The Rudiments of the Latin Tongue; Or, A Plain and Easy Introduction to Latin Grammar: Wherein the Principles of the Language are Methodically Digested, Both in English and Latin: With Useful Notes and Observations, Explaining the Terms of Grammar, and Further Improving Its Rules

Abraham Small, no. 165, Chestnut Street, 1822 - 156 sider

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Side 7 - Accusative and Vocative like the Nominative, in both numbers ; and these cases in the plural end always in a. 2. The Dative and Ablative plural end always alike.
Side 88 - But if a nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative will be of that case, which the verb or noun following, or the preposition going before, use to govern.
Side 75 - Adverbs seem originally to have been contrived to express compendiously in one word, what must otherwise have required two or more : as, " He acted wisely," for he acted with wisdom ; "prudently," for, with prudence;
Side 127 - VERSE. 1. HEXAMETER. The Hexameter or heroic verse consists of six feet. Of these the fifth is a dactyle, and the sixth a spondee ; all the rest may be either dactyles or spondees ; as, Ludere I quffi velíuíUu dumRe lém cala- I mo per- I mïsït ä- I gristl.
Side 59 - In the First Person, simply, shall foretells ; In will, a threat, or else a promise, dwells ; Shall, in the Second and the Third, does threat : mil, simply, then foretells the future feat.
Side 89 - When the subjects are of different persons, the verb will be in the first person rather than the second, and the second rather than the third : as, si tu et Tullia valetis ego et Cicero valemus (Fam. xiv. 5), if you and Tullia are well, Cicero and I are well.
Side 136 - Spem tibi polliciti certam promittere noli : rara fides ideo est, quia multi multa loquuntur. 14. Cum te aliquis laudat, iudex tuus esse memento ; plus aliis de te quam tu tibi credere noli.

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