Review of the management of our affairs in China, since the opening of the trade in 1834

Smith, Elder, 1840 - 217 sider

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Side 172 - Elliott the decision which they ought to have made known months, not to say years before, that "her Majesty's Government could not interfere for the purpose of enabling British subjects to violate the laws of the country with which they trade;" and that "any loss therefore which such persons may suffer in consequence of the more effectual execution of the Chinese laws on this subject must be borne by the parties who have brought that loss on themselves by their own acts.
Side 199 - It is not by force and violence that his Majesty intends to establish a commercial intercourse between his subjects and China, but by the other conciliatory measures so strongly inculcated in all the instructions which you have received...
Side 83 - Government; and I, the said Chief Superintendent, do further specially caution all Her Majesty's subjects here present in Canton, owners of, or charged with the management of opium, the property of British subjects, that, failing the surrender of the said...
Side 145 - ... hitherto appointed, yet the difference is but in name, for in reality he is the same. And, after all, he is a foreigner to hold the reins of foreigners ; and if not allowed to interfere in aught else, it would seem that an alteration may be admitted, and...
Side 166 - In fact, my lord, looking around me, and weighing the whole body of circumstances as carefully as I can, it seems to me that the moment has arrived for such active interposition upon the part of her majesty's government as can be properly afforded ; and that it cannot be deferred without great hazard to the safety of the whole trade, and of the per. sons engaged in its pursuit.
Side 143 - He has already signified to your Excellency, with truth and plainness, that his commission extends only to the regular trade with this empire ; and, further, that the existence of any other than this trade has never yet been submitted to the knowledge of his own gracious Sovereign.
Side 120 - But as no licence from his majesty is now necessary to enable his majesty's subjects to trade with or reside in China, such power of expulsion has altogether ceased to exist with respect to China.
Side 190 - He claims immediate and calming assurances on this subject; and he has at the same time to declare his readiness to meet the officers of the provincial government, and to use his sincere efforts to fulfil the pleasure of the great Emperor, as soon as it is made known to him.
Side 190 - The undersigned, seriously disturbed by the unusual assemblage of troops, ships of war, fire vessels and other menacing preparations, and, above all, by the unprecedented and unexplained measure of an execution before the factories at Canton, to the destruction of all confidence in the just and moderate dispositions of the provincial authorities, has now the...
Side 188 - There seems, my lord, no longer any room to doubt that the court has finally determined to suppress, or more probably most extensively to check, the opium trade. The immense, and it must be said...

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