God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism

Penguin, 25. jan. 2005 - 352 sider
"Lively… points out that the conflict between the worship of many gods and the worship of one true god never disappeared." —Publishers Weekly

"Jonathan Kirsch has written another blockbuster about the Bible and its world." —David Noel Freedman, Editor-in-Chief of the Anchor Bible Project

"Kirsch tackles the central issue bedeviling the world today - religious intolerance… A timely book, well-written and researched." —Leonard Shlain, author of The Alphabet and the Goddess and Sex, Time and Power

"An intriguing read." —The Jerusalem Report

"A timely tale about the importance of religious tolerance in today’s world." —San Francisco Chronicle

"Kirsch is a fine storyteller with a flair for rendering ancient tales relevant and appealing." —The Washington Post


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LibraryThing Review

Brukerevaluering  - MarkBeronte - LibraryThing

The story of the suppression of polytheistic religions in the ancient world by the ever more powerful monotheistic religions is well known. Kirsch (The Harlot by the Side of the Road) offers his own ... Les hele vurderingen

LibraryThing Review

Brukerevaluering  - thcson - LibraryThing

A superficial and boring account of monotheism and polytheism in antiquity. It doesn't even come close to living up to its fancy title. The book contains miscellaneous historical anecdotes but not any ... Les hele vurderingen


The Roots of Religious Terrorism
Four Kings
A Parade of Horribles
The Only True God
The Tragic Legacy
Christian Soldiers
Behold the Rivers Are Running Backwards
Cats and Crocodiles Leeks and Onions
The Church of the Martyrs
Errors Schisms and Heresies
700 Dedicated Virgins
The Harlot in the Bishops Bed
That Stranger God
God the Highest
The First Totalitarian State in History
Constantine and the Confessors

Virgin Soil
In the Mansion of the Sun
The Forgotten God
The Gift of the Egyptians
God and His Asherah
The God That Failed
The Core Value of Monotheism
The Cuckolded Husband
The Sacred Whore
A Mirror to Juno
The Three Magicians
Spilled Guts and Startled Birds
The Royal Road
The God of the Hanged
Goddesses and Priestesses
Pagans as Puritans
The Jews Agree with the Gentiles
Spiritual Overinsurance
Fear and Dread
The Man Who Invented Biblical Israel
A Pious Fraud
The Son of Amon and the Son of Zeus
The Mad King
Zealous for the Law
The Invention of Holy Martyrdom
The Jewish War
The Fire Within
The Turncoat General
The Rabbi in the Coffin
A Craze for Judaism
Soldiers of Christ
Call Me by My True Name
Philosophers and Jugglers
The Philosopher and the Magus
Neither Jew nor Greek
While Rome Burned
The Peace of the Gods
The Shameless Darkness
Combs and Seashells
The Christians and the Lions
Horrid and Disgustful Pictures
Confessors and Traitors
Son of the God
Lord and Master
The Fortunate Son
The War on Monotheism
The Fugitive
Bastard Son
Pretenders and Usurpers
In This Sign Conquer
What Did Constantine See?
The Head on the Lance Point
The Peace of the Church
The Government of All Earthly Things
A Death in the Latrine
A Picture of Christs Kingship
A Death in the Palace
The City of Constantine
The Tinted Wig
Was Constantine a Christian?
The Blood Purge
Brothers and Emperors
The Insanity of the Sacrifices
At Midnight
The Orphans of Macellum
Bloody Adventures
Let the Curiosity to Know the Future Be Silenced Forever
The Purified and the Perfected
Blood and Outrage
The Bridge That Cannot Be Recrossed
The Beautiful and Virtuous Eusebia
A Comical Soldier
I Engaged the Enemy Not Ingloriously
The Poisoned Cup
The Sign of Zeus
Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
On the KnifeEdge
A Gift of Purple Slippers
The Gentle Persecutor
Against the Galileans
The Priest and His Goose
The Church of the Gods and Goddesses
The Skulls in the Crypt
One Stone Upon Another
To the Persian Front
A Willing Sacrifice
Men in Black
The Death of Hypatia
The Handless Scribe
God Is Great Truth Has Come Falsehood Is Vanquished
The New Age
The Everlasting Fire
Against All the Gods of Egypt
What Did Pagans Do?
Terror and True Belief
Confessors and Traitors
In This Sign Conquer
The Harlot in the Bishops Bed
The Ruler of the Whole World
The Orphans of Macellum
The Secret Pagan
Behold the Rivers Are Running Backwards
The Handless Scribe

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Jonathan Kirsch is a book columnist for the Los Angeles Times and author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed King David, Moses, The Harlot by the Side of the Road, and The Woman Who Laughed at God. He lectures and consults widely on biblical, literary, and legal topics and is a past president of PEN Center USA West.

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