Report of the State Board of Education and State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the School Year Ending August 31 ...

Printed at the True American Office, 1857

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Side 43 - Board, collect information of the actual condition and efficiency of the Common Schools, and other means of popular education, and diffuse as widely as possible throughout every part of the Commonwealth, information of the most approved and successful methods of arranging the studies, and conducting the education of the young, to the end that all children in this Commonwealth, who depend upon Common Schools for instruction, may have the best education which those schools can be made to impart.
Side 43 - Instruction, that a number not less than fifty, or in counties containing a population of less than twelve thousand inhabitants, whenever twenty-five teachers of common schools shall desire to assemble for the purpose of forming a Teachers...
Side 9 - Man, this is one of the most extraordinary, that he shall go on from day to day, from week to week, from month to month.
Side 43 - Institute, and to remain in session for a period not less than ten working days, the said board, by a committee of their body, or by their Secretary, or, in case of his inability, by such person or persons as they may delegate, shall appoint a time and place for said meeting, make suitable arrangements therefor, and give due notice thereof.
Side 43 - State, at a legal meeting for that purpose, may raise in addition to the amount by law required to be raised therein for the support of common schools, a sum not exceeding five per cent, of such amount, to be applied to the support of a teachers' institute within the limits of the county in which said town is situated.
Side 39 - Institute is, besides, a model school, in which the rules of punctuality, order, diligence, attention and promptness are applied to teachers themselves; in which all the points connected with the government, discipline, and classification of schools are examined; in which the rules and principles laid down in the text-books are fully explained, and the best methods of impressing these upon the minds of children are pointed out, and from which teachers return to their schools with an increased fund...
Side 8 - Mr. Philbrick further remarks, that " wherever public opinion has become enlightened on the subject of education, it is admitted that teaching is an art to be learned by an apprenticeship, like any other art, and that special training for the business of teaching is as indispensable as for any other pursuit or profession ; and the time, it is believed, is not very distant, when intelligent parents would think it no less absurd to place their children in charge of a teacher who had not been trained...
Side 11 - Commissioners to the several districts under their jurisdiction, in the ratio of the number of children residing therein, between the ages of four and twenty-one year*.
Side 38 - ... miles in all sorts of conveyances, over all sorts of roads, in all sorts of weather, met with all sorts of people and all sorts of receptions ; but with an earnest heart and a hopeful confidence in his cause, never despairing, never doubting its ultimate and speeJy success, he has gone forward.
Side 11 - January, 1853, there have been 314 pupils, 66 of whom had then led and were teachers in the public schools. Connected with the Normal School are, — 1st, the Model School, a representative of the district school, and furnishing a school of practice, in which all the pupils of the senior class in the Normal School are required to put in practice the principles they have been taught ; and...

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