Annual Report, Utgave 41

Includes report of the New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station.

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Side 106 - That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith be and the same are hereby repealed, and that this act shall take effect immediately.
Side xxxii - June 30, 1896; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the treasurer of the United States are shown to have been...
Side 412 - Committee of the Division of Biology and Agriculture of the National Research Council.
Side 270 - The average length of time from the last killing frost in the spring to the first killing frost in the fall ranges from 170 days in the southeastern part of the state to 75 days near the Michigan boundary.
Side xxxii - And we further certify that the expenditures have been solely for the purposes set forth in the Act of Congress approved March 2, 1887.
Side xxxii - To Receipts from the Treasurer of the United States as per appropriations for fiscal year...
Side 579 - RESULTS OF EXPERIMENTS. Resin fish-oil soap. — This material did not control the leafhopper when used at the rate of 10 pounds to 100 gallons of water, either alone or when used in combination with the bordeaux mixture and arsenate of lead.
Side 258 - Nos. 171, 261, and 328). While not a heavy yielder, it has consistently outyielded corn in the central part of South Dakota and is now being distributed to South Dakota farmers by the State experiment station and the United States Department of Agriculture. MAKING GOOD. During those years when the grain-sorghum acreage was increasing most rapidly, as also in the later 8-year period when it remained stationary, the area devoted to corn was steadily enlarged. Corn was king, his supremacy as yet unchallenged....
Side 163 - ... the United States Department of. Agriculture, the State Agricultural College, and the county in which they are located.
Side 51 - ... ounce short in weight. The standard for paris green as prescribed by our law is that it should contain at least 50 per cent of arsenious oxide, and that it should not contain arsenic in water-soluble forms equivalent to more than 3.50 per cent of arsenious oxide.

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