Corporate Criminal Liability: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, First and Second Session, on H.R. 4973 ... November 15, December 13, 1979, February 4, March 14, 24, and April 22, 1980


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Side 561 - FRANK) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary A BILL To amend title 18 of the United States Code to strengthen the laws against the counterfeiting of trademarks, and for other purposes.
Side 597 - When construing and enforcing the provisions of this act, the act, omission, or failure of any officer, agent, or other person acting for or employed by any...
Side 611 - Regard for these purposes should infuse construction of the legislation if it is to be treated as a working instrument of government and not merely as a collection of English words.
Side 472 - American Standard Safety Code for the Protection of Heads, Eyes, and Respiratory Organs,
Side 123 - Before the Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution of the Senate Committee on Public Works, 90th Cong., 2d Sess.
Side 822 - Any employer who employs five or more workmen or operatives regularly in the same business, or in or about the same establishment who shall pay into the state insurance fund the premiums provided by this act, shall not be liable to respond in damages at common law or by statute...
Side 603 - MR. CHIEF JUSTICE BURGER delivered the opinion of the Court. We granted the writ in this case to...
Side 668 - ... the registrant has been advised that in the opinion of the Securities and Exchange Commission such indemnification is against public policy as expressed in the Act and is, therefore, unenforceable.
Side 611 - ... signed by, and containing the name and address of, the person residing in the United States from whom he received in good faith the food, drug, device, or cosmetic; or the giving of a guaranty or undertaking referred to in section 303 (c) (3), which guaranty or undertaking is false.
Side 296 - Whenever a Coketowner felt he was ill-used — that is to say, whenever he was not left entirely alone, and it was proposed to hold him accountable for the consequences of any of his acts — he was sure to come out with the awful menace, that he would " sooner pitch his property into the Atlantic." This had terrified the Home Secretary within an inch of his life, on several occasions. However, the Coketowners were so patriotic after all, that they never had pitched their property into the Atlantic...

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