution adopted by the board by a vote of two-thirds of its members.
Side 424 - The members of said board shall each receive a per diem of three dollars for each day's service while actually engaged in the hearing of any controversy between any employer and his employees, and five cents per mile for each mile necessarily traveled in going to and returning from the place...
Side 106 - ... court shall also order that all such counterfeits or imitations in the possession or under the control of any defendant in such case be delivered to an officer of the court, or to the complainant to be destroyed . § 5.
Side 230 - States required or permitted to be given with one surety or with two or more sureties, the execution of the same or the guaranteeing of the performance of the...
Side 494 - ... not less than ten dollars nor more than fifty dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail not less than ten nor more than twenty days.

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