I should not do justice to my own feelings, or to Marshal Blucher and the Prussian army, if I did not attribute the successful result of this arduous day to the cordial and timely assistance I received from them.

The operation of General Bulow upon the enemy's flank, was a decisive one; and even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack, which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire ; if his attacks should have failed, and would have prevented him from taking advantage of them, if they should have unfortunately succeeded.

I send with this despatch two eagles taken by the troops in this action, which Major Percy will have the honour of laying at the feet of his Royal Highness.

I beg leave to recommend him to your lordship's protection.

I have the honour to be, &c.

(Signed) WELLINGTON. P. S. Since writing the above, I have received a report that Major-General Sir William Ponsonby is killed ; and, in announcing this intelligence to your lordship, I have to add the expression of my grief for the fate of an officer, who had already rendered very brilliant and important services, and was an ornament to his profession.



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