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AFTER the death of T. ROMEYN BECK, it was ascertained that he had, with characteristic industry, collected a large amount of matter for a new edition of his treatise on Medical Jurisprudence. These materials were by his family placed in my hands, with a request that I would prepare the new edition for the press. Conscious of my own inability to do justice to such a trust, I sought aid from the friends of Dr. Beck. The required assistance was cheerfully rendered, and I was soon enabled to place most of the more important chapters in competent as well as friendly hands. In this way, I hope that the public are assured of a good edition of the book, while the friends of the author have a very welcome opportunity to pay a sincere and well deserved compliment to the memory of a wise and good man.

The names of the gentlemen who united with me in this labor of love and respect are subjoined. I hope the list will serve as a guaranty that some

thing has been done in this edition, if not to elevate the character, at least to add to the usefulness of a work which at home and abroad has been recognized as an honor to the medical literature of our country.

My own task, besides general supervision, has been to incorporate into the body of the work the materials prepared by Dr. Beck, and to make the changes of which he had indicated the propriety. Some things I have added, some things modified; but I trust that all has been done with due respect to the memory of the dead.

C. R. GILMAN. New York, November, 1859.


D. TILDEN BROWN, M.D., Resident Physician Bloomingdale Lunatic

Asylum. R. H. COOLIDGE, M.D., Assistant Surgeon United States Army. Austin Flint, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the New

Orleans School of Medicine. B. W. McCREADY, M.D., Physician Bellevue Hospital. SAMUEL ST. John, M.D., Professor of Chemistry, College of Physicians

and Surgeons, New York. John Watson, M.D., President New York Academy of Medicine. J.P. WAITE, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics in the University of

Buffalo. I am indebted to John C. DALTON, JR., M.D., Professor of Physiology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, for a valuable paper on the Corpus Luteum.

I have also to acknowledge my obligations to GEORGE SHEA, Esq., counselor-at-law, for valuable suggestions on the purely legal portion of the subject; and to the Hon. MURRAY Hoffman, of the New York Superior Court, for favors of the same kind.


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